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July 2007, special meeting of Clayhidon Parish Council

Clayhidon Parish Council


A Special Meeting of the above council was held, Monday 16th July 2007 at 7 pm in the Church Room, Clayhidon.


Planning applications and roads inspections


          Mr G Langford, Chairman; Mr MJ Hudson; Miss J Ward; Mr RM Kallaway; Mr ME Bendle and Mr MC Osmond, clerk



     An apology was given as unable to attend for Mr AFJ Redwood & Mr RJ Pike


Hidon Fields Farm

     The Chairman opened a general discussion on the application by Mrs B. Willmer after which a letter to Parish Council from Mr N. Carter, Brookdale, was read.  Stated that 20-30 vehicle movements per day, on and off site from 6:30a.m. Noted letter from applicant stated five vehicles a day maximum.  As site adjoining where new homes to be built with shared access, members had concern that small children could be at risk.  Concerns over how large commercial use would be.  Noted no comment from the neighbours, it was known that one was not informed on the application.  There were strong reservations on the application.  Parish Council not supporting application and the response to include following points. 1) Agents letter of buildings conversion not correct as stables were new build without permission and retrospective permission was obtained with more traffic with present use than stated.  2) Not all stable block included within red line of drawing.  3) Omission of adjoining land development, safety to any residents, loss of privacy and general disturbance to them.  4) Access onto the highway shared with other dwellings being a minor road, narrow north and south ends.  Other equine activities could follow such as riding school or events, being difficult to control..



     Letter to Mr Bendle from District Council was noted.  The chairman had replied with e-mail and this was read.


Key villages

     Arising from recent Parish Council meeting letter in reply to new development policy, was listed to members.  Rural services to small populations at risk as not used enough.  General discussion on the new policy and its effect on small populations.



     Chairman reported on visit to Parish to see state of roads by Mr L. Willmington also present Mr R. Radford.  He had taken them to see the worst of potholes in number, size and depth.  Around 104 in need of repair.  He had stated if bad now, they can only get worse.  Noted roads are given a grade of 1-12 and of these grades 1-6 get around 90% of money.  He agreed to provide list of grades of roads in Parish.  Parish can only expect part of these to be done.  Due to the limited money for repairs, people were advised to now ring a telephone number reporting pothole, then engineer would visit site and if bad it would be filled in.  Members then discussed what Mr Willmington had advised to be done and what grades parish roads for if a high grade number there would be little money or chance of repairs.  At the end of this discussion the Chairman thanked those present for attending and closed the meeting.