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May 2003

Clayhidon Parish Council


A Meeting of the above council was held, Monday 12th May 2003 at the Church Room, Clayhidon at 7.30 pm.


The following Business was brought before the council:-

1.     Signing of Declaration Form.

2.     Election of Chairman.

3.     Election of Vice Chairman

4    Confirmation of Minutes of Preceding Meeting.

5.   Matters arising from the Minutes.

6.   Payment of Accounts.

7.   Parish Council Accounts (Audit)

8.   Correspondence.

9.   General Business.


Present: Mr ME Bendle Chairman, Mr MJ Hudson, Mr G Langford, Mr AF Redwood, MrPike, Miss J Ward, Mr RM Kallaway, Mr FJ Rosamond District Councillor, Mr EJ Berry County Councillor, & Mr MC Osmond clerk.

   All members signed their Declaration form prior to start of meeting.

   On opening the meeting the Chairman welcomed members to the meeting and thanked them for standing again at the election, noting there had not been an election.  A welcome was given to Mr Rosamond on his re-election as District Councillor, he thanked the chairman for his comments and stated he and his new partner councillor had agreed he would represent this end of the Ward and he would represent the new addition.

Mr M Hudson proposed Mr M.E. Bendle as Chairman, Mr R. Pike seconded, this was carried with all members in agreement.  Mr Bendle thanked members for all their support during the past year.

   Mr A. Redwood proposed Mr M. Hudson as Vice Chairman, Miss J. Ward seconded, this was carried with all members in agreement.  Mr Hudson thanked members for his election and their support during past year.

   The minutes of the preceding meeting were taken as read, confirmed & signed (copies having been previously circulated).

   The new clock to be presented to the hall was on view for members to inspect.  Mr Hudson drew attention to the inscription and agreed on the following "presented by the parish council on the golden jubilee of H.M. Queen Elizabeth 1952 - 2002".

   A letter of thanks received from Mrs Ann Smith of Blackdown Support Group was read and noted, for the grant made to them.

   The Vice Chairman reported on Licence Committee meeting he attended, and the objection letters received noted, also copy of meeting minutes received.  Conditions on the "Tribe of Doris" noted, a fence to be erected on site.  Mr Rosamond gave more details, this was followed by a general discussion.  The Vice Chairman also noted that the Parish Council had received, as part of the assessment of the services given by the District Council to parishes, a questionnaire from the Audit Commission.  This had been completed with a mark of 4 out of 10.  They failed to support the residents on Hill Farm Festivals as no residents in Clayhidon had supported "Tribe of Doris" with their periods of drumming, only objections, and there were only limited services to the parish.

   Clerk had spoken to Environment Dept. and they had made visits to Smeatharpe area.  Noted shortly to remove a car and burnt out caravan.  Cars on private land were difficult, if owner blocked access so they were abandoned on verges, they could be removed.  Noted that if moved quickly another would be left.  Members thought that to leave these cars any time had the effect of drawing more to the site and better to be removed as soon as possible, and as part of the A.O.N.B. did not want abandoned cars left in the area.  Clerk to contact the office again with request to be removed as soon as possible.

   No decision made to demolish old building for new at Middleton Barton Farm.

   Permission granted to Mr and Mrs Smith, Valley Farm, for extension to house.

   The following payments were proposed by Mr Pike, seconded and agreed by all and to include payment of £69.95 in April for the new hall clock.

Allianz Cornhill Co.

Insurance Premium









Devon Playing Fields





G. Langford

Footpath expenses





“Quality Parish Councils”Two members—Tiverton



(Mr Pike &

Miss Ward)

 A statement has been received, this confirmed the balances of the year end accounts at 31st March 2003 of current a/c £708.62, deposit £4197.23 and now presented for adoption.  Proposed by Miss Ward seconded by Mr Hudson these were adopted and signed by Chairman and Clerk.  Members discussed in addition to copy being published for parishioners a copy and at which stage a copy to be given to them prior to meeting. If accounts not adopted, they cannot be audited as Council accounts for the year. As audit notice had been received, a further meeting would be required, following audit, to adopt the accounts prior to District Audit if not adopted.

   It was proposed by Mr Hudson, seconded by Mr Redwood, as Mrs Aldworth had stated willing to do them again, she'd be appointed as internal auditor.  The clerk noted that now new regulations of Finance Act 2003 were to be published shortly, which included the engagement of internal auditor, but this had to be purchased at £11.  Mragreed he would take the details off the web site for parish Council, this was agreed by all.

   Notice of Audit had been received and statements of accounts had been prepared.  The Chairman read the balances, year start and year end, together with Supporting Statement of total receipts and payments, these were signed.  Variations of greater than 15% or £150, statement reasons read to members and reasons confirmed.  The statement of Assurance read by Chairman and agreed, completed and signed.  Noted, no items raised by District Auditor from previous year audit, in Annual return, for attention.  Reference to return made.

   On completion of audit preparation details, Clerk thanked by Chairman for statements.

   A letter from the District Council noting Parish councils can pay members an allowance was discussed.  At present only a mileage payment made.  If payment made, need to be confirmed with District Council panel.  Mr Rosamond agreed to obtain details on other local councils responses for next meeting.

   A letter from D.E.F.R.A. on this was read, aim to give better service to area.D.A.PC. holding a training course at Tiverton Hotel, 14th June, Mr Pike and Miss Ward agreed to attend at cost of £10 each.  Payment agreed by members and cheque signed.

   An invitation to attend a special event was noted.

Notice of coming events in the area organised as "Blackdown Hill events 2003".

An appeal for funds from the NSPCC charity.  This was discussed on the policy of Parish Council, local, regional or national.  And agreed this was an item for annual meeting to discuss.  No further action at present.

   Notice of date of next meeting, items requested for agenda.  Abandoned cars removal, delay in signposting replacements and music festivals, size and sites.  A letter from Community Safety Partnership was noted with poster on antisocial behaviour reporting.  Mr Rosamond gave more details and urged the Council and parish to support this campaign.

   A notice of hearing 12th of May, Exeter Magistrate's Court to transfer the Licence of Half Moon Inn to Mr Paul Andrew Cockman of Hillington was noted.

   Notice of computer "shuttle" visit to parishes if requested.  Members agreed a visit by mobile Internet cafe to Hemyock better venue.

   Notice of representative required for year.  As Mr Pike willing to stand for another year, members agreed he represent the Parish Council on Hall Committee.

Mid Devon application Clayhidon Parish Hall for entertainment licence noted.

Mid Devon, Home composting promotion leaflets and special offer of compost bins D.C.C. monthly newsletter.

   Refusal of permission Mr E. Bailey, Lower Gray's, ground floor extension and a granny annex.  Changes in policy "Pink sheets" listing to be ended and more delegation to Head of Planning, reasons given by Mr Rosamond. Arising from general discussion, agreed to invite Mr Jonathan Guscott, Head of Planning to meeting and make public meeting, when attending.

   Application Hidonfields Farm, change of use of office building back to living accommodation.  Noted this granted as dwelling accommodation but changed to office block by present owner, Mr Herstall.  No objections raised.

   Application for two-storey extension, North-East elevation.  After general discussion noting the reasons for application, agreed to support this.

   Certificate of Lawful Use or Development for touring caravans, winter storage and lakeside camping with also a caravan overflow area.  Limited to 50 caravans per a week, March to May and 75 caravans per week, May to September per calendar year.  Members not happy with decision number of 50 to 75 on poor alignment of roads, Health and Safety of the site, and waste generated to be disposed of, near watercourse, on gradient ground.  Clerk to raise these points with planning department.

   Now required to have Listed Building consent on barn conversion permission.

   Notice received on preparation and the need of Parish Plan, Vice-Chairman to study the details enclosed, for next meeting.

   Mr Langford gave background details, now subcommittee of four persons to get off ground.  Breakdown of paths now to be surveyed and report on their condition.  Further copy of maps received and details on Diversion Orders.  Two copies of Agreement received for signing and one to be returned to Ros Davis so grant on mileage can be made to Parish Council.  Note length of paths 18.1 miles = £905.00, not 90 mile as minutes had been altered at previous meeting.  Bridleways 1.5 miles = £115.00: Byways=NIL.  Total grant to be received with £100 administrators costs of £1120.00.  The Chairman thanked Mr Langford for details and his working group.  Proposed by Miss Ward seconded by Mr Redwood and agreed cheque for £100 to Mrfor expenses on Footpath scheme operation.  Details on usage to be supplied to the Clerk for records.  Proposed Miss Ward, seconded Mr Redwood, the Agreement be signed on behalf of Parish Council.

   A short report was given of District Council business.  Also noted the senior enforcement officer Mr J Little making site visit to Mr Napper field concern over earthmoving being done and site clearance.  He was thanked by Chairman.

Noted, contacted by Chairman, no written response from Bob Wrigley.  Mr Berry had contacted his office on the delays, reasons given, waiting to place the bulk order three times a year.  Not satisfied with his actions.  Mid Devon short on the allocation of money from County Council.  General discussion by members on outstanding highway matters.  Letter of concern should be sent, to Edward Chorlton and Cllr.  David Morrish Environment Committee Chairman, was agreed as next action to take to get attention to matters outstanding.

Thanks were given for report and attending.

It was agreed the date of the next meeting would be 14th July at the Church Room, as there was no other business, the Chairman thanked members for attending and closed the meeting.