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March 2006, minutes of Clayhidon Parish Council

Clayhidon Parish Council


A Meeting of the above council was held, Monday 6th March 2006 in the Church Room, Clayhidon at 7.30pm.


The following Business was brought before the council:-


1.           Confirmation of Minutes of Preceding Meeting.

2.           Matters arising from the minutes

3.           Payment of Accounts

4.           Parish Council Accounts

5.           Correspondence

6.           General business



     Mr ME Bendle, Chairman; Mr MJ Hudson; Mr RJ Pike; Mr AFJ Redwood; Mr G Langford; Mr RM Kallaway; parishioners Mr S Roberts; Mr R Jeffery; Mr & Mrs Lee and Mr MC Osmond, clerk.



     Apologies for being unable to attend were given for Miss J Ward; Dist Cllr Mr FJ Rosamond and Mr R Radford, County Councillor.


On the opening the meeting the chairman welcomed those present.



     Minutes of the Meeting 9th January were taken as read, (copies having been circulated,) confirmed and signed.


Matters Arising


A. Board

     The chairman had spoken to his solicitor and a draft letter had been prepared by Mr Langford on lines suggested.  This would be a permission licence for the domestic access and would end at time of present permission from Dist Council


Mr P. Govier

     Letter had been sent to him to remove the bales on land by the end of March.  Noted at present no major reduction in number on site.  This was followed by a general discussion on the options possible.


Mr Napper

      Noted his appeal had been refused, council had received a copy of the decision.  Caravan to be removed and land restored to prior changes, with some tree planting to be done.  Mr R Willing, enforcement officer, had spoken to clerk on this and would be visiting site to check on work.  Failure to comply could cause a large fine to be made on him.


Shepherds Caravans

     Mr R. Willing had visited Mr J. Tolley of Woodgate owner of the land caravans sited on, persons in caravans were doing seasonal work for him, at present this was hedge laying as he was not able to do it himself.  This was in order; if the persons took up permanent work/residence then permission would be required.


Mr Drew Callers

     Decision not received at present, noted this was from the section 106 agreement to be concluded and payment made.

Definitive Map

     Mr Langford gave a short report on the public meeting held in the Church Room, 12 interested persons attended the presentation by Mrs E. Spurway.  This was a launch to check the “Rights of Way” from which any changes could be made.  Clarke had attended and took details for Minutes book.  Noted the new footpath at Hidon Wood could be included at this time.


Refuse Bags

     Noted the plastic bags at Oakleigh not being torn as the dogs doing this with horse riders were not being taken on Mondays. Clerk gave details of incident at Shalom with torn bags and this had been put right by dogs owner.


Starfish Appeal

     The chairman stated this had been well supported and a cheque for approximately £12,000 had been presented, in addition a person had been charged with the theft.


Cameo Club

     The letter of support had been sent and thanks given to clerk for this from Rev Ron White.



     The next meeting was due shortly of Blackdown Hills AONB Management Group and the letter was read from Buckland St Mary Parish Council giving support to duration licence of Festivals in Blackdowns reduced from five days to three days only.


Mr A Edmund

     Copy of decision for Refusal was noted and reasons given for conversion etc of poultry house on land at Bolham Hill planning application.


Orchard Lee

     A letter had been sent as agreed but no further correspondence had been received noting Dist and County Councillor's not present for more details.


June Event-Graddage Farm

     The chairman gave the latest details on how this was going to be as at present.  In contact with Revd Sherwood, three whole grows lunch and "Songs of Praise" in the afternoon going to be a parish event.  The pig had been promised but made request for Parish Council to underwrite the lunch expenses.  Other expenses would be covered by St Andrews.  This was agreed by the Parish Council.  Date 25th June and to be advertised in the "Pump".  Working group to be set up and offers of help on day and gifts of refreshments invited.


Payment of Accounts

     A letter from Blackdown Support Group seeking any financial help was read.  Proposed by Mr Langford seconded by Mr Pike and agreed a grant of £325.00.  Mr Bendle proposed and Mr Redwood seconded and agreed by all a payment of £50.00 to Mr G. Langford for time and effort spent on FP scheme and assisting clerk's correspondence.  After which the following payments were proposed by Mr Kallaway seconded by Mr Redwood and agreed by all.


Clayhidon Church Council

Use of Room

£     94.50

Exeter Sub Glebe Comm.

Rent Church Field

£   232.00

W.D. Hortop

Printing Minutes

£   120.00

M.E. Bendle

Telephone Expenses

£     50.00

M.J. Hudson

Telephone Expenses

£     50.00

Clayhidon Parish Hall

Bar Profit

£   405.00

M.C. Osmond


£   550.00

M.C. Osmond

£5.00 WAR & Expenses

£     65.51

R.J. Pike

Member Expenses

£     30.40


Mr R Kallaway raised the amount of clerk’s salary, noting it had not been increased since 2000 Mr Hudson proposed this be increased by £100 this year and then review at two-year periods.  Mr Langford seconded this and it was agreed by all. A further cheque for £100 was then drawn; thanks given by clerk.


Parish Council Accounts

     As the Annual Parish Meeting was being held 27th March the clerk then gave details of years account balances, noting statement needed to confirm.



     Mr Langford listed the e-mails received on meetings and events, this was noted.  Local Council Review, Village Green, Devon Playing Fields - Survey of outdoor sports and play areas.  Royal Devon and Exeter newsletter.  Mid Devon - Community Involvement response form. D.A.P.C. details of future training courses Chairman/Councillors. Mid Devon – Public Liaison Meetings with officers and the Police details of venues, noted some members would be attending. Queen’s 80th birthday 21st April, flags to fly – Union Flag, cathedrals & churches bell peel on 21st, enhance any cathedral service. Open Space Strategy – collecting details of nature and quality of open space provision in the district. D.C.C. quarterly newsletter.



     Notice from planning dept - applications can be accessed online via access facility and submit comments in box on the application.  Noted application would be still sent unless stopped by Council to use other source.  No change agreed.  Application Mr G. Woodall, rose to the, Rosemary Lane, erection of conservatory/detached double garage and workshop.  No objection made, comment that site plan did not show existing turning area and as result of enlarged garage/workshop limited area to turn with parked cars; request Council insist on showing large enough area for development, difficult at present without development.  Application Mr and Mrs Boyd, Beech Cottage, Smeatharpe erection of first floor extension.  Noted where to be built on drawings, Council give support for permission to be given.


General business

     Problems on roads in the Parish was raised, details taken by chairman for W. Pike to include need for reflectors bridge at Lilycombe, fingers missing signpost Brimley, road age erosion Burrow Farm, water on road Wiltown/Garlandhayes area, road edge erosion near new drainpipe Bridge House crossway towards Bollhayes, bad potholes top of Rosemary Lane.  Noted further trees cut down on Mr Napper's land possible general clearing details to Mr R. Willing.

     Agreed date of next meeting of 8th May at the Parish Hall, Mr Pike to book the Hall, after which as no other business, the chairman thanked those present for the attending and closed the meeting.