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May 2008, Clayhidon Parish Council

Clayhidon Parish Council


A Meeting of the above council was held, Tuesday 20th May 2008 at the Parish Hall, Clayhidon at 7.30pm.


The following Business was brought before the council:-


1.           Election of Chairman

2.           Election of Vice Chairman

3.           Confirmation of Minutes of Preceding Meeting.

4.           Matters arising from the minutes

5.           Payment of Accounts

6.           Parish Council Accounts – Audit

7.           Correspondence

8.           General business



          Mr G Langford, Chairman; Mr MJ Hudson; Mr ME Bendle; Miss J Ward; Mr AFJ Redwood; Mr RM Kallaway; Mr FJ Rosamond, Dist. Councillor; Parishioners Mr R Jeffery; Mrs C Williams; Mr & Mrs D Weeks and Mr MC Osmond, clerk



     An apology was given for Mr RJ Pike and Mr R Radford, County Councillor and Mrs M Squires, Chairman of Mid Devon District Council who were unable to attend.


Chairman Election

     As Mr FJ Rosamond is Vice Chairman of District Council, and with the members agreement, the chairman asked him to take the first item on agenda.  He agreed.  Mr G. Langford  was proposed by Mr M. E. Bendle and seconded by Mr M. J. Hudson and as there were no other nominations this was agreed by members.  Mr Langford accepted and then thanked Mr Rosamond and the members of th3e council for their support.


Election of Vice Chairman

     The Chairman, Mr Langford, asked for nominations and Ms J. Ward proposed Mr M. J. Hudson and this was seconded by Mr M. E. Bendle.  As there were no other nominations, this was agreed by members.  Mr Hudson thanked members for his election for another year.



     Minutes of the meeting 10th of March were taken as read, confirmed and signed (copies having been previously circulated).


Matters Arising


Smeatharpe Stadium

     Chairman gave a short report on the meeting he attended at Smeatharpe.  Arising out of the meeting a small group would monitor number of events and noise.  This information could then be used by others.  The Parish Council would not be involved in that group at present.  This was followed by a general discussion of events held on site and the number of owners involved holding these events.


Churchyard Grant

     Noted that £140 had been received for Mid Devon Council as a grant for upkeep of churchyard.



     A letter of thanks had been received from the Blackdown Support Group for the grant received from the Parish Council.


Gypsy Site

     East Devon District Council had now published their policy statement for the sites and invited comments to the statement.  The Vice Chairman to view.


Boundary Commission

     The Chairman gave a short report on the meeting at Ash Thomas.  He had reservations of the present proposals in particular "Community Boards", their powers and who they represented as parishes/areas are joined together.  Mr Rosamond gave more details of the meeting he attended in regard to "Community Boards".


Mr A Board Caravan

     As requested the Chairman had sent an e-mail to planning department as permission given was near to ending.  He read the reply received noting that at the end of permission, Enforcement action would commence to remove caravans.  Mr Bendle raised the matter of access permission across parish land.  He would ask his solicitor if a letter should be sent noting the end of permission to have it on record.  This was agreed.


Payment of Accounts

     It was proposed by Mr Hudson seconded by Miss Ward and agreed by all that the following payments be made:-


Devon Playing Fields Association


£    15.00

Community First

Insurance Premiums

£  200.00

Devon Association of Parish Councils

"Local Review"

£    13.50


Accounts 07/08

     The clerk had now received bank statements confirming account balances in total of £5,230.16.  Mr Redwood proposed and Mr Kallaway seconded be adopted and signed.


Audit 07/08

     The clerk presented the Audit Statement received and copies of accounts had been sent to the members for agreement.  It was agreed that the Statement be signed by Chairman and Clerk.  This was followed by the Governance Statement being completed and signed as required.


Auditor – Internal

     The clerk had contacted Mrs CW Williams and she was willing to do this for another year.  This was agreed by members and thanks for undertaking.  Noted Precept payment and Footpath Grant had been received for the year.



     Local Council Review, Royal Devon NHS newsletter, Devontalk, Playing Field, DAPC newsletter, DCC accounts, Devon NHS – copy of Strategic Framework for Health and Social Care. 

(Tribe of Doris)          Mid Devon – minutes of Licensing subcommittee D. for Tribe of Doris.  This was followed by a general discussion on the hours permitted per day for the festival together with the supply of brandy to be consumed within hot drinks from 23.00 hrs – 01.00 hrs. and until 02.00 hrs. Saturday and Sunday.  Mid Devon – Antisocial Behaviour Policy, Agenda for Standards Committee meeting 21-5-08, Notice of change for Local Code of Conduct Complaints Process, Housing Services-notice of Estate Inspection Schedule for one house in Battle Street, Council Tenants-notice of meeting 12th May, Annual Meeting 7th May minutes, election of Mrs M. Squires as Chairman, Councillor Peter Hare-Scott Leader of Council, Councillor Frank Rosamond Vice Chairman.  Notice received of Parish Council representative on Standards Committee required.  Notice of Post Office network closure programme, Devon and Cornwall police – notice of persons sought to serve for four years as Independent Members on the Police Authority.



     Application and permission granted to Mr G. Woodall – Roseleigh, Rosemary Lane for a change of conservatory to Garden Room, no objections.  Mr R. Drew, Callers Farm, reserved matters for the erection of agricultural workers dwelling with garage and access.  Support application with the comment of south elevation of half hip roof and brown tiles rather than orange as being very visible on the skyline.  Mrs Y. Burton, The Parlour at Cordwents Farm, retrospective permission for internal alterations and installation of two extractor tiles to roof in Listed Building.  Mr N. Moberley, Bolham Mill, erection of extension and first floor extension over garage, erection of conservatory, conversion of part garage to additional living accommodation.  No objections, other than comment on a large house getting even bigger and the need for conservatory windows to be stained hardwood not just wood windows.  East elevation gable dormer to match new porch roof construction and existing house.  Copy of Planning Charter and revised Planning Guide for Parish and Town Councils.  Mrs B. Willmer application for extension.  No decision received.  Hidonfields Homes, noted now Half Moon Inn claim a triangle access to end of dwelling which the highways gave permission for the development to include, decision awaited.  General discussion on type of stone used in building of homes.  Menage and planting area at Barleymeade stables.  Mr and Mrs D. Weekes asked if there had been any correspondence from planning department as it was thought possible changes in planting of screen requirements.  Chairman replied no correspondence received and the Parish Council did not police development as did not have any powers.


County Councillor

     Mr Radford was not able to be present at meeting but sent a short report to the Chairman noting the DCC sold Exeter Airport and monies from this being used on sustainable enterprises in County in the form of Grants.  After a general discussion it was thought that this was a possible item for the Parish Hall.  Noted the present heating system under review for a change.  Mr Hudson to note at next Hall meeting.


District Councillor

     Mr Rosamond gave a short account on business, Leisure procurement – possible firm now found to run the district's facilities.  This would make a saving in costs.  "Villages in Action" discussion held on the level of grants to organisations in June.  Possible cuts next year unless their need proved as they are only organisation to provide for the rural needs of arts/theatre.  Housing repairs going out to tender as no funds to do this themselves.  Recycle of waste now reached 48% being better than the target, general discussion on what more can be included.  Post Office closures in district was noted.  Thanks given for the details.



General Business

     Noted Mr T. Humphries now retired as Hall Committee Chairman – Members agreed a letter of thanks be sent thanking him for period as chairman and service to Parish of Clayhidon.



     Noted Mr W. Pike to visit Parish shortly.  The chairman listed items raised by members to bring to his attention and visit with him, including ditches in need of piping and various potholes in the Parish.


Hog Roast

     Mr Bendle stated a barbeque was planned for Sunday 22 June following the joint service with members of Rosemary Lane Chapel.  More details to be published, all parishioners welcome to service and barbeque at St. Andrews.


Next Meeting

     As there was no other business it was agreed the date of the next meeting as 14th July at Parish Hall, after which the meeting was closed with thanks to those for attending.