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June 8, 2015

Clayhidon Parish Council Meeting

held in the Parish Hall at 7.30pm on 8th June 2015



1.               Present 

Mr R Kallaway (Chair), Mrs A Weekes, Mr G Langford, Mr M Bendle, Mr A Hill, Mr R Drew, Mrs D Evans (temporary Parish Clerk), and 2 members of the public.

Apologies Mr F Rosamond (District Councillor), Mr R Radford (County Councillor) and Mrs S Hay


2.               Declarations of Interest

            The clerk declare that:-

Agenda item 7.1 - Mr Drew has a disclosable pecuniary interest in the matter and he will leave the meeting whilst the planning application is discussed.

Agenda item 13 - Mr Kallaway has a personal interest, as he is a director of the Upper Culm Community Land Trust.


3.               Minutes from Previous Meetings

PROPOSALThe Council minutes of the meeting of 18th May are approved, subject to a minor amendment to 17.2, the ‘owner of the Old Rectory’, not ‘landowner.’ 

PROPOSED:  Mr Langford 

SECONDED:  Mr Bendle

DECISION: passed (all in favour)







4.               Matters arising from previous minutes

4.1      Road Warden Scheme – Chair will approach John Kidner to establish if he is willing to be the road warden.   Clerk will then arrange necessary training.

4.2      Wiltown Caravan – The Clerk has reported the alleged breach of planning permission to MDDC Enforcement Officer.  MDDC would not comment on position reference access across parish council-owned land.  Mr Langford has drafted a letter to be sent to Mrs Broad revoking the licence which grants access. Councillors discussed the best way to protect the parish council-owned land whilst also allowing Mrs Broad continued access during the enforcement officer’s  investigation. 

PROPOSALThe Council writes to Mrs Broad granting her access over the council-owned land for the next 12 months.   


The following amendment was put forward

AMENDED PROPOSAL: The council writes to Mrs Broad giving her access over the council-owned land whilst MDDC investigate the alleged breach in planning.  Once MDDC reach a decision the parish council will review the position.

PROPOSED:  Mr Langford 

SECONDED:  Mr Bendle

DECISION: passed (all in favour).  Clerk will write to Mrs Broad informing her of the decision.

4.3      Litter Pickers – Clerk will pass information to Mrs Weekes for consideration

4.4      Bank Mandate/Financial Regulations – this will be dealt with after permanent clerk is appointed.

4.5      Land Adjacent to Half Moon – ‘The Pound’ – It was previously agreed that a rent of £50 per annum would be paid for the site and the accounts show no rent has been received.  Chair to retrieve original letter sent to Half Moon and discuss and agree a commencement date for payment of rent.   

4.6      Glebe Field – Mr Bendle has spoken to the owner of the Old Rectory and they have agreed to have another meeting once the grass has been cut to discuss and agree works needed.  The owner has agreed to resolve issues before August when the fete will be held on the field. 

4.7      Clayhidon Turbary & Other Parish Land – Mr Langford reported that the land is not eligible to register for entitlements with the Rural Payments Agency.  Work continues with resolving registration of land owned by parish council and/or Clayhidon Charity. 


























5.               District Council Report

           Councillor Rosamond sent the following report:-

The overall financial position of the Council remains sound, despite having to cope with the serious reduction in funding. A projected deficit for 2014/15 of £218k was reduced to a deficit on the year of £90k, reflecting an improved position of £128k. The shortfall was made up from a transfer from reserves which now stand at £2,370k.   The Council also made substantial investment in waste lorries to implement the new scheme due to be launched this month.

In terms of the collection of monies owed, all services performed well, despite the difficult financial climate that people are experiencing. Council Tax collection team achieved 97.8%, slightly above 2013/14 of 97.6%.  Business Rates achieved 99% which is well above the 2013/14 level of 98.4%. The Housing Benefit team performed well compared to national data, despite additional welfare changes, and the uncertainty around Universal Credit.  £19m was paid out in Housing Benefit in 2014/15.

Joint working for the provision of ICT services is being explored with North Devon to deliver efficiency and revenue savings eg consolidating contracts and sharing people and skills. A formal Partnership Board would have to be established to oversee one organisational structure.

At the Annual Council Meeting, I was elected to chair the Scrutiny Committee. Consequently I would welcome at any time having issues brought to my attention that warrant examination by the Scrutiny Committee. This extends not only to MDDC but also to external agencies, eg the Police. The Police Commissioner is scheduled to appear before the Committee in the not too distant future and I am sure he would welcome all representations.


In respect of the minute re Broadband, the Fund is earmarked for specific projects that foster economic activity. Funding for rural broadband is a responsibility of Devon County Council and BT. One would have to look at the criteria for applying for project funding to ascertain whether it might represent an additional opportunity to tackle the issue of rural broadband.


A general discussion about broadband ensued and it was felt that the parish council should continue to apply pressure to County Council.  Mr Langford agreed to draft a response to Councillor Radford outlining the issues.






















6.               County Council Report

            Nothing to report.


7.               Planning

            Mr Drew left the room

7.1              15/00734/FULL.  Callers Farm.  Erection of roofing over the existing silage clamp.

PROPOSAL:  The council supports the application and makes the following comment, that it would like to see a darker colour fibre cement sheeting on the roof.


SECONDED:  Mr Langford

DECISION: passed.  All agreed.       

Mr Drew returned to the room

Approval noted for  the following applications:-

7.2        15/00478/FUL - Burrows Farm, Clayhidon.  Erection of extension and replacement porches

7.3        15/00479/LBC - Burrows Farm, Clayhidon.  Listed Building Consent for erection of extension and replacement porches, replacement of corrugated sheeted roofing with wheat reed thatch, replacement of cementitious renders and pointing with roughcast lime renders and lime mortars with limewash finishes, repairs to roof structures, replacement of concrete floors with insulated limecrete, repairs to timber floors and internal lime plaster, and other internal alterations

Approval noted of non-material amendment for:-

7.4        14/01736/FULL - Gladhayes Farm, Clayhidon.  Conversion of barn to dwelling (Revised scheme)

Approval noted of prior notification applications for :-

7.5        15/00695/PNAG - Harts Farm, Clayhidon.  Prior notification of agricultural development for a proposed road

Application withdrawn noted for:-   

7.6        15/00376/FULL - Hidonfields Farmhouse, Clayhidon.  Variation of condition 2 and 3 of planning permission 14/00032/FULL to move the position of outdoor school


8.               Finance









A C Mole & Sons

PAYE submission


PROPOSAL:  that the above payment is paid

PROPOSED:   Mr Bendle

SECONDED:  Mr Langford

DECISION: passed.  All agreed.       


9.               Clerk Vacancy

The Chair reported that he had received two applications.  An interview panel of Chair, Vice-Chair and Mr Langford will interview the applicants 24/25th June.  


10.            Clerk Update

            The clerk reported that:-

10.1       A new tranche of monies has been released under the Town, Parish & Community fund.

10.2       The Register of Interests forms and Election Expenses forms should have been submitted to MDDC.

10.3       Hemyock Parish Council has invited Clayhidon along with Culmstock to attend a meeting on 8th July at 7.30pm to discuss how the £1,500 TAP fund monies should be spent.  This money was secured from a previous joint application for Lengthsman/highway duties.   Mr Langford & Mrs Weekes will attend. 


11.          Highways

11.1    There was a serious accident at the top of Ford Street on 1st June.  Overgrown hedgerows and verges impair visibility at this site.  The police subsequently compounded the visibility problems by erecting their own sign, asking for witnesses, obscuring the view further.  Clerk to contact Somerset County Council informing them of accident and asking for urgent action to be taken.

11.2    The problem with the dumping of waste at Wiltown Farm needs reporting to the Environment Agency (EA).  Member of the public will forward photographs to the clerk who will forward to the EA.









12.          Footpaths

It was reported that users of the bridleway/footpath to Lane End Farm are being frightened by a large dog.  The fence around the footpath had been taken down and the dog has access onto bridleway.  Clerk to report to Hemyock Parish Clerk. 




13.          Upper Culm Community Land Trust

The Chair gave some factual information about the community land trust.  If anyone is interested in joining or finding out more information the secretary is Neil Punnett and his email is


14.             Smeatharpe Village Hall

PROPOSAL:  that Robert Pike is elected as the  representative for Smeatharpe Village Hall

PROPOSED:   Mr Langford


DECISION: passed.  All agreed.       


15.             Future meetings

It was agreed that the parish council will meet every other month on the second Monday at 7.30pm.  (Feb, April, June, August, October and December).  The next full council meeting will be on August 10th.  If there are any planning applications that need to be considered before the next full meeting then the parish council will hold a planning meeting on the second Monday of the intervening month at 5.30pm.    


16.             Presentation Evening

It was agreed to hold a presentation evening for retiring councillors and clerk on Thursday 2nd July at 7.00pm.  Councillor Rosamond will be invited and asked to make the presentations.  Mr Bendle will book the church rooms.  Chair will approach the Half Moon to ask if they will provide refreshments.  Chair will approach Casey Blackmore to ask if she will help with gift to be presented to Micheal Osmond.  


17.             Items raised by Chairman

Nothing to report


18.             Items raised by Councillors

Mr Bendle suggested the Parish Hall Committee might be approached ref extension and perhaps a secure storage/parish archive could be included in plans. 


19.             Date of next meeting   



Meeting closed at 9.45pm