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July 2008, Clayhidon Parish Council

Clayhidon Parish Council


A Meeting of the above council was held on Monday 14th July 2008 at the Parish Hall, Clayhidon at 7.30pm.


The following Business was brought before the council:-


1.           Confirmation of Minutes of Preceding Meeting.

2.           Matters arising from the minutes

3.           Payment of Accounts

4.           Correspondence

5.           General business

6.           Charity Business



            Mr G Langford, Chairman; Mr RJ Pike; Mr MJ Hudson; Mr AFJ Redwood; Mr ME Bendle; Mr RM Kallaway; Miss J Ward; Parishioners:- Mr S Roberts; Mr R Jeffery; Mr W Smith; Dist. Councillor Mr FJ Rosamond; and Mr MC Osmond, clerk



            An apology was given for Mr R Radford, County Councillor, unable to attend.

On opening the meeting, the Chairman welcomed those present.



            Minutes of Meeting 20th May 2008 were taken as read, confirmed and signed (copies having been previously circulated).


Matters Arising

            No correspondence had been received in regard to Smeatharpe Stadiun.


Mr A Board, Caravan at Wiltown

            As agreed Mr M. Bendle had contacted his solicitor in regard to access across land now permission for Caravan had ended.  A letter had been sent to note access permission ended at time of Caravan permission for record.  Chairman read an e-mail received from Mr Glenn Crocker Mid Devon Council stating he visited the site on 27th May 2008 to inform Mr A Board they were in breach of enforcement notice compliance period which expired 22nd May 2008.  File at Legal Section for consideration.


Payment of Accounts

            It was proposed by Miss J Ward and seconded by Mr RJ Pike, the following payment be made and that the account when received from audit commission be authorised for clerk to pay, expected at £120.00 plus VAT. 


Mrs C. Williams

Internal audit

     £    45.00


Clerk stated Audit Statement returned, copy of Accounts displayed but no correspondence received a present from Audit Commission if passed by them.




            Copy of:- Devontalk, Village Green, Senior Council for Devon, funded by County Council and Primary Care Trust, DCC Annual Report 2007/2008.



            Refusal of permission to Mrs B. Wilma, Hidonfields Farm for the erection of second-floor to a single storey accommodation.  Permission to J. Howell Kirkstone Properties, Hidonfields Farm for inclusion of land into curtilage.  Permission to Mr N. Moberley Bolham Mill for erection of floor extension over garage, conservatory and part garage into living accommodation.  Mrs Y. Burton The Parlour, Cordwents Farm, Listed Building Consent to internal alterations.  Planning Application Mr and Mrs Glendall Shepherd's Halt, for the erection of detached barn for combined agricultural/equine use.  Noted to councillors had difference in opinion on size needed and erection site.

            Planning application Dr and Mrs Cogswell, Graddage Farm erection of conservatory at the rear of dwelling.  No comments made.

            Members discussed letter received from Mrs S. Board stating Planning dept were considering not sending to parishes in order to save cash, full scale copy of planning application as now with new form it cost £20 per application.  Parish would view and copy plans on website, but all would be small in size when printed. One person in Parish to be sent notice of an application.  Members agreed in need to save on costs but what was proposed not thought satisfactory.  Two persons should be notified as one may be away so application not known.  To copy plans from website would place costs on Parish Councils.  This method was not suitable due to amount of support documents.  Chairman to reply with member’s concerns over proposals.


Tribe of Doris

            Notice received from tribe of Doris of intention to appeal in Court on the conditions around sale of brandy in hot chocolate.  Letter received from Mid Devon legal department in regard to hearing if willing to be a witness for Council.  Chairman replied willing to attend if needed.


Wildlife Sites

            Chairman informed meeting he had received from Mid Devon a map of the parish showing all the County Wildlife Sites, this was viewed by members. 


Chairman's receptions Mid Devon

 A letter for nominations had been received and possible names listed by Chairman for return being held Willand and Uplowman.


Boundary Commission

            Publication by Devon County Council in response to proposal of Unitary Council for Devon received.  Copy for each member to read to make a reply by 26th September.  General discussion on proposals, not in favour of joining with Cullompton.  Noted Hemyock also not in favour of being joined with Cullompton.  Proposals not set in concrete in particular the Area Community Board was still on the table.  Further comments made by Mr Rosamond on District Council’s views the aim was to save on costs by the changes.  Chairman to make a response with the Parish Council's concerns and agreed to have this as an item on the agenda of next meeting.


General Business

            Mr R. Pike gave a short report as representative on the Smeatharpe Hall Committee as now elected as Vice-Chairman.  Hall refurbishments for present done.




Minute Book

            Clerk reported that Minute Book in use at present for recording minutes was now full and asked how Council wished to record the future minutes.  Noted present book started in September 1992.  A new book was in the region of £114.95 from November 2007 Shaw's catalogue.  It was proposed, seconded and agreed Clerk order new Minute Book from Shaw's and await invoice to be received.


District Councillor

            Mr FJ Rosamond gave a short report to meeting.  Noted the District Council had financial problems from loss of income, but now it had been found he 07/08 year had produced the savings surplus of £832,000 from various sources.  This had given Council a rough balance of £1.5 million, this had been put into reserves.  Parish Council pleased finances had improved.  Scrutiny Committee looking into antisocial behaviour in district, the amount, cause and the prevention.  Government published White Paper on "Local Democracy", councils could co-opt consultants on special projects ie.. jobs & developments.  District Council - Corporate Plan now published and review given and noted by members.  Thanks given for report.


Twinning Report

            Chairman opened meeting for Mr W. Smith of Wiltown Valley Farm as the Parish Council person at the recent Charter signing event in France.  Details given of places visited and the four-day celebration of wine, food and speeches.  Copy of Charter for Clayhidon duly signed brought by Mr Smith.  Hall Committee to be asked if can be displayed framed in Hall, Mr Hudson agreed to ask committee.  Noted now official the French Association got EEC funding of €12,000.  Noted a return event to be held by Hemyock/Clayhidon next year.  Thanks given to Mr Smith for being Parish Council representative.  A selection of photos taken was viewed by those present at end of Meeting on his laptop.



            A general discussion on the state of roads following recent visits to Parish for verge and bank cutting.  Members felt it was a poor job done and more could be done.  The chairman listed particular places in need of attention and he would forward this to Mr R. Radford also details for attention of Mr W. Pike who had not been well recently.


Next Meeting

            As there was no other business it was agreed the date of the next meeting to be 1st September at Parish Hall  It was noted that it was needed to move forward a week as members at another meeting, the Chairman thanked those present for attending and closed the meeting.