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July 2009, Clayhidon Parish Council

Clayhidon Parish Council


A Meeting of the above council was held, Friday 3rd July 2009 at the Church Room, Clayhidon at 7.30pm.


The following Business was brought before the council:-


1.           Confirmation of Minutes of Preceding Meeting.

2.           Matters arising from the minutes

3.           Payment of Accounts

4.           Correspondence

5.           General business



            Mr G Langford, Chairman; Mr MJ Hudson; Mr RJ Pike; Mr AFJ Redwood; Mr ME Bendle; Mr RM Kallaway; Mr FJ Rosamond, Chairman of Mid Devon Dist. Council – District Councillor; County Councillor Mr R Radford; Parishioner Mr R Jeffery and Mr MC Osmond, clerk



            An apology was given for Miss J Ward unable to attend; the Council wished her well after her operation.



            Minutes of Meeting 15th May 2009 were taken as read (copies having been previously circulated) confirmed and signed.


Matters Arising

            Wiltown caravan owners had made an application for retention of caravan on site.  The responses of members and summary to the planning department were noted.  Point was raised on how this was recorded in the summary of meeting business in "Pump".  No further information known on the Enforcement Notice in effect to remove the caravan from the field.


District Audit

            Internal audit concluded by Mrs C. Williams and no matters raised.  "Return Statement" sent to audit office and awaited their comment.  Thanks to Mrs Williams for undertaking the internal audit.


Civic Reception

            Mr Rosamond thanked members who had attended service and reception at Hemyock, noted many representatives present.


County Councillor

            The Chairman noted that Mr R. Radford had been re-elected as County Councillor arising from recent elections.



            Permission to Mr G. Bailey, Gotleigh Farm, for house extension to include dormer windows.  Permission to Mr R. Woolacott for the erection of general-purpose agricultural building.



State of Roads

            Mr Kallaway raised the matter of Minutes record and felt should have stated the really strong feelings expressed by councillors on the very poor service by Devon County Council Highways management to parish needs.


Mr R. Redford, County Councillor

            Mr Langford congratulated Mr Radford on his reelection, who wished to thank all who voted for him as he had a 1500 vote majority.  Changes at County Hall with Conservatives in the majority to form next Executive.  He intended to spend his time on his district local issues but did state committees serving on. As many new councillors elected, business at present was their induction.  Chairman raised issue of continuing lack of repair to potholes and the questions now emerging on the planned road resurfacing and also the bridge and culvert (Belletts).  It seemed that this may now not be intended to be done arising from informal contact made with highways staff.  It seemed that there was a meeting within department planned and this was what was expected to be the outcome.  If this proved correct then the Parish Council was making a strong complaint, after promises made on work being done.  In reply Councillor Radford agreed that there was not enough money to spend on highways as money not there in the budget as County had many miles to maintain.  A further £2 million had been put into the budget, from under-spend in other budgets but in the end the money was not found.  Noted today some verge trimming done, but the tractor used was to big for country roads to allow trimmer to work properly.  It was a bit of a hit and miss affair with places in need of cutting, like corners, half done.  Mr Radford agreed to look into the method of tendering for verge cutting, in particular for country roads where a smaller wheelbase tractor could be used to do a better job.  Mr Radford stated he took the complaints on board from parish council and would take up with Highways the roads that were expected to be resurfaced: a.Hall to Hidewood, b. Ford to Wiltown, c. potholes in road at Bolham Water and d. Knowle to Smeatharpe.  He was not aware of the planned meeting next week in the Highways Department.  Chairman stated that many parishioners had made complaints to him and noted complaints made to Highways Department.  Mr Radford was pressed by members on the service to the parish by Highways Department, as they had promised the work needed would be done and it was also thought now that roads had deteriorated since contract for upkeep had gone to contractor and they had treated potholes in a different way.  The Chairman thanked Mr Radford for attending as he had another engagement and awaited the response from him arising from his contacting Highways Department.


District Councillor

            The Chairman welcomed Mr Rosamond to meeting noting he was wearing regalia chain of office as Chairman of Mid Devon District Council.  Noted he had attended special service at Cathedral for soldiers returned - quite moving experience.  Thanked parishes who had returned the questionnaire on partnerships between Town/Parish Councils and the District Council.  The affordable homes now available exceeded targets including rural areas.  Noted the problem at Hidonfields with parties not talking and still not completed.  New housing site being opened at Tiverton.  In regard to the Local Government review no further developments.  Noted concerns of Town/Parish Councils in any response made to District Council the "weight" given to their response as an elected body as compared against response of an individual.  Members had discussion on delegated decisions in particular the "weighting" of views on applications prior to making a decision.  Noted a Parish Council response was treated as single response, not a collective representative view of possible many, whereas a small number of responses with opposite you would be majority.  This then broadened into other District Council policies and the "weight" of view treatment by them in their decision process. Planning department working to meet targets rather than the outcome best for area, as work completed had an effect on grant received.  Peer Review of District Council still ongoing, six outside representatives to view workings.  There were improvements in governance and meeting the needs of the area.  More still can be done in various targeted areas being listed.  The Chairman thanked Mr Rosamond for his report.


Payment of Accounts

            It was noted that the account subscriptions of DAPC had been received now of £88.70 (included VAT) "Local Review" £13.50, this was awaited from the last meeting and agreed.  It was then proposed by Mr R. J. Pike and seconded by Mr M. E. Bendle and agreed the following payments be made:-

Miss J. Ward


£   9.88

Mrs C. Williams

Internal audit fee

£ 50.00

Members proposed and seconded and carried increase to Mrs Williams.



            DCC noted "Review of Footpaths" ongoing and agreed to place item in "Pump" to add or change paths of the Definitive Map.  Letter from "Westree" offering to survey any woodland for the general condition of trees.  Community Council of Devon – notice of meeting for parishes intending to create a "Parish Plan".  DAPC monthly newsletter, Royal Devon and Exeter Trust quarterly newsletter.  Other correspondence received being noted.


Smeatharpe Hall

            Letter from Smeatharpe Hall Committee seeking representative, as Mr Pike was willing to stand for another year, this was agreed and thanks given to him for being parish representative.


Planning Applications

            Dr G. Scott, Glebe Barn alterations to outbuilding for garage, remove galvanised roof and replace with slates and clad walls with timber.  No objections as it would greatly improve the appearance of buildings.  Application Mr A. Hughes, Chatter Close for replacement garage and canopy at rear of dwelling.  No objections as not seen from road.  Application Mr D. Footitt, Hidonfields Farmhouse, for "Certificate of Lawful Use" of barn as a single dwelling at Hidonfields.  Noted this barn conversion was at present for sale and this was needed for any sale to be done.  This should have been done a time of barn separated and converted to dwelling.  No comments.


General Business, French Visit to Hemyock

            Chairman noted the recent visit to Hemyock and formal signing of "Charter" but Clayhidon did not receive invitation to attend.  Noted the Twinning Association secretary had moved away and things had gone amiss.  Mr W. Smith had contacted Chairman to explain details.  Plaque now presented to Parish and viewed by members.  Agreed best site would be at Parish Hall, Mr Hudson to raise at next meeting.  Chairman agreed to contact Twinning Association for details to make a response for slate plaque received.


Next Meeting

            As there was no other business it was agreed the date of the next meeting as Monday the 14th of September at Church Room, the Chairman then thanked those present for attending and closed the meeting.