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July 2005, minutes of Clayhidon Parish Council

Clayhidon Parish Council


A Meeting of the above council was held, Monday 11th July 2005 at the Church Room, Clayhidon at 7.30pm.


The following Business was brought before the council:-


1.           Confirmation of Minutes of Preceding Meeting.

2.           Matters arising from the minutes

3.           Payment of Accounts

4.           Correspondence

5.           General business



     Mr ME Bendle, Chairman; Mr MJ Hudson; Mr G Langford; Miss J Ward; Mr R Pike; Mr AFJ Redwood; Mr RM Kallaway; Mr F Rosamond, Dist. Councillor; Mr R Radford, County Councillor; Mr A Board; G. Thompson; F & D Mobbs and Mr MC Osmond, clerk.



     No apologies were received.



     The Minutes of Meeting 9th May were taken as read (copies having been previously circulated) confirmed and signed.


Matters arising

     Mr Langford stated that a new plaque had now been placed in the bus shelter to replace one removed.  "In memory of John Wright-Vincent a parish councillor for many years" inscription.



     Mr Langford gave a short report on work by County contractors, some places still awaiting direction signs.  A query was raised over local working parties in the future and he stated possible start again in the autumn.


Buddhafield's, Tribe of Doris

     Mr Hudson and Mr Langford stated of appeals made by Buddhafields and the Tribe of Doris on time limits.  Mr Langford had attended Buddhafield appeal ay Honiton with Mr G. Dewick he was a witness.  No details received by him only information from web site on appeals.  Tribe of Doris appeal 18th July for time extension.  He was not too confident on proceedings if second like the first with witnesses not able to make statement.  Noted Hemyock Parish Council gave support to Clayhidon Parish Council on their concerns over noise from events.  Mrs Parish had stated more concern over the views of parishioners would be given in 2006.  A general discussion on details by counsellors followed and a summary of the views was made to Mr F. Rosamond.  Mr Langford had sent a letter following the appeal stating of procedure concerns to Mid Devon Council.


Tithe Map storage

     Mr Hudson stated that at last a suitable pipe had been obtained from South West Water with caps and the Map was now stored at Jennings Farm with Mrs J. Harris, the letter noting still property of Parish Council returned signed.


Insurance Policy

     The new policy with "Community First" had been received and viewed and was correct.  No charge had been made by Cornhill as near renewal date.



     Noted Mrs Derham had done external audit and no matters raised, thanks given to Mr Pike for viewing time by parishioners and the audit by district auditor was being done today, awaited his report in due time.  Thanks given for details.


Bar Profit

     The chairman stated that following the pump insert, replies had been received.  The letter from Mr and Mrs B. Hill read as covered views in all received.  All in favour of money for kitchen refurbishment.  This was then followed by a general discussion.  A further application was being made for a Lottery Grant.  The total costs were not known at present and how much money would be available to meet this.  Noted some Parish Counsellors on hall committee for taking a vote.  Mr Pike proposed and Mr Langford seconded "when required then release funds, when completed and costs known at the end," this was agreed.


Caravan Wiltown Corner, domestic access to caravan

     Further details given by caravan occupiers of having permission by planning department for caravan, having a holding number and had agricultural rights to field to cross Parish Council land.  The vice-chairman confirmed the agricultural access rights to field, this was not being questioned.  It was for a domestic right to cross Parish Council land as now lived in a caravan as had permission for two years.  The planning permission did not give an access right across Parish Council land as not in their authority to do so, only to owner of land could do so.  After a general discussion it was agreed the Chairman seek further legal advice.


Mr Napper

     Noted was to be served with Enforcement Notice in regard to citing a caravan and creation of pond and other developments.



     It was proposed by Mr Hudson seconded by Mr Redwood and agreed the following payments be made.

Mrs D Derham

Audit Fee

£     45.00

Mid Devon Council

Loan Payment

See note below*

Mr G Langford

Expenses, Web-site & E-mails

£     98.40

     *Loan payment to District Council expected by end of month, payment required before next meeting possible £300 to finish, standard payment of £150.00



     The Chairman gave details of "Safe Lanes" across the Blackdown Hills with a promotion event at Hunters Lodge which he had attended.  Aim to make roads more safe for all users, walkers, cyclists, riders and drivers.  Further details given by Mr Rosamond.  Noted some horse riders had dogs with them who roamed too freely and some of these regularly tore open refuse bags.  Mr Redwood stated that one person whose dogs had done this had the fact brought to their attention in particular in Battle Street. D.A.P.C. planned training days proposed was noted.  Mid Devon available on web site "First Plan Alteration"-statement of decisions, proposed modifications and recommendations.  Mid Devon, Draft for Consultation - Meeting House Needs available on web site.  Victim Support Devon appeal for funds, this was discussed and agreed that as Parish Council supported local appeals this was not local agreed letter be sent.  Notice of Application to transfer license of Half Moon Inn, hearing at Exeter to David Alan Griffiths and David Lee Bacon Moorpenden, Herts., no objections.  Devon Talk magazine, Local Council Review, Village Green, Devon Playing Fields Ass’n. annual report 2004/05.  Mid Devon "Chairman's Receptions 2005".  It was agreed the following names be put forward Mr T. Humphries, Mr L. Burston, Mr and Mrs M. Reynolds at Magelake Hall, Uffculme.  Defra publication on Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act 2005.  Timetable for implementation and effect on Parish Council's as to commence in June 2006.  As section on litter, general discussion on recycle facilities for parish and the area.  Trade waste poor service and house waste to landfill, comment noted by Mr Rosamond and Mr Radford on what was being proposed to points raised.



     Planning permission to Mr Mrs Palmer, Culm View erection of conservatory.  Planning permission Dr and Mrs Cogswell, Graddage Farm, change of land use and erection of stable block.  Planning application Mr A. Larpent, Hidonfields House, retrospective planning for 3 storage buildings. As plans gave impression spread out and detached away from dwelling agreed to make site visit before reply to planning department.


General Business

     Chairman stated of recent death of Mr Basil Turner and as served on Parish committee and involved in Parish events it was agreed a letter of sympathy be sent to Mrs Joyce Turner at the loss and noting service to the parish.  Miss Ward raised matter of amount of household waste put out over week at above Bolham Way, new tenant.  The vice-chairman would raise point of wastage from broken bags. Neighbourhood Watch noted special meeting to be held at Hartnell Hotel, Tiverton over concerns in regard to future operations and Alison Evans.  Agreed a letter be sent to express concerns over possible funding cut back.  Mr R. Radford noted comments and would make further inquiries and express Clayhidon concerns.  Mr R. Pike gave a short report on recent Neighbourhood Watch meeting attended, matter of smoke detectors in homes to raised highlighted.


District Councillor

     Mr Rosamond gave short report on business, recycle incentive started with the aim to cover district.  Colour-coded bins to separate recycle from house waste.  Corporate Plans more details given.  Housing stock of Council, at present difference of opinion is within District Council on way ahead.  Noted now Mr Eddie Dennis new Leader of Council.  Details given on committees now serving on was noted.  Social deprivation in district under review.  As now Chairman of Resources and Scrutiny Committee part would be watching District Council spending and points raised on fees paid for retrospective planning, if this covered all the Council costs involved.  Thanks given for details.


County Councillor Mr R. Radford

     Mr Radford spoke on school transport as a child in Rosemary Lane case was raised.  Details given of the Committees now serving on.D.C.C. now to have area committee structures and gave details of how these would be accountable.  Figures on recycled targets given and targets to reach by 2011.  Now serving on Fire Authority and this was explained a little more in details on targets.  Mr Kallaway stated of good service given from particular case.  Thanks given to Mr Radford for the details he had given to meeting.


Clayhidon Turbary

     Mr Hudson informed meeting Mr Alan Jones of Imperial College, London would be taking the soil samples and heather samples from Clayhidon Turbary, scientific study.  Agreed date of next meeting on Monday 12th of September after which the Chairman thanked members for attending and closed meeting.