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March 2008, Clayhidon Parish Council

Clayhidon Parish Council


A Meeting of the above council was held, Monday 10th March 2008 at the Church Room, Clayhidon at 7.30pm.


The following Business was brought before the council:-


1.           Confirmation of Minutes of Preceding Meeting.

2.           Matters arising from the minutes

3.           Payment of Accounts

4.           Correspondence

5.           General business

6.           Charity Business



          Mr G Langford, Chairman; Mr MH Hudson; Miss J Ward; Mr RJ Pike; Mr ME Bendle; Mr AFJ Redwood; Mr R Radford, County Councillor; Parishioner Mr R Jeffery and Mr MC Osmond, clerk



     An apology was given for Mr RM Kallaway and Mrs M Squires, Chairman of Mid Devon District Council, who were unable to attend, also Mr FJ Rosamond.



     Minutes of Meeting 14th January were taken as read, confirmed and signed (copies having been previously circulated).


Matters Arising

     Mr Hudson read part of further letter from Mrs A. Browning MP in regard to the Temporary Event License System.  Theextract noted that TEN’s "did not allow all things" and the police can end one at a moment's notice.  General discussion raised the questions as to whether the police would act at promptly, also whether environmental health officers would act in the middle of the night on noise levels.



     Agreement prepared for Half Moon Inn Landlord to Rent on the completion of building works at Hidonfields.


Twinning Association

     The Chairman had contacted in Mr M. Eastick of the Association with Parish Council reply in regard to invitation received.


Smeatharpe Stadium

     Mr F. Rosamond District Councillor had informed Chairman of site meeting he attended with East Devon District Council, in discussion on site use, but in the end no decisions were made.


DCC Report

     Mr Radford stated that education budget was not actually £36 million short, but if DCC had received the average across the country from government it would have received a further £36 million more to use.


Payment of Accounts

     Clark stated churchyard expenses details requested by Mid Devon had been supplied but no grant received for churchyard to date.  After contact with Chairman, in order to complete the form, £400 had been stated as the rant from Parish Council as in the previous year.  After discussion proposed by Miss Ward seconded by Mr Pike a grant of £400 been made.  This was carried.  Mr Bendle declared interest as Churchwarden.  Members agreed to review this in new the financial year.  A letter from Mrs B. Starkis of the Blackdown Support Group was read noting the miles, journeys and services given.  Proposed by Mr Bendle seconded by Mr Hudson and agreed by all a grant of £350 be made.  It was proposed by Miss Ward seconded by Mr Pike and then agreed the following pavements be made.  Mr Bendle proposed that Mr Langford be paid £25 to meet telephone expenses as the Footpaths coordinator.  This was seconded by Mr Pike and agreed.  Miss Ward proposed this come from Footpath's account as allowed for administration, seconded by Mr Pike and agreed.


Exeter Arch Glebe Committee

Rent of field

£     232.00

Clayhidon Church Council

Use of room

£     104.50

Mr D Hortop

Printing Minutes

£     120.00

Mr G Langford

Telephone expenses

£       50.00

Mr M Hudson

Telephone expenses

£       50.00

Mr M Osmond


£     650.00


Mr M Osmond

(Memorial clean £  5.00)

(Petty Cash         £44.89)

(Telephone         £  25.00



£       74.89



To end payment of Accounts, Clerk gave outline details of income and expenses to the end of the year, noting balance at end of year was reduced to start of year.



     Mid Devon notice of documents on their website for consultation. 1) Provision of Open Spaces and Funding, 2) Air quality action draft, 3) Housing land availability assessment and the methodology.  Standards Committee Annual Report 2007.  Copy of Minutes of Mid Devon Executive on Unitary Devon arising from Exeter not being granted single unitary status and request for Boundary Commission to look at whole of County.  Mid Devon – Corporate Anti-Social Behaviour Policy.  Minutes of Standards Committee 21st January 2008.  East Devon District Council – Local Development framework (appraisal of Gypsy and Traveller development plan). DCC – Listing Events, notice of meetings to hear views of parish councils on governance of Devon, Chairman had booked two places at Ash Thomas 12th of March.  Also noted from Mid Devon was a letter sent on views as requested on governance of Devon.  DCC Consultation on validation of Planning Applications on land/sites of County Council.  DAPC quarterly Newsletter.  Other sundry correspondence noted.  Plymouth University research programme on "Role and Functions" of Parish Councils, question their received to identify the competencies to implement and sustain that agenda.  This was discussed as copy for each councillor.  Members agreed to return to Clerk in sealed envelope if wished to return to Plymouth.  Letter to Parish Council from Mr Stephen Otter Chief Constable, plans for next year including officers on beat and to do this need to increase budget 4.39% next year then 3.5% around £10 a year for band D. household.  This was discussed for possible benefits to Parish with 200 more officers across Devon, but would one be local to here.



Hidon Wood

     Letter from Ashfords to Mr Bendle noting of a hold on wood for seven years by Uffculme Environmental Trust, which hass now expired and if wished an application to Land Registry can be made to remove the restriction from the register.  Members agreed no action to be taken as now expired.



     Permission to Mr R. Drew, Callers Farm, erection of agricultural building.  Permission to Mrs V. Miller, Dunkeswell -- (Land at Broad Street) for the erection of stables and store.  Planning application Kirkstone Properties (Hidonfields Farm) for a change of use of road verge into domestic curtilage.  Chairman gave more details noting that Mr R. Wigley of Highways Department was supporting.  Access to Parish Pound had not been reduced and shown on plans.  The sale price of houses was discussed and in particular the affordable home on site.  Hastoe Housing was registered for this one and the Chairman noted the procedure for a tenant.  The home would meet the shared equity requested by the Parish Council.


Fly Tipping

     Arising from items found on the Turbary had included an address and a letter would been sent to this address stating that these items had been found on the Turbary.


Mr FJ Rosamond, District Councillor

     Chairman read a report received from him including honours of being Alderman to D. Pugsley, C. Noon and S. Meads for long and distinct service.  Mid Devon council tax fixed at 4.46% which in end made Band D. in Clayhidon at £1469.44.  Villages in Action grant deduction fought in the Executive and Council now not until 2009 then half of original proposed.  Delay in the cut in grant to enable alternative sources of funding to be found.  Standards Committee still looking for a parish representative.  Police have passed civil parking to the County who are passing and funding responsibility to Districts.  Three officers to be employed with uniform/camera/hand computer.  They will also have other District Officer duties when not in parking uniform.  New type of planning application to come into force from 6th April – nationally accepted.  Also in future will require more attention to energy saving for homes etc.


Mr R. Radford, County Councillor

     As Exeter unitary bid failed a single authority could streamline services.  The Boundary Commission now to hear views of County/District Councils.  Review being held of any property held in effort to save money.  Details of various budgets given on breakdown of accounts to each department.  Litter dumping being more noted and in April a litter pick up planned as in past years.


General Business

     Mr Radford thanked for the details and questions answered.



     State of particular potholes noted as damage caused to two vehicles, details had been given to Highways department.  General discussion on repairs and length of time and when a pothole would be filled in arising from its size.  Details of repairs required to be e-mailed to Mr Radford who would take up with Highways department.

     Mr Bendle reported "Footpath Post" on track to farm entrance at Grays Lane was broken off by a vehicle.  There seemed to be no good reason to have been done.

     Mr Redwood had spoken to Mr G. Selleck and he was interested in doing the Parish "footpath" repairs, but this was to be confirmed.

     Sign seen at Wiltown for camping/caravan and the chairman had made contact with Caravan and Camping and Caravans Clubs and they confirmed no site at Wiltown.

     Noted the permission for caravan of Mr A. Board at Wiltown expires in May.  Planning department to be contacted for an update on the site for the removal of caravan.


Next Meeting

     As there was no other business it was agreed the date of next as 20th May and this would be at the Parish Hall, after which the Chairman thanked those present for attending and closed the meeting.