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July 2006, minutes of Clayhidon Parish Council

Clayhidon Parish Council


A Meeting of the above council was held, Monday 10th July 2006 at the Parish Hall, Clayhidon at 7.30pm.


The following Business was brought before the council:-


1.           Confirmation of Minutes of Preceding Meeting.

2.           Matters arising from the minutes

3.           Payment of Accounts

4.           Correspondence

5.           General business



     Mr ME Bendle, Chairman; Mr MJ Hudson; Mr RJ Pike; Mr G Langford; Miss J Ward; Mr AFJ Redwood; Mr RM Kallaway; Parishioners - Mr A Gibbs; Mr S Roberts; Mr R Jeffery; Mr W Smith; Mr R Radford, County Councillor; Mr FJ Rosamond, Dist. Councillor; and Mr MC Osmond, clerk.



     No apologies were received for being unable to attend.

     On opening the Meeting the Chairman welcomed those present and then he extended to Mr R. M. Calloway their sympathies to him on the recent death of his mother a lifelong parishioner.



     The Minutes of Meeting 8th May 2006 were taken as read (copies having previously been circulated) confirmed and signed.


Matters Arising

     Noted most of big bales Willtown Corner now removed and black plastic gone as Mr Govier had stated he would to clerk in conversation end of May.  Members after a general discussion agreed a letter of thanks be sent to him as this helped in the enhancement planned for the area.


Mr Napper

     Clerk had spoken to Mr R. Willing Friday previous to meeting for latest details, he had made a further visit following more trees and hedge removal.  This was against Stop Notice part of Enforcement Order placed on the site.  The bedding in the mobile home had been removed but Mr Napper wished to have this for agricultural use, but would need to planning permission for this, thereby keeping it on site.  Wetland area removed and more sheep enclosures, would have to accept his changes now in agricultural use.  Replanting scheme not being done and a further visit by Wildlife Trust needed, to update what needed to be done.  In May Mr Willing indicated should go for prosecution but this is now being held over.  The matters of cost and possible compensation was an issue and the amount in the two files of case history.  Would go to a magistrates court as Criminal Law prosecution, would be fined but that did not restore land.  Members impression that positive action not in near future.  Mr Gibbs neighbour gave details on present events and these were noted and County Councillor noted the length of time arising out of procedure to follow to be prepared for.  Mr Smith, neighbour stated that public money had been spent to obtain Enforcement Order and should be followed up for the compliance required.  In conclusion it was agreed letter be sent to planning apartment "to urge action, noting public money spent and signal to others of intentions on doing the same in parish".  The Vice Chairman asked to draft response.


Smeathy Lane Consent

     Arising from clerk's letter Mr Guscott had made a reply and this was read to meeting.  Noting they had received a letter to confirm over five hectares but did not need "to own nor occupies the additional agricultural land".  This section by members it was felt, if Mr Curtis did not own or occupy any separate land then he could not state he met the limit.  This to be clarified by the planning department.  Agreed letter be sent on this issue.


Woodgate Farm

     Mr Willing had visited Mr Tolley again and discussed mobile caravans on his land.  As the persons in these had worked in the area as well and this had ended, it was their intention to move to a new site.  This would be checked again by Mr Willing after a while to confirm had left Woodgate Farm.


"Safe Lanes"

     Miss Ward gave a short report on this, half the steering group had left and this had caused problems.  Noted some new members in place of as an organisation did not have any teeth.  School run mums a major cause of concern as they speed to and from schools in area.



     Noted vehicles early on site and some noise complaints from Mr Pretty and wind had changed to blow over drumming to Rosemary Lane.  Noted a personal appeal had been made against permission granted to Tribe of Doris.  Letter from Mrs Parish stating parish councils can make comments now on Licence applications was noted following change in regulations.


Hog Roast, 25/6/2006 Graddage Farm

     Chairman gave short report on costs and letters of thanks received of which one was read.  Thanks expressed for work of Mrs M. Bendle and Mrs R. Smith in making the event the success it was.  Also noted a gift of pig from Sir Nigel Essenhigh and a letter of thanks be sent to him for this.  A second pig was also roasted and this was paid for.  Letter of thanks to Dr and Mrs Coggswell for use of marquee on Sunday after their own use for wedding.  Members agreed the whole event was a success with good weather, thanks given to the Chairman for his part in making it what it was.  Expenses to Mrs Bendle £369.46.  To Sir Nigel Essenhigh for one pig £73.00.  Total cost to Parish Council who had agreed to underwrite costs, £442.46.  Donations had been made at offence of £97.05 and proposed by Mr R. Pike seconded by Miss J. Ward and agreed these be used to defray costs of Hog Roast.  Proposed by Miss J Ward seconded by Mr R. Kallaway and agreed payments to Mrs Bendle of £369.46 and Sir Nigel Essenhigh, £73.00 be made.


Payments of Accounts

     It was proposed by Mr Hudson seconded by Mr Redwood and agreed the following payments be made:-

Miss J Ward

Mileage expenses

£    62.47

Mrs D Derham

Internal Audit

£    45.00

Mid Devon Dist. Council


£  150.00


Correspondence Smeatharpe

     Reply from Mr J. Guscott planning, was noted and now full planning application had been received of up to 24 race events in calendar year.  After general discussions, concerns expressed were number of weekend and events, noise and lighting.  Due to number could be alternate weekends.  Need for events during week to prevent this.  Noted at present only 14 allowed but the events held had crept up to 18/19 which had caused parish Council to take this up with planning department.  Proposed by Mr Hudson seconded by Mr Langford, restrict to a 14 per calendar year as supporting letter stated "wished to raise profile" not in favour of this development by in Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.  If 24 granted it could be increased to possible 30 events, need to control weekend events, this was agreed by all.


Dunkeswell Kart Track

     After a short report from Mr Langford noting more details of application been received, public meeting to be held at Dunkeswell with planners.  DCC response read and noted was supporting development.  Thanks given for details.



     Single storey extension, Stabled Cottage, Grays Hill, Mr and Mrs Brown.  Noted a good set of drawings received to make response.  Members agreed full support given.  The Old Rectory, application for house extension at rear and bungalow on site of former garage.  Noted short on details to make observation commented by members.  Chairman felt possible site visit may have helped this matter.  Noted in comparison for drawing details with Stable Cottage full of drawing detail, this was poor and members agreed letter to planning department to express concerns as poor detail unable to make a proper response.  Agreed no objection as within building line, concern for development to be appropriate and sympathetically done.  Noted to total floor-space this added to already large house preference for a lean-to roof line rather than gable roofs, Bungalow, feel should be tied to house such as granny annexe and not become for rented use later.  Removal of garage to house meant none on site, possible development for these to be provided in the future.



     Police numbers.  Miss Ward gave details of letter circulated on changes proposed. More Police Communities Support Officers to Be Recruited by 2008 for Total 535.  By 2008 Should Be 136 PCSOs and 48 of these by end of this year of which two will go to Cullompton.  How and when these PCSOs will be on duty explained by Mr Rosamond.  More details awaited on these proposals.


Upper Culm Twinning Ass'n.

     A letter from Secretary Mr M. Eastick had been received by Chairman and copies had been made for members.  This was read with also report on recent visit made to France.  Mr W. Smith gave further details on reason of letter to obtain "official" status as this would help with funding sources.  Proposed by Mr Langford, seconded by Mr Hudson and agreed "without financial commitment give their support as endorsement to have official status."


County Councillor

     As Mr Radford had spoken on police numbers and proposed changes he did not make any other reports.


District Councillor

     Mr Rosamond gave a short report noting refuse collection.  The Black Box collection for the District and starting in Clayhidon in August, this would reduce landfill need.  A success story for Mid Devon.  New vehicles had been bought for this service.  The present weekly collection service to remain in operation.  The leisure facilities changes proposed still under debate, the Trust not set up.  Planning involved in new Local Plan this to have three key areas Crediton, Tiverton and Cullompton for any major development.  Point raised on treating of Blackdowns as an area, as Mid Devon different from East Devon.  This could restrict the area development locally, both Districts need to treat the same.  Thanks for report.


General Business

     Mrs H. Stallard of Hemyock and Parish Council Chairman had been awarded an MBE agreed right a letter to congratulate her on this, from the Chairman.


Land Register

     arising from article in "Council Review" publication, Mr Langford stated that Clayhidon should register is parcels of land and forms to do this had been obtained.  Clerk to provide known records to help him complete.



     Arising from general discussion would aid matters if Mr Wigley made site visit to parish with Mr W Pike.  Noted of grass cutter went into ditch recently.  List of places in need of attention made by Chairman.  Noted clerk had written to Mr Mitchard in regard to road Middleton Barton but a full reply was awaited.  Letter to the Council on weed control with spray was read, members agreed in general, verge cutting best option not spraying.

     "Training course to Planning" at Exeter on 14th September was noted, clerk to inquire if fully booked, Miss J. Ward and Mr R. Kallaway willing to attend.  Cost £45 each.


Date Meeting

     Agreed date next meeting 4th of September, Chairman gave his apologies as away on holiday visit, after which after thanking those present for attending the meeting was closed.