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April 2005, minutes of special meeting of Clayhidon Parish Council

Clayhidon Parish Council


A Special Meeting of the above council was held, Monday 4th April 2005 at the Parish Hall, Clayhidon to discuss and make a response to planning application for five dwellings at Hidonfields at 7.30pm.



     Mr ME Bendle, Chairman; Mr MJ Hudson; Mr AFJ Redwood; Miss J Ward; Mr G Langford; Mr RM Kallaway; parishioners Mr R Jefferies; Mrs B Willmer; Mr A Larpent; Mr N Carter; Sir N. Essenhigh; Dr & Mrs Scott; and Mr MC Osmond, clerk.



     Were given for Mr RJ Pike; Mr R Cooper, Mr J Betts and Mrs Brown.


     The Chairman commenced with a welcome to those present and then read an extract from past meeting minutes stating the Parish Council position on any development at Hidonfields.  Also noted was the housing survey done and the result from it and this was explained.  A letter was read from Mr R. Cooper stating his concern over any development. A) Surface water onto his property B) The increase in the number of vehicles extra this would create.  Sir N. Essenhigh noted that many points raised in past application taken into consideration in the drawing up of these plans, did not oppose this development, but it was a repeat for five houses, very crowded for site, not in keeping with the area.  One house was part outside the development boundary line, possibility of setting a precedent for the future.  Main objection was density on the site, why the need for five houses which meant outside development line.  Praise for the design appearance.  The technical matters were still to be confirmed as no details on the drawings in regard to waste and water disposal.  Mr Carter thought the plans would have these details included as a very important part of the development, the soakaways and septic tanks site, as a possible 20 to 25 persons could be living if built.  Mr Larpent stated of drainage across his land which crossed a land drain and his own soakaway.  He also raised the permission for the stable block at Hidonfields on the traffic also this generated, possible not all private use.  The Chairman had spoken to Mr Guscott at planning on the application and it was noted Mr C. Denis was the case officer, no particular comment and this present stage.  The guidelines for affordable housing was noted.  Sir N. Essenhigh stated that details of drainage solution should be known before a decision was made as if sewage plant fitted, more cost, the water from this could go into clean water drain.  Dr Scott supported the past statements and thought the policy for low-cost homes should be into larger villages with more services not into the small rural ones with poor facilities.  The Blackdown Hills A. N. O. B. paper on the Neroche project highlighted its importance and the unspoiled to local area should be preserved for future generations to enjoy as at present.  Sir N. Essenhigh thought for himself four more suitable none outside boundary.  Reference made to Cordwents and the number living in the conversions.  Mr Hudson not in favour of previous application, this improvement on the previous.  Valid point application exceeded the area to obtain fifth dwelling a reduction would be improvement.  The drainage issue needed to be clarified.  Application was made to provide dwellings, more in keeping with the Blackdowns.  The Chairman then thanked the parishioners for attending and concluded the open public part of meeting.  This was followed by general discussion and reviews on points raised.  The drainage issue could be solved with sewage plant not require the soakaways.  The Parish Council had commented on all the applications with need of low-cost element, and needed to be consistent in the approach to a decision.  Noted development over drawn line.  Must have sewage plant.  Noted a parishioner had been in contact with Highway's Department, who did admit there was a surface water problem at this site.  Members agreed on the general appearance of the dwellings.  Possible modification to make only four single in total as noted there were five bedrooms in front cottages, this could be reduced and keep within development line.  Mr Langford would reply on behalf of Parish Council and this was agreed.  The areas to comment on were agreed, appearance in style, parishioners concern over development line, must have sewage plant, surface water disposal, density of dwellings to obtain a low-cost home, consideration for surface water emergency holding arising from paved and roof areas.  Proposed by Mr Kallaway seconded by Miss Ward and carried, support application with the above response covering its concerns.


Footpath grant

     The Chairman then informed members on two other matters, footpath grant from D.CC of £1500 and cost of £12,000 to complete work, refund was to be made to Parish Council.


Tithe Maps

     Need for new container for Tithe Maps possible plastic tube with end caps.  Possible advice from outside person if suitable and need for moisture crystals.  Mr Redwood would check with Mr Wakeling on required size.  The Chairman then thanked members for attending and closed meeting at 9:30pm.