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March 2009, Clayhidon Parish Council

Clayhidon Parish Council


A Meeting of the above council was held, Monday 9th March 2009 at the Parish Hall, Clayhidon at 7.30pm.


The following Business was brought before the council:-


1.           Confirmation of Minutes of Preceding Meeting.

2.           Matters arising from the minutes

3.           Payment of Accounts

4.           Correspondence

5.           General business

6.           Charity Business



            Mr G Langford, Chairman; Mr MJ Hudson; Mr RJ Pike; Miss J Ward; Mr AFJ Redwood; Mr RM Kallaway; Mr ME Bendle; Dist. Councillor Mr FJ Rosamond; Parishioner Mr R Jeffery and Mr MC Osmond, clerk



            An apology was given for County Councillor Mr R Radford.

            On opening the meeting the Chairman welcomed all those present.



            Minutes of the meeting 12th January were taken as read (copies having been previously circulated), confirmed and signed.


Matters Arising

            Chairman reported on site meeting and details from District Councillor on planning application by M. & H. Gendall of Shepherds Halt.  Noted ANOB planning officer made a similar response as Parish Council on proposed size after development and the view of this from Brimly Hill.  Noted a revised application had been made with proposed changes.


Information Act

            Clerk had received the revised document and Chairman noted the contents to members.  It was proposed by Mr Kallaway seconded by Mr Pike that the Parish Council adopt Act as set out.  This was agreed by all.  Agreed clerk complete details required for information to be available to parishioners as per the guidelines.


Wiltown Caravan

            Chairman stated that Mid Devon "Legal Department" had advised Enforcement Officer to proceed with Enforcement Notice served on the site.  Noted the "Right of Track use" ended when the Planning Permission ended.


Mays Farm

            Mr Hudson's stated a new officer on the case and waited for him to be aware of all details on events held at Mays Farm.



Payment of Accounts

            As some of the payments could be changed, in particular the Grants, the payments were taken singularly.


Clayhidon PCC

Churchyard Grant


Proposed Miss Ward, Seconded Mr Kallaway & agreed

Mr D Hortop

Printing Minutes


Proposed Miss Ward, Seconded Mr Bendle & agreed

Blackdown Support Group



Proposed Mr Kallaway, Seconded Mr Bendle & agreed

Clayhidon Parish Hall

Hall Hire


Proposed Mr Redwood, Seconded Mr Bendle & agreed


Mr G Langford Expenses

Parish Council





Proposed Mr Hudson, Seconded Mr Bendle & agreed

Mr M Hudson

Telephone expenses


Proposed by Mr Kallaway, seconded Mr Pike & agreed

Exeter Arch Glebe Comm.

Field Rent


Proposed Mr Hudson, Seconded Mr Bendle & agreed


Mr M Osmond


Petty Cash


Cleaning memorial






) £818.22



Proposed Mr Kallaway,

Seconded Mr Hudson

and agreed by all.



            The Chairman had made inquiries on the status of the developers for Hidonfields Homes as work had been stopped for some time at site.  Confirmation of the facts was not clear.  The price of the affordable home on site was awaited.

            Chairman had received a reply from Mid Devon Chief Executive in regard to treatment of responses from Parish Councils by District Council.  This was discussed by members and see how treated in the future.  Mid Devon presentation on Gypsies and Travellers after a general discussion on the evening content, no further action.  "Copy of Local Review", "Village Green" and "Community Talk".  Newsletter March DAPC noting delay of Boundary Commission decision till 15th of July.  Newsletter from Standards Board.  Mid Devon – Standards Committee Annual Report 2008.  Issues 4 and 5 of Parish Matters. 

            Commons Act            Letters received on Commons Registration Act listing sites in Parish, after general discussion on who owned which piece of land, the Chairman would make the replies as more could be included or deleted if incorrect.  Other correspondence received were listed and noted on the table.



            Permission to Mr M. Broadbent Higher Hill Farm, erection of buildings as already on site and variation of No 13 condition agricultural occupancy to include equestrian activities (Revised Scheme).  Permission Mr J. Brook Bolham House land Hemyock, erection of poultry house and silo.  Application Mr D. Woodgate, Applehayes erection of extensions, change in roof pitches, creation of shower room.  Application Mr and Mrs Morgan Oaklands, Wiltown Lane erection of extension and access changes.  Application Mr and Mrs J. Kidner, Moor View revised details for outside appearance with slate roof as opposed to double Roman clay.  Revised drawings Shepherds Halt Mr and Mrs Gendall.  Application, The Old Rectory Mr and Mrs Gerasimidis erection of two-storey distension and replace first floor bay window.  Erection of a porch.


General Business

            The Annual Parish Meeting of 30th of March agenda was discussed also if the minutes of 2008 could be photocopied rather than be read.  Agreed clerk get 20 copies made. Mr Bendle stated a planning application would be received shortly from him to install roof lights at Gollick Park.  No other changes to be made.  Application awaited to make a response.



Smeatharpe Stadium

            General discussion on events and groupings of owners use of site.  It was noted the stadium should be treated differently from other users on the airfield.


District Councillor

            Welcome given to Mr Rosamond who then gave a short report on past business.  New item was "Community Involvement Policy" looking at better ways of communicating to the district.  Information was in the "Parish Matters" publication.  Council Tax set at 2.5% now with new finance manager appointed, in a better position on control of finances.  "Villages in Action" grants scheme after a review meant that money was preserved for 2009, but this not guaranteed for 2010.  The recession had caused payments to Council to be held up and they were looking at ways to help the business community at this difficult time.  Funds placed in Iceland bank still awaited return.  Council had received poor press on their house service.  The Healthy Living Centre at Hemyock proposed, money still being gathered as before awaiting money from Primary Care Trust.  Local Government Review decision postponed till July.  Skateboard arena to be built at Cullompton.  Noted for 53% recycle material now collected.  Thanks given to Mr Rosamond for the details.


State of Roads

            Mr Kallaway drew attention to potholes and the other faults of the roads and lack of repairs.  Mr Redwood indicated a local problem where pothole had been reported and staff would come to check in order to see if it was of a sufficient size to be filled in.  Chairman had also contacted various offices of Highways who had stated on the telephone that to pay an insurance claim was less cost than providing repairs.  Agreed to press for repairs noting that parts of parish had been visited at time of meeting and potholes marked out with white spray plus other places for filling and surface replacing.


Higher Hill Road

            Attention was drawn to the problem of vehicles parked at junction which became a problem to other road users.  Police were to visit the site but no action was being taken.  Somerset County Council had been contacted if able to help, but agreed it was the vehicle owners who would end the problem if they parked in a different place.


Next Meeting

            As there was no other business it was agreed date of next meeting as 11th May 2009 and this would be at the Church Room, the Chairman then thanked those present for attending and closed the meeting.