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March 2004

Clayhidon Parish Council


A Meeting of the above council was held, Monday 15th March 2004 at the Church Room, Clayhidon at 7.30 pm.


The following Business was brought before the council:-

1.           Confirmation of Minutes of Preceding Meeting.

2.           Matters arising from the minutes

3.           Payments of accounts

4.           Correspondence

5.           General business



    Mr ME Bendle, Chairman; Mr MJ Hudson; Mr RJ Pike; Mr AFJ Redwood; Miss J Ward; Mr G Langford; Mr FJ Rosamond, Dist. Councillor & Mr EJ Berry, County Councillor. Parishioners:- Mr N Carter; Mr Larpent & Mr M Osmond, clerk.



    Mr RM Kalloway & Mr & Mrs A Hill



    Minutes of Meeting 12th January 2004 were taken as read, confirmed and signed. (Copies having been previously circulated.)


Matters Arising

        Foot Paths

    Mr Langford gave a short report to update members on work done on paths by Colin Risdon and others.  Noted refund to Parish Council for purchase of gates of £145.55 and D.C.C. making a further grant of £3000.00.  This had now been received.  Thanks given to Mr Langford for report and work on paths.


Smeathy Lane & Wiltown caravan

    Clerk contacted planning dept., Mr Valentine had visited site, but no person on site at the time, noted application for horticultural shed made on site, no application for living accommodation made, a further letter from him to be sent in regard to any person living on site, situation to be monitored.  Mr Valentine had visited caravan at same time, and no person on site and owner details not known, to be checked from Land Registry Office and to be monitored with Smeathy Lane.


Appeal Refused

    Copy of the appeal decision had been received and circulated to members, for refusal to Mr and Mrs R. Blackmore.


Uffculme School

    A letter of thanks from the headmaster was read, to thank members for the grant pledge made of £250.00.  Mr Rosamond noted £20,000 raised the present.


Buddafield & Tribe of Doris

    The vice chairman report on letter sent, raising points on the noise level of the drumming over a period of time also the need for all costs to be covered without further on the Council Tax.  The copy of Mrs Parish report was received to be presented to committee when applications were discussed for approval.


Bulky Refuse

    Items of bulky refuse noted now cleared from Half Moon Inn.


Deadbear Culvert

    Mr Wigley had acknowledged Parish Council letter, but no details on any repairs to blocked culvert was given.


Blackdown Grant

    Mrs A. Smith on behalf of Blackdown Support Group had written to thank Parish Council for grant made to them for £250.00.



    Proposed by Mr R. Pike seconded by Mr A. Redwood and agreed by all, the following payments to clear end of account year.


Mr D Hortop

Minutes printing

£  105.00

Clayhidon Church Council

Room use

£  103.50

Miss J Ward

Members expenses

£    36.90

Exeter Glebe Comm.

Rent of field

£  212.00

MC Osmond


£  550.00

MC Osmond

Expenses & phone

£    62.04

Mr M Bendle

Mileage & phone

£  113.72

Mr M Hudson

Phone expenses

£    50.00

Mr C Risdon

Footpath expenses

          Clearing etc.


£  225.00



Mr F Rosamond, Dist. Councillor

    Noted date of Forum Meeting 17th March, urged members to attend.  Loss of Planning Officers a problem to keep up with applications in hand and fresh received.  The Audit Commission report received being revised by members on points raised.  The Council Tax to rise by 2.3%, impact on services noted reduction in grants.  Income to be raised by indirect charged taxation from other sources.  Waste strategy being developed with other Districts, funding only for three years from Government.  Thanks given for his report by Chairman after it was noted by Mr Langford updating problems of web sites by Mid Devon.  Grant from Mid Devon for play at Hall of "Father for my son".



    Letter received from Mr Meredith, Lilycombe on the car rally in January around the narrow local roads, not in favour.


Security Panel

    Notice received for a person to be appointed from Mid Devon, Mr G. Langford agreed to be nominated for consideration.

D.C.C. monthly newsletter, notice of inspection available of Structure Plan 2001 - 2016 "proposed modifications".  Blackdown Hills Rural Partnership, spring newsletter, events diary 2004, spring and summer Hedgerow Crafts workshops. The Countryside Agency.  Rights of Way Act 2000 copy of provisional map for Parish, noted by members. D.A.P.C. notice of training courses proposed & Village Green.  Standards Board for England - investigation of misconduct procedure.


Planning Notices

    Application for Listed Building Consent to repair Chest Tombs, St Andrews.  No objections made to this.  Application new vehicle access at Hunters Lodge Farm, agreed to support new access off Red Lane.  Application of erected horticultural storage building at Smeathy Lane after general discussion, not supported, not proved viable.  Application Mrs C. Risdon, Lifting of Agricultural tie on the house part of Tredown Farm. agreed accept statement, also noting application to build further dwelling on site.



    Application to be made for single cottage in style of pair of semi-detached.  Past history given by Chairman and letter from Greenslade, Taylor Hunt read noting the comments to first application.  Noted local residents contacted and letter from Sir N. Essenhigh was read.  Mr Larpent raised the matter of drainage problems at present, in particular septic soak away.  Mr Carter stated of soil erosion at Brookdale from surface water from Hidonfields drainage, this could be made worse.  It was thought better if foul water was treated at source and soak away within the curtilage of plot.  The basic design was acceptable to all.  Agreement for site visit with Greenslade Taylor Hunt and Mr Larpent and Mr Carter and Parish Council in regard to the water problems.

Invitation to join Mid Devon Ass’n of Local Councils, members agreed to join the association and as under 500 electors no subscription was required.


Mr EJ Berry, County Councillor

    The chairman noted complaints received on potholes and had contacted W. Pike and R. Wrigley office, but despite being told they would be done, nothing had been done.  Mr Berry had also contacted highway office of Mr A. Mitchard.  Members and parishioners dissatisfied with the service given, in particular being told being done "next week".  After general discussion agreed letter to express views and photographs supplied by Mr A. Hill to be sent to Mr Mitchard and Mr E. Charlton at County Hall Exeter.  The Council Tax rise kept to 5.25% noted this made to cuts in some services.  Not filling vacancies for staff would save £150,000.  Rise in Police part of tax, coverage in Parish poor.  Noted people in rural areas at a disadvantage.  A new officer now for Hemyock and area around and a new sergeant at Cullompton willing to come to parishes.  The environment probably take the major share of cutbacks to save money.  The A303 environmental study on the possible routes to be done. The Viridor waste tip at Uffculme complaints from locals about methane gas, now to turn into electricity, and will need to be rooted to the larger Hemyock substation.  The possible windfarm at Smeatharpe to be connected to Willand.


General Business

    It was agreed date of next meeting on 17th May at Parish Hall.

As Mr B. Tustian had left Parish and noting problems of Mary Parsons Charity at Churchstanton, to fill vacancy for trustee, it was proposed by Mr Hudson's seconded by Mr Redwood and agreed Mr G. Langford be elected to serve on The Clayhidon Charity.

It was noted a tractor and trailer was parked on footpath by Mr D. Hutchings this would be brought to the attention of footpaths officer.  As there was no other business after thanking those present for attending the Chairman closed the meeting.