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July 2005, minutes of special meeting of Clayhidon Parish Council

Special Meeting Clayhidon Parish Council


A Special Meeting was held, Tuesday 26th July 2005 at 7pm in the Church Room.




     Mr ME Bendle, Chairman; Mr MJ Hudson; Mr RJ Pike; Mr AFJ Redwood; Mr G Langford; Miss J Ward; Mr RM Kallaway and Mr MC Osmond, clerk.


Mr A Larpent planning for 3 sheds

     The meeting commenced with site meeting at Hidonfields House with Mr A. Larpent and he gave details of what had been done on the site by dwelling.  Noted intended to move a poly tunnel into adjoining field.  Noted kept rare pigs for sale and also sold vegetable boxes in the area.  Chairman thanked Mr Larpent for the details.  After general discussion at Church Room, members had no objections to what had been done and confirmed site visit was needed.


Dr and Mrs Cogswell, Graddage Farm

     Members viewed the plans received and Mr Langford gave details of site visit.  Members no objection to extension in size as part work already started but not of good quality.  North elevation part, large area of dark brown wood cladding with small lights on top this was out of character for the property and the area.  Members not in favour of this.  Noted this could be highlighted as the conversion extension without this by redbrick quions and stone infill in one or part panels of wall.  South elevation and wood cladding replace with brick quoins to house and local stone infill, leave the cladding above patio doors height as present.  Need for a more harmonic design input on the conversion as also visible from road.

     Miss Ward had written on behalf of the Parish Council to express concerns about Neighbourhood Watch funding and future of Alison Evans.  A letter had been received noting receipt and address for any future correspondence was noted.


Mr Napper Appeal

     Notice from Mid Devon of appeal made by Mr Napper to Enforcement Notice and date of hearing given.  General discussion by members agreed copies of notice to be given to inform neighbours, Mr Langford would do this.  Members agreed action by district council was fair and statement of concerns and all his actions to be forwarded to the inspector with request for copy of decision, Mr Langford agreed to do this with thanks from the Chairman.


Tribe of Doris

     Mr Langford had been in contact with Mrs Parish for further details, the sound monitoring would be only on short periods possible start and end, any other time from possible request from dwelling in Parish arising from complaint.



     Noted overall length of the event with music evening before and night after licence period granted, also had gone past 11pm finish deadline.  These details to be recorded for attention of District Council Licence Committee. Mr Dewick had been informed Tribe of Doris had withdrawn appeal on time limit set by Licence Committee, but Parish Council not informed.  Parish Councillors not happy with the way this had been done by Mrs Parish/District Council.


Mr A Board, Wiltown

     The Chairman had contacted solicitor, Parish Council should send a letter to Mr A Board to confirm willing to grant access for duration of present permission for caravan as set by District Council and ends on that date.  Members agreed with the clerk that if not correctly written waste of time if went to court hearing.  Clerk to contact D.A.P.C. for assistance in letter preparation.

     It had been brought to Council attention of piggery conversion by Mr Roberts, the Holms, Applehayes Lane.  No planning application received.  Mr Crocker to be informed if all in order or permission required.


VE/VJ event

     A special event was being planned to be held at Dunkeswell, with some of the wartime planes on display.  This had now been stopped by police it was thought.  Clerk to contact Dunkeswell Parish Council for details with view to support for event to be held.  Noted similar held at Smeatharpe without any problems of access and numbers attending.

     The meeting was then closed with thanks to those attending at 8pm.