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March 2005

Clayhidon Parish Council


A Meeting of the above council was held, Monday 14th March 2005 at the Parish Hall, Clayhidon at 7.30pm.


The following Business was brought before the council:-


1.           Confirmation of Minutes of Preceding Meeting.

2.           Matters arising from the minutes

3.           Payment of Accounts

4.           Parish Council Accounts

5.           Correspondence

6.           General Business

7.           Charity Business



     Mr ME Bendle, Chairman; Mr MJ Hudson; Mr RJ Pike; Miss J Ward; Mr G Langford; Mr AFJ Redwood; Mr RM Kallaway; parishioners; Mr R Jefferies; Mrs B Willmer Mr & Mrs S Lee: Dist. Councillor Mr FJ Rosamond; Mr R Radford of Halberton, a County Councillor and Mr MC Osmond, clerk.



     An apology was given for Mr EJ Berry, County Councillor

     On opening the Meeting, the Chairman welcomed those present.


     The Minutes of 10th January 2005 were taken as read (copies having been previously circulated) confirmed & signed.


Matters Arising

     Mr Rosamond gave the latest details of the three sites at Wiltown, by enforcement officers: A) Mr Napper, B) caravan Wiltown and C) Smeathy Lane visited by them Mr Willing and Mr Crocker, as no correspondence had been received and clerk had been unable to contact them, messages left on voice mail.  Clerk had reported 7th February Phoenix X26 Twin caravan on site, water and electric to this to Mrs Shane Broad, unable to contact Mr Crocker.  Rang 8th March at 14.05 and Mr Crocker stated no visit had been made to sites at Clayhidon, visit would be made Thursday or Friday to check on developments.  Clerk had given these details to Mr Rosamond when met at Hemyock on 8th March.  Details were Mr Willing and Mr Crocker visited Mr Napper site and met him as on site.  Development discussed, option now to go for immediate action or for more detailed and lengthy process.  Enforcement action to be taken.  Smeathy Lane, caravan application to be refused, and planning required for two other buildings on site.  Caravan below Ashcleave further letter in hand with further visit noted for 18th March 2005.  This was followed by general discussion on the sites, and how being treated by the planning department, concerns expressed to Mr Rosamond on the feedback on this and agreed letter to be sent to planning department to expressed concerns and for correspondence updates from them.


Bus Shelter plaque to Mr J. W. Vincent

    Clerk had found in minutes wording of lost plaque in shelter , proposed by Mr Pike and seconded by Mr Langford replaced with words again.  Mr Langford agreed to organise the replacement needed.


     Mr Hudson gave a short report on the work of RSPB clearing part of Turbary, there would be another visit, this would end present effort.


Wrangway to Eagle Tavern

     A reply was read from Somerset County Council, road safety officer noting what was proposed and what had been done and this had reduced accidents.


Callers Farm

     The refusal notice decision was read and noted as major point of this was that the agricultural needs had not been proved, not that the site was outside the development line for Rosemary Lane.


Blackdown Hills Mission

     Permission to Blackdown Hills Mission for disabled toilets and extension to car park with site for bunded oil tank was noted.


Sports Hall, Uffculme

     A reply was read from DCC noting letter from Parish Council, stating that the proposals for sports Hall prepared and receive planning permission at cost of over £2 million.



     Mr Langford gave the latest details now surveys done by D. C. C. staff, this would cost more than in budget to get all paths up to a given standard.  Option proposed was to give Parish Council a limited Grant and Parish Council if agreed would use the present surplus being returned in part for the work to be done.  This would be discussed when more details available agreed.  Copy to members work to be undertaken.


State of Roads

     Members agreed improvements to French nut tree Lane were badly needed and noted culvert On Deadbeer corner replaced, and a further drain across the road had been put in for spring in the bank running down the road.  The chairman took details of potholes in the roads and other items for attention of Mr W. Pike.  Verge ploughing in the area of Garlandhayes was discussed.


District Councillor

     Mr Rosamond stated council tax held at 4.1% to save major cuts in services.  A cut of £1 million was required from budget and an efficiency drive now been started.  Waste and recycled partnership with the East Devon.  Subcommittee set up to raise the status of Dist Council.  A review to be held on the constitution of Dist Council.  Council house sale debated as lack of funds for repairs, government funds available if sold to Housing Trust.  The new licensing regulations were still being consolidated by the Dist Council.  The chairman thanked Mr Rosamond for his report.


Payment of Accounts and Grants

     The following payments were proposed by Mr Kallaway seconded by Mr Langford and agreed.  Mr Kallaway proposed and Mr Pike seconded for inclusion a grant of £35 for printing/production of "Pump" magazine and this was agreed.  Miss Ward proposed and Mr Kallaway seconded and agreed by all of grant be made of £300 to Blackdown Support Group.




Exeter Glebe Committee


£    212.00

Miss J Ward

Members expenses

£        6.26

Mr M Hudson

Members expenses

£      50.00

Mr M Bendle

Members expenses

£      50.00

Mr M Osmond


£    550.00

Mr M Osmond


£      72.69

Clayhidon Hall

Use of Room

£      90.00

Mr D Hortop


£    105.00

Hemyock Church


£      35.00

Blackdown S. Group


£    300.00

Mr R Pike


£      15.20


For clerk then gave details of the closing balances and accounts for year prior to Annual Parish Meeting on 21/3/2005.  Thanks were then given for details.


Correspondence "Tribe of Doris"

     Mid Devon notice by "Tribe of Doris" for Licence of festival -- Mr Hudson's stated of no indication by the organisers to reduce noise level.  General discussion by members on length days with drumming and objections made by neighbours.  The sustained type of noise being the problem.  The Parish Council therefore felt it had a duty in conclusion to discussions to object to a licence being granted.  Mr Hudson would draft the letter to emphasise the sustained repetitive noise level being unacceptable.  Mid Devon notice by "Buddhafield" for licence for festival.  Mr Hudson's stated this receive between meetings and as similar to previous festival's no complaints raised, a reply stating of no objections had been made.

     Mid Devon copy of town and Parish Council (Planning Section) Charter.  This set out how applications/responses would be treated and number of days to make and published decisions made.  D.A.P.C. notice of various training courses and venues.  Office of Deputy Prime Minister copy "The Planning System, General Principles."  Mid Devon notice of Dist Council's "Corporate Plan" and offer of officer visit to explain, after a discussion it was agreed not to take up this offer.  D. C. C. monthly News roundup.  Charity appeal for funds by W. R. V. S. this was noted, agreed a reply stating of Parish Council supporting local groups with the same objectives.  Copy Local Council Review and Village Green.  Notice of Blackdown Hills Community Conference noted members attending.  Office Deputy Prime Minister two publications 1) Citizen Engagement and Public Services, 2) Why Neighbourhoods Matter -- Local Leadership.  Mid Devon Finance Department.


Precept 2005/06

     Precept confirmation and payment details request and confirmation for D.A.P.C. subscription debit. This was agreed.


Exemptions to Act

     Freedom of Information Act 2000 -- amendments section 36(exemption of disclosure).  For Parish Councils the Clerk to Council.  It was proposed seconded and agreed the clerk be appointed as required by the Act.  Details on where this would apply to Council business was read by chairman.



     Permission Mr R. Woollacott, The Knowle erection of agricultural building extension.  Application Mr A. Larpent, Hidonfields House, new field access.  No objections raised to being granted.  Application Mr D. Kholman, Barne Farm, conversion of outbuildings to holiday accommodation, reply of no objections for the use of the redundant buildings.  Application Mr D. Hobbs Smeathy Lane for retention of lean-to extension to agricultural machine store.  Reply made of cannot support, as erected without permission and building already erected machinery store on site and this being horticultural business.  The total acreage not support large machinery store.  Noted further application for citing caravan, this being now isolated development without proof of need not consistent in business, first being horticultural then for livestock needs now agricultural machinery.  Application Mr D. Hobbs, Smeathy Lane siting touring caravan 1st March the 30th Sept 2005.  Reply made, lack of supporting details noted the caravan for welfare of livestock and security of stock during the season.  Noted total 9 acres as stated being horticultural business, what acres for keeping livestock to require 24 hour attention.  Parish Council cannot support application should be refused and then resubmitted with supporting details for proof of need beyond any doubts.  These applications received between meetings plans being circulated to reply.


General Business

     Mr R. Radford neighbouring Ward County Councillor was introduced by Chairman.  There was to be County Council elections in May which now had new boundaries and this meant Clayhidon/Hemyock and area joined the area of Mr Radford's Ward.  He was proposing to stand again in the new Ward.  More details given on the changes to even out rate of population per County Councillor.  Now fear of less voice for rural areas to urban on County Council.  Mr Radford gave brief account on County Council business, rate rise at 3.5%.  Revenue from second homes was £750,000 and details on how to be spent was given, after which he was thanked by the Chairman.


Tithe Map

     This was being stored by Local History Group at Old Rectory, now sold by Mr Wakeling and new home for this required.  Also two Enclosure Awards.  As tithe map repaired, now not able to be put in storage box, a new container required.  The map was ten foot wide and rolled into coil not folded for storage.  Offer by Mrs Harris to store at Jennings's Farm.  Agreed to have map and awards on view at Parish Meetings.  Storage to be discussed again.



     Chairman stated of application to be made by Agents Greenslade Taylor Hunt for five dwellings of which one was to be as affordable low cost.  Members agreed to await application from Mid Devon to make response and have a special meeting for this with local parishioners present after being viewed.


Reflective Posts

     Mr R. Jefferies raised the need of these posts near Lilycombe Farm arising from the ditches/verges in the area.  The Chairman noted this also for highways department.

     It was agreed the next meeting would be at the church room on 9th May 2005 after which the Chairman thanked those present for attending and closed the meeting.