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May 2007

Clayhidon Parish Council


A Meeting of the above council was held, Wednesday 9th May 2007 in the Church Room, Clayhidon at 7.30pm.


The following Business was brought before the council:-


1.           Signing of Declaration Forms

2.           Election of Chairman

3.           Election of Vice Chairman

4.           Confirmation of Minutes of Preceding Meeting.

5.           Matters arising from the minutes

6.           Payment of Accounts

7.           Parish Council Accounts - Audit

8.           Correspondence

9.           General business



     Mr ME Bendle, Chairman; Mr RJ Pike; Mr MJ Hudson; Mr AFJ Redwood; Miss J Ward; Mr RM Kallaway; Mr G Langford; Dist. Councillor Mr FJ Rosamond,; parishioners; Mr G Dewick; Mr & Mrs C Hoare; Mr R Jeffery; Mrs C Williams; Miss F Parker and Mr MC Osmond, clerk.


Declaration Forms

     All Councillors signed their Declaration of Acceptance of Office forms to end able the meeting to start.

     On opening the meeting, the Chairman welcomed all present at the start of a new Term of Office for the Councillors.



     An apology was given for Mr R. Radford as being unable to attend arising from an accident to a hand.  Agreed a get well message be sent.


Election of Chairman.

     Mr M. Bendle thanked members for their support over his past years as Chairman and to the Parish Council.  Also thanks given to clerk for his work and not to forget the County and District Councillors for their support.  He then stated he was not standing as chairman for the next year, as it was a good time to have a change.  Mr R. Kallaway, then proposed, and Mr R. Pike seconded Mr M. J. Hudson.  He thanked them for their nomination of him, but stated for various reasons he could not give the time and effort needed.  Mr M. Hudson, then proposed and seconded by Mr A. Redwood, Mr G. Langford.  As there were no other nominations on a vote, this was carried.  Ms J. Ward abstained.  Mr Langford thanked members, for his election and past Chairman's work.


Election of Vice Chairman.

     Miss J. Ward, proposed and Mr R. Pike seconded, Mr M. J. Hudson, as there were no other nominations, this was agreed by all on a vote.  Mr Hudson thanked members for his election and also wished to thank the retiring Chairman for his work, as parish well served by him, with vote of thanks.





     Noted, the person present from Wiltown farm at previous meeting was Mr Lloyd Sprague.  Minutes of Meeting 12th of March 2007 were taken as read, confirmed and signed (copies having been previously circulated).


Matters Arising.

Mr Napper

    Mr R. Willing Enforcement Officer visited, required planting in hand, further to do.  Holes filled in, and when caravan moved, more to do.  Court action at present on the hold till planning application decision made.  Miss A Fish visited site, and Mr Napper told building proposed (A) Too big for needs, (B.) Wrong materials, (C.) Of poor design.  Given seven days to resubmit required changes, or will be refused permission.  If new building details are given permission, then given three months to build and remove the contents of caravan into it so this can be removed.  If permission not granted, as required changes not done, then action to remove caravan from present site will begin.


Mr A. Edmonds.

     Members had copy of planning decision for refusal of permission for dwelling on Bolham Hill.  This was discussed as remarks had been made that if applied to make holiday letts on site, would have been granted permission.  This was a cause of concern as would be opposite for reasons of refusal.  Dist. Councillor to make inquiries on decision.


Smeatharpe Stadium.

     Noted original application withdrawn, as proposed noise levels and other technical details requested by planning department.  Now new application made for a Certificate of Lawful Use for racing on the old airfield.  Response has been limited to number of races in twelve month period at site over the last ten years. Supporting details had stated dates to show over 15 races in the twelve month period. Unless it could be shown that in year under this number would be granted.  Clerk had spoken to two planning officers as to what this meant.  Informed able to hold as many races as he wished on days he chose, which meant there was no restriction/limit on races.  This was followed by general discussion.  Mr Kallaway, stated "unlimited race meetings was not acceptable."  The Chairman had notified other parish councils involved with boundary to site of the application to be able to make a response.  Objection for granting was limited and response sent was read to meeting.  "As a result of Mid. Devon planning department, giving a low priority to enforcement in the past."  Extra meetings held over the years, above the legal limits now foundation to grant a Certificate of Lawful Use.



     No correspondence in regard of Mr F. Pike, application.


Parish Plan

     The Chairman noted the total responses received.  A meeting would be called, for those willing to partake.  Those not made any response, to be contacted and decision to be made then.  Noted, monies available.


Wiltown Fence

     A gate to be erected and this would complete the work.


June Event.

     Service to be held at Rosemary Lane, no other events planned.


Exeter as Single Authority.

     Two letters received.  A/ Devon County Council, stating Exeter best served if remained as at present as part of the whole county and for what County could do for Exeter.  B/ Exeter Mayor, putting their case to be a unitary authority.  Members agreed best for County, if it Exeter remained part of it.  Exeter much expense if went alone.  Letter to state view, agreed.


Tribe of Doris

     Minutes of License Committee meeting, received and more details given by Vice Chairman and Dist.  Councillor.  Noted in conclusion, an appeal to decision could be made within 21 days.  This was like the application being heard all over again, but in court.  Services of solicitor would be needed and cost of appeal, not known.  After a long general discussion, members agreed to monitor the two events on site was best option to present at any application in 2008.  No proposal to make appeal.  Noted Buddhafield had increased number to attend and parking in field across road proposed.  No objection from the police.



     Mr Bendle stated required maps showing areas in need of attention had been returned.  Potholes had been marked with white spray fulfilling.  Now, prior to a road inspector to visit parish.  Members agreed Mr Bendle be the contact with Mr W. Pike of Highways, as it in the past he had done this.


District Councillor.

     Chairman welcomed Mr Rosamond for a new term of office.  Changes at District Council with Conservatives in charge.  The Leader and Chairman not known at present, as Mr D. Pugsley had lost his seat.  Until committees sorted, not a lot to report.  Council had won awards for particular services, including litter clear-up and composting.  Much debate on piece of land at Culmstock which District would wish to sell for development but Culmstock people wished to remain not being developed.  The 16th May meeting to decide committee appointments.  The members felt a letter should be sent to Mr D. Pugsley, thanking him for his service to the district, as had visited Clayhidon as Chairman and Leader of District Council.  Noted there were seats still to fill on District Council and he may wish to stand in one of these.  Await for more details to be known.  Thanks given to Mr Rosamond, for his report and work done for the parish.


Payment of Accounts.

     The following payments were proposed by Miss J. Ward and seconded by Mr R. Pike and agreed.  The clerk to obtain form from bank for signature change on cheque, agreed by all for new chairman, Mr G. Langford to sign, following proposal and seconding to do this.


Devon Ass’n. Parish Councils


£      13.50

Devon Playing Fields


£      15.00

Community First

Ins. Premium

£    200.00

Silvanus Services


£  2115.00


Copies of Accounts for year end, March 2007 had been circulated by clerk and now bank statement had confirmed the year-end balance of £6,403.29.  After which it was proposed by Miss Ward, seconded by Mr Pike and agreed the accounts be adopted as correct and signed.  This being done.





     The clerk presented the Audit Statement received, and this was signed by the Chairman, this was followed by the Governance Statement being completed and signed.  The clerk stated, Mrs D Derham was not able to be the Internal Auditor this year; as Mrs C. Williams was willing to do this, it was proposed by Mr Pike and seconded by Mr Kallaway and agreed by all she be appointed; with thanks to her for this service.



     Letter from Tiverton Transport Ass’n with notice of open forum meeting being held and invitation to attend.  Mr Pike and Miss Ward, possible to attend.


Foot paths.

     Footpath correspondence received noted including change of route at the Callers Farm.  Mr Langford gave details of work to do in parish and the money available for this with DCC grant received of £720.00. Notice of Neroche Community History Project meeting received and as Mr M Hudson attended, a brief report was given.  DCC Statement of Community Involvement on minerals and waste framework.  "Links" quarterly booklet of Environment Agency for Devon.  Local Council Review.  Devon Playing Fields newsletter for spring.  Letter from Land Management Services with the offer to supply Parish Council.  A CD-ROM, aerial photography of parish.  Noted Parish Council had detailed maps of parish from DCC.  Taunton Deane discussion paper on "Local Development Framework Policies."


Standards Board, Prejudicial Interest.

     Notice received of New Code of Conduct for Parish Council's, which came into law 3rd May 2007 (SI No. 1159).  Miss J Ward proposed and Mr R Kallaway seconded, the Clayhidon Parish Council pass a Resolution adopting the Modet Code of Conduct (SI No. 1159) including paragraph 12 (2).  This was agreed by all and the Resolution was passed.  All parish councils to adopt new code noted.



     Mrs C Criddle, Deerhayes, erection of single storey porch/conservatory.  Noted remarks made to this in another application made by Mrs Criddle, but no drawings received.  Members viewed the plans and no objections made.  Permission, Mr & Mrs Bendle, Gollick Park Farm, for conversion of agricultural building to 2 live/work units and erection of domestic garage.  Permission Mr & Mrs Richards, Bar Park for erection of extension over garage.  Mr & Mrs Stevens, French Nut Tree Cottage for erection of new conservatory after demolition of present one on site.  Mr D. Kohlmon, Barne Farm permission for the retention of replacement access. Planning application.  Dr D. Meshmaty-Manesh, Elm Close, Rosemary Lane for erection of conservatory to replace wooden shed.  Members viewed the drawings and supporting letter.  No objections made to application.


General Business.

     Mr Pike stated of theft from field, top of Rosemary Lane, owned by Mr J. Day of caravan, mower and tools.  Mrs F. Parker, also of Cornerways, as present, stated that although police contacted as soon as theft known, at present still after five days, no police had been on site.  Told on phone theft of "low priority." this was followed by general discussion by members on this remark, and also of recent thefts in the parish.  Members agreed letter of concern over recent thefts to police and lack of site visit as this gave public low confidence in police to uphold law and it was noted the police charge being paid by parishioners.  The chairman and Miss Ward, to raise with other police contacts.




     The Chairman, invited items from parishioners present, and it was raised on the use of funds on projects and policies by councils, and not always working together.  General discussion on how monies spent.

     Members agreed that if a planning application received needed any discussion on it, then have meeting to make response, others to be treated as at present.  Members agreed date of next meeting on 9th July, after which the Chairman thanked those present for attending and closed the meeting.