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May 2004

Clayhidon Parish Council


A Meeting of the above council was held, Monday 17th May 2004 at the Parish Hall, Clayhidon at 7.30 pm.


The following Business was brought before the council:-

1.           Election of Chairman

2.           Election of Vice Chairman

3.           Confirmation of Minutes of Preceding Meeting.

4.           Matters arising from the minutes

5.           Payments of Accounts

6.           Parish Council Accounts Audit/Auditor

7.           Correspondence

8.           General business



     Mr ME Bendle, Chairman; Mr MJ Hudson, Vice Chairman; Mr RJ Pike; Miss J Ward; Mr G Langford; Mr D Pugsley, Leader Mid Devon District Council; Mr EJ Berry, County Councillor; Mr FJ Rosamond, Dist. & Mr M Osmond, Clerk.



     Mr AFJ Redwood & Mr RM Kallaway were unable to attend.


Election of Chairman

     On opening the Meeting he welcomed again Mr D Pugsley, who it was noted had visited parish 16th May 2004 who with a party had walked footpath in parish.

     Proposed by Miss Ward and seconded by Mr R Pike for a further year Mr ME Bendle no other nominations were put forward and this was carried as all in favour. He then thanked members and clerk for their support during the past year.


Election of Vice Chairman

     Mr MJ Hudson was proposed by Mr RJ Pike and seconded by Miss J Ward, no other nominations were put forward and this was carried with all in favour. Mr Hudson thanked members for his election and support.



     The minutes of meeting were taken as read (copies having been previously circulated) confirmed and signed.


Matters Arising

     “Father For My Son”, a recent production at the hall was commented on as a very talented show of high quality, and thanks were given to Mr Pugsley on behalf of District Council for the grant made towards the costs.


Hidon Fields

     The Chairman commented on the application submitted for single dwelling noting the drainage concerns and the Dist Councillor would call in the application to have a full discussion on these concerns raised.



     Noted pothole repairs started in part Parish and more to be done, contact to be made with W. Pike to confirm the outstanding, thanks were given to Mr Berry for his assistance as Mr Mitchard had noted letters and contacts made for the repairs to be done.  Noted the letter of thanks received from Miss M.M.J. Blackmore that some in particular had been done.  The reply letter from Mr Mitchard was read and noted in response to the letter from the Parish Council. Bolham and Wiltown still awaiting potholes to be filled.


Willtown Caravan

     No correspondence received, but noted Mr P. Govier had sold the land to the present occupier who lived at J Tolley’s Farm.  Noted planning dept now 7 persons short and enforcement only lagging matters till new staff available as Mr Valentine had advised clerk at meeting in Tiverton.


Tribe of Doris/Buddafield

     Mr Hudson who had attended the Licence Committee meeting gave a short report for members.  Recordings on noise levels from Mr Dewick not as bad as could be considered by Committee.  Conclusion was in his opinion only a major incident would end the licences being granted.


Security Panel

     Notice noted Mr G. Langford appointment on to the panel.



     No decision received for application by Mrs C. Risdon, to lift the agricultural tie.

     Access granted at Hunters Lodge and now in place, in addition a new building erected, no notice to Parish Council.  Because of the size, out of keeping in the area, letter to be sent to planning department agreed, to express concerns.


Deadbear Culvert

     No correspondence received on repairs needed, the Chairman agreed to raise with Mr W. Pike with other highway matters.


Smeathy Lane

     Permission granted to Mr Hobbs for horticultural storage building.


Payments of Accounts

     It was proposed by Miss J Ward, seconded by Mr M Hudson and agreed the following payments be made:-    

Allianz Cornhill Ins




Local Council Review


Devon Playing Fields Ass’n



Mr RJ Pike

Member Expenses



Accounts 2003/2004

     The clerk presented the accounts for the year, noting bank statement confirmed the balance shown for deposit and current A/C, the total of £9380.93 of which £3649.45 was balance of 3P’s Footpath grants received, after which it was proposed by Miss Ward and seconded by Mr Hudson and agreed these be adopted.  The Chairman and clerk then signed the accounts book for year.


Audit 2003/2004

     The clerk presented statements prepared from the year’s accounts as required for audit return, copies having been given to members prior to meeting.  It was then proposed by Mr Hudson and seconded by Mr Pike these be sent to District Audit.  This was agreed.  Differences in balances to previous year explained by clerk as required by audit.  Chairman and clerk signed the copies for audit.  The Chairman took the council through each section for completion on the "Statement of Assurance".  As Mrs S. Aldworth had left the area, clerk had spoken to Mrs Denise Durman to act as internal auditor, Miss J. Ward proposed and Mr G. Langford and seconded her as auditor and this was agreed by all.  Mr R. Pike was willing to have his house as inspection venue for anyone who wished to view the accounts noted it covered a 20 day period.  Thanks were given to the clerk for the accounts and audit preparation done.


Garlands Bower

     Mr Langford raised the income had received and payments to the Glebe committee and Chairman replied on position of past use and of any possible purchase in the future as benefit for public use in the future.


Mr J. Berry

     A short report was given, pleased potholes being filled noted period of three years on this and hoped all would be done at this time.  Exeter airport now plan to the second runway as the use of the airport had increased the lot.  A303 at last a decision made only on casting vote, not all pleased by decision.  The D. C. C. web site now allowed debates in chamber to be followed.  Funding for music in schools being changed in effort to cut costs, but schools should not be short of music subject, a priority to maintain.  Waste management collection/disposal under review in effort to cut costs, possible boundaries crossed if more efficient.  Noted that in next year County Council elections, boundary changes being made, a new Ward being made and he would not be the Councillor.  Thanks were given for his report.


Mr D. Pugsley

     Chairman welcomed Leader of District Council to meeting and invited him to speak on "Rural Parishes" a letter received.  Noted he was pleased to attend and for the past visit made, to walk a footpath and cream tea received.  District had 59 rural parishes in different sizes all with their own needs and as now starting on the budget for 2005, he proposed rather than District to Parishes, wished to hear from them at the start.  He was looking at budgets to keep or cut.  Grants in rural areas for entertainment a good thing.  Limited ways to help rural parishes and looking for responses from the parishes after consideration rather than shopping list.  He was thanked for the explanation to the letter and attending the meeting.


Dist Councillor

     Mr Rosamond gave a short report on business, priority set in budgets.  Details of waste management meeting held noted.  Leisure services under review.  Various topics raised in questions to him.  Noted also Annual District Council meeting held, Mr Michael Lee elected Chairman and Mr Derek, as Vice-Chairman and Mr Hudson who attended gave details on the proceedings.  Thanks given for details.



     A letter from BT was discussed as they proposed to remove telephone kiosk at Garlandhayes Junction from lack of use.  A national survey had been undertaken in effort to cut costs.  After a general discussion, as there was little use of it, the council could not say it was a major loss, it was a pity it was proposed.  Devon Playing Fields Ass’n – newsletter.  Blackdown Hill Plan 2004 - 2009.  Draft Final Report, land heritage project at Neroche Forest.  D. C. C. newsletter. D.E.F.R.A. publication – Help bring broadband to your community.  Mid Devon dates of the next Local Forum 2004, 15th September at Culmstock.  Blackdown Hill's Rural Partnership nominations required for management group, reply sent with Mr Hudson as Parish Council representative.  Mid Devon "Who Does What" structure and officers guide.  South West Airfield’s Trust – 60th Anniversary Commemoration of D-Day at local airfield's of Smeatharpe, Dunkeswell and Culmhead, 5th-12th June details noted.  Mid Devon – briefing note from Cllr. D. Pugsley – Operation Mulberry – prevention of any raves at Smeatharpe, meeting between District Councils, Police and Services.  Application for funds from Christine Butt local promoter for Common Players summer production at Hemyock.  Noted grants from District Council and Hemyock Parish Council for this.  Proposed by Mr Hudson's seconded by Mr Langford and agreed a grant of £25 be made.



     Mr R. Johns, Hunters Lodge, permission for new vehicular access and for agricultural implement shed.  No notice was received for the shed and concerns were raised over size being visible in A.N.O.B. Application Mr R.Darke Yewhayes for extension at rear.  No objections but concerns raised over the size, not in keeping with other local dwellings, set a precedent for future applications and present development not completed.  Application for building in field opposite Hunters Lodge Farm.  A reply on concerns of access as parking on the verge at present.  This application made to Taunton Deane council and reply made to them and request made for notification for comments if close to the boundary. Permission Y Burton, The Parlour, Cordwents for roof lights. Permission D Hobbs for the retention of horticultural storage building.  Application Mr and Mrs Cooper, Smith's Farm, erection of conservatory and closing of present access for new.  Noted Footpath near site but no objections made.  Application at Hidonfields for one dwelling in style of two cottages.  Reply made on comments made at meeting when intention received from Greenslade Taylor Hunt.  Listed Building Consent to Mr Hudson c/o St Andrew's Church, repairs to chest tombs.  Reserved matters application – agricultural workers dwelling and garage at Higher Hill Farm.  Mr Lee.  Comments made on size and facilities in excess of what thought adequate, noted planning officer had requested to be scaled down.  Application for general manager in style not for worker.


General Business

     Woodland on each side of road at top of Ford Street used by motorbikes and some crossing over sides, in addition parking trailers on verge blocking vision.  Letter to Wellington Without Council and details to Police agreed.  Mr R Pike gave short report to members on Smeatharpe Hall finances and building improvements.  Noted Hall to be used for displays in D-Day 60th celebrations.

     Agreed letter of thanks to Mr Bell highways to thank Mr G. Sellick on work done.  Chairman raised matter for consideration at next meeting on churchyard maintenance in regard to grants made and cutting costs.

     Date of the next meeting 12th July and possible 13th September.

     The Chairman then closed the meeting after thanking those present for attending.