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May 2009, Clayhidon Parish Council

Clayhidon Parish Council


A Meeting of the above council was held, Friday 15th May 2009 at the Church Room, Clayhidon at 7.30pm.


The following Business was brought before the council:-


1.           Election of Chairman

2.           Election of Vice Chairman

3.           Confirmation of Minutes of Preceding Meeting.

4.           Matters arising from the Minutes

5.           Payment of Accounts

6.           Parish Council Accounts – Audit

7.           Correspondence

8.           General business



            Mr G Langford, Mr MJ Hudson; Mr RJ Pike; Miss J Ward; Mr AFJ Redwood; Mr ME Bendle; Mr RM Kallaway; Mr R Radford, County Councillor; Mr FJ Rosamond, Chairman Mid Devon Dist. Council, District Councillor; Parishioners Mrs C Williams; Mr R Jeffery and Mr MC Osmond, clerk


Election of Chairman

            On opening the meeting, Mr Langford welcomed those present and invited Mr F.J. Rosamond to take the first item on the agenda.  Mr RJ Pike proposed that Mr G. Langford be Chairman, this was seconded by Mr M. J. Hudson and as there were no other nominations this was agreed.  On taking the Chair Mr Langford thanked members for his election and their support during the past year.


Election of Vice Chairman

            Miss J. Ward proposed and Mr M. J. Hudson and Mr R. W. Kallaway seconded this and as there were no other nominations this was agreed.  Mr Hudson thanked members for his election and support during the past year.



            Minutes of the meeting 9th March 2009 were taken as read (copies having been previously circulated), confirmed and signed.


Matters Arising

            Permission to Mr and Mrs Gendall, Shepherds Halt for Planning Application.


Wiltown Caravan

Further meeting held at by MDDC Planning Committee with Wiltown Caravan on the agenda, but decision not known at present.


Mays Farm Events

Mr Hudson reported on letter from Mr Williams.  Noted length of reply but limited action on future events.  Details to make any complaints on noise levels could be obtained.  There was to be a review on the overall Licence system.



            The planning application for Oaklands and the Old Rectory had been granted


Hidonfields/Parish Pound

The Chairman reported that the builders intended now to finish the five dwellings.  A site meeting had been held following the builders changing the boundary of the Pound in order to erect their fence.  Mr Langford had borrowed from the local history group a portion of the Manor Map of 1700 to confirm the Pound, and this had been confirmed Mr Jim Bletcher, architect for site and new boundary line for fence now agreed.


Parking on the road at Hunters Lodge

Vehicles which had been parking had been moved as it was thought that they were within certain distance limits to a junction.


Payment of Accounts

            It was proposed by Miss Ward, seconded by Mr Bendle, and agreed that the two accounts received be paid.  The clerk read a letter from Mid Devon Finance Department stating that to avoid delay in making Precept payments the DAPC subscription would not be deducted as usual, if we agreed, due to a VAT charge between DAPC and Mid Devon.  The DAPC would now invoice each member Parish Council.  Clerk stated this was expected but not yet received and to avoid further delay sought members agreement to make payment for subscription when received.  It was noted that in order to get cheaper rate insurance cover, parish needed to be a member of DAPC.  This was agreed by all.

            "Community First" Insurance Premium £207.38

            Devon Playing Fields Association – subscription £15.00

            Devon Association of Parish Councils – £00.00 (to be advised).


Parish Council Accounts.  08/09

            The clerk had now received bank statements confirming account balances in total of £5,893 88.  Mr Hudson then proposed the Accounts be adopted and signed, this was seconded by Mr Bendle and agreed by all. 


Audit 08/09

            The clerk then presented the Audit Statement taken from the Accounts, (Copies of Accounts being circulated prior to Meeting).  It was then agreed that the Statement be signed by Chairman and Clerk.  The Chairman then read out to the meeting the Annual Governance Statement.  This was agreed by members and completed with signing as required.


Internal Auditor

            Clerk had spoken to Mrs C. Williams if willing to undertake these duties for another year, for which she was willing.  This was agreed by members and thanks were expressed.  As required by the auditor, Mr Pike agreed to have the Accounts available when parishioners wished to view them.



Boundary Committee

            A letter to Council from Boundary Committee was noted on further "draft proposals" inviting comments also included the costs of change to a single county authority of £74.3 million and when completed savings of £96.8 million, and that it would not be necessary to increase Council Tax in Devon as a result of the change to County single tier. 

            DCC -- Mr B. Greenslade on Highway Maintenance 2009/10 stating of the further funds allocation made for roads of £2 million but costs of new materials had increased by 7% so decreased amount overall.

            Mid Devon -- Spring newsletter and Parish Matters.  Human Rights Commission -- Public Sector Duties - noting the adjoining of three public sector bodies into one and into operation in late 2011.  NHS Trust Membership -- leaflets on the trust business and how to become a member as more people being sought to join.  Letters of thanks received from the Blackdown Support Group and St Andrew's Church for recent Grants received were noted.  DAPC -- May/June newsletter.  Playing Fields Association Spring newsletter.  Other correspondence received noted on the table.



            Planning Services -- guidance for Gypsy and Traveller applications.  Refusal of Permission to Mr F. Pike for use of land to the site 40 metre high mast for measuring wind speed.  Planning application at the Far Longham -- conversion to provide holiday accommodation.  Agreed to view at end of meeting and to make a response.


Mr FJ Rosamond District Councillor

            Chairman pleased to have Mr Rosamond present noting he was now Chairman of District Council.  Thanks given for Chairman's introduction.  There was a surplus of funds at end of the year of around £607,000 in the £2 million budget.  Concerns for the future finances as surplus can easily turn into loss.  Salary increase being offered to staff of 5%.  Thought to soon receive refund in part from Icelandic Bank.  Local Government Review ongoing till end of July.  Commenced working more closely with East Devon District Council on matters of joint interest with aim to take this further.  Civic reception/service being held at Hemyock 28th June at 3 p.m. General discussion on district finances due to the balances, members also agreed good thing Mid Devon and East Devon working together, benefit to all.  Thanks given for the details and hoping he would wear his chain of office at next meeting?


Mr R. Radford County Councillor

            Mr Radford gave a short report on business.  Noted elections in June for Councillors and he did wish to stand again.  Thanks to Parish Council for their support in past years.  General discussion on state of roads and DCC policy on potholes as it was noted claims being made for damage to vehicles.  Still more money needed in Highways budget.  DCC had borrowed a lot of money and the interest payment was £38 million on the sum of £600 million borrowed.  Thanks given to Mr Radford for his report.


General Business

            Mr Langford reported on meeting held for response to be presented to the Boundary Committee for the grouping of Blackdown Hills parishes and members would be given more details when statement prepared.  Members in agreement with aims and details to date.



            General discussion on areas in need of attention and the Chairman would note bad potholes etc for W. Pike of Highways.  Noted surface road dressing done a long road from Clayhidon Crossway past Half Moon but also noted that staff and lorries parked up for long period before work being done.  This was thought a waste of money through lack of, or bad organisation of, staff and services.  Noted the Highways management system was at fault with no clear chain of responsibility.  Mr Radford noted members concerns.


Half Moon Music

            Noted shortly to be a bank holiday weekend with music and doors/outdoors at the Half Moon Inn, of which there had been complaints from neighbours at past events at music loudness.  Chairman stated they had a music licence for outdoor music till 9 p.m.


Next Meeting

            As there was no other business it was agreed the date of the next meeting as 3rd July 2009 at the Church Room, the chairman then thanked those present for attending and closed the meeting.



This was followed by discussion on planning application at Far Longham.  Proposed changes were discussed including the fact that in future it could become separate dwelling although requested conversion was for visitors/tourists use.  Differences were noted within the application.  Proposed zinc roof covering thought out of keeping in area, with other materials more suitable on the west elevation.  It was not thought that the height would be changed.  These points to be taken up in response.