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May 2006, minutes of Clayhidon Parish Council

Clayhidon Parish Council


A Meeting of the above council was held, Monday 8th May 2006 at the Parish Hall, Clayhidon at 7.30pm.


The following Business was brought before the council:-


1.           Election of Chairman

2.           Election of Vice Chairman

3.           Confirmation of Minutes of Preceding Meeting.

4.           Matters arising from the minutes

5.           Payment of Accounts

6.           Parish Council Accounts / Auditor

7.           Correspondence

8.           General Business



     Mr ME Bendle, Chairman; Mr MJ Hudson; Mr RJ Pike; Mr G Langford; Mr AFJ Redwood; Miss J Ward; Mr RM Kallaway; Mr FJ Rosamond, Dist. Councillor; Parishioners, Mr S Roberts; Mr & Mrs S Lee and Mr MC Osmond, clerk.



     No apologies were received for being unable to attend.


Election of Chairman

     Mr MJ Hudson proposed, seconded by Mr R Kallaway, Mr Bendle. As there was no other nomination this was agreed by all. Mr Bendle thanked the councillors for his election and for all support given in the past year.


Election of Vice Chairman

     Mr RJ Pike proposed and seconded by Miss J Ward, Mr Hudson. As there was no other nomination this was agreed by all. Mr Hudson thanked members for his election and for support given during the past year.



     Minutes of meeting 6th March were taken as read (copies having been previously circulated) confirmed and signed.


Willtown Corner

     A further letter had been sent to Mr Govier as agreed, noted some plastic wrapping had been burnt and some bales moved. No reply had been received. After general discussion would review again at next meeting.


Mr Napper

A site visit had been made on morning of 8/5/2006 by Mr R Willing, Enforcement Officer with also the Area Planning Officer East to speak to Mr Napper on site, arising from request from Mr Napper  for visit. Two aims to this, A) to see what had been done and not done to comply with Enforcement Notice. B) Proposals for future for compliance with Notice. Some earth moving done to restore general contour of gradient, but still more to do. One pond had been removed and plenty had been done in places but further trees cut down and this was contrary to Notice as there should be no more trees felled. As the lower part of site was wet this made problems to draw earth up the gradient and digger tracks had rolled the surface to compact the ground. A further survey to be done by Devon Wildlife Trust to restore habitat for wildlife and a tree specialist to advise on planting. Mobile home still on site. Noted sheep on site for grazing, possible feed store for these but would need to have 5 hectares to gain agricultural status and use “Prior Notification” planning procedure. As effort had been made to comply and all had not yet been done possible short time extension could be considered to have full compliance with Enforcement Notice.

     At the same visit it was noted Mr Roberts of adjoining field had made changes as new sheds had been erected, this would be followed up by his department.


Mr Drew

     Noted no correspondence received on planning permission.



     Mr Langford & Dist Councillor spoke of correspondence to Licence Committee meeting on 10th May when applications would be considered at The Gallop, Clayhidon.


Orchard Lea Home

     A reply had been received from D.C.C. in response to letter written and this was read to the meeting. Noted possible options for the future to stay open.



     Planning decisions received were noted, permission Mr Woodall, Roseleigh and to Mr & Mrs Boyd, Beech Cottage, Smeatharpe; Mrs Williams, Bolham Farm, Prior Notice, Approval erection of new stock building and extension to silage pits.



     Chairman reported on contact with Mr W Pike, Highways. Potholes being filled in. But still some outstanding at Burrow Farm and also the road edge there in need of attention as ditch in need of cleaning out. Barne road in need of attention. Heazle road edge in places from Welcome Centre towards Ford Street.


Letter, Mr A Board

     The Licence Letter which had been drafted for access across land at Willtown Corner for domestic use had been delivered by Chairman & Mr Langford on 13th March 2006.


Payment of Account

     It was proposed by Mr G Langford, seconded by Mr Hudson and agreed, the following payments be made.

Devon Association

Parish Councils Parish Review

£    14.00

Devon Playing Fields Assn.


£    15.00

“Community First”

Insurance Premium

£  192.00



     A bank statement had been received and this had confirmed the balances in current & deposit, total of £7212.84, proposed by Miss Ward, seconded Mr Kallaway and agreed, this be adopted as correct for year ending 31st March 2006. The account book being signed by Chairman & Clerk.



     Notice of Audit for year ending 31st March 2006 had been received and Clerk had prepared details required. Members had received copies of accounts to be submitted for audit internal and external. It was proposed by Mr Hudson, seconded by Mr Redwood and agreed, these be submitted to auditor. Accounts signed by Chairman & Clerk.


Statement of Assurance

     The Statement of Assurance given by Parish Council was read and signed after agreement by Chairman as required



     Mrs D Derham had been contacted by Clerk and she was willing to do the internal audit of the Parish Council Accounts for another year. After the ending of the Audit item business, the Chairman thanked Clerk for the preparation of accounts for year-end and copies supplied to members.



     A letter of thanks was read from Barbara Starkiss, Blackdown Support Group Co-ordinator for the grant received from the Parish Council. DEFRA Notice of Neighbourhoods & Environment Act 2005, now Parish Councils can issue fixed penalty notices for littering, graffiti & fly posting. Also a new system for controlling dogs and dog fouling problems. MID DEVON. Notice to extend in July kerbside recycling collections in district.. This was further explained by Mr Rosamond, noting no organic material. This would reduce the need for large recycle bins, a major saving of money. Councillors “Code of Conduct” copied for further guidance on interpretation of definition of a “friend” if in need to declare interest. Somerset County Council copy of Statement of Community Involvement in Consultation  - Minerals & Waste Framework. Village Green & N.A.L.C. quarterly magazine. Junk Mail – recycle news letter. MID DEVON notice at Annual Meeting 3rd May Cllr. David Pugsley elected Chairman, Cllr. Eddie Dennis elected Leader of Council, both willing to attend Parish Council Meetings. D.A.P.C monthly newsletter. Devon Playing Fields newsletter.. Blackdown Hills details of guided walks & activities 2006. Planning Notice published by East Devon District Council but not received by Clayhidon Parish Council for a “race control tower” and new pits, workshops/visitor facilities at Dunkeswell Kart Circuit, Dunkeswell Aerodrome. Noted Hemyock Parish Council had commented on noise and traffic through village via Castle Hill. A letter had been sent to meet deadline, concerns on noise and traffic volume through Hemyock. Mr Pike had been contacted by Mr J Cornish of Smeatharpe in regards to races at Smeatharpe Stadium, 19 so far this year and number of light pylons erected. He had requested ‘had planning application been made to Mid Devon?’  After general discussion agreed Clerk contact planning department.


General Business

     Noted Dog Warden had been in the area, any details of dog problems and would return again to monitor. Mr Langford gave a short report on Blackdown Hills Woodland Ass’n he attended. Noted this could be of use if members for management of woods in the parish. Subscription at £5.00. Miss Ward raised matter of “Safe Lanes” as no further publicity about since the scheme launch. She agreed to make enquiries on this. A copy of noise survey was available to read, prepared by Mr F Pike Middleton Barton for wind turbine application. The poor condition and use of highway at Middleton Barton by Mr F Pike was raised and agreed Clerk contact highways for them to view, as public road no warning to users of hazards. Area Harts Moor bridge to Middleton Barton section.


Smeatharpe Hall

     Mr Pike stated that he was ready to stand as representative again for another year on Smeatharpe Hall Committee. The Chairman thanked him for doing this.


June Event

     The Chairman gave outline of the proposals to be held at Graddage Farm. He invited offers of assistance with this and Mr Hudson and Mr Langford agreed.


Smeathy Lane Agricultural Building

     A query was raised on the new building permission given, that the owner did in fact own over five hectares of land to gain this as the present field was not over this limit to gain agricultural status. Clerk to contact planning department.


Dist. Councillor

     Mr Rosamond gave a short report to members. A District Auditor’s report was not very good and had shown weaknesses in certain areas. A scrutiny review would be held on how to improve. A further review of departments to be more efficient to be done. Part of the problem to overcome was the district’s choice of government. Review to be done arising from large number of votes against Council house stock transfer, £ 600,000 spent on this so far. Corporate Plan Review was too large now to be scaled down in size. Devon Youth Games for 1000 persons in July being held in Tiverton. A Leisure Trust being set up to run leisure facilities this would in turn save money to Council. Further details awaited on more Local Government reforms. After questions from members he was thanked for his report.



     The state of roads was discussed and the Chairman listed items for the attention of Mr W Pike in addition to the reflective post at Lilycombe not erected.

     It was agreed the date of next meeting as 10th July 2006 at Parish Hall after which as no other business, the Chairman thanked those present for attending and closed the meeting.