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May 2010, Clayhidon Parish Council

Clayhidon Parish Council


A Meeting of the above council was held, Monday 10th May 2010 at the Parish Hall, Clayhidon at 7.30pm.


The following Business was brought before the council:-


1.           Election of Chairman

2.           Election of Vice Chairman

3.           Confirmation of Minutes of Preceding Meeting.

4.           Matters arising from the minutes

5.           Payment of Accounts – Hall Grant

6.           Parish Council Accounts / Audit / Precept

7.           Correspondence

8.           General business

9.           Charity Business



          Mr MJ Hudson, Acting Chairman; Mr ME Bendle; Mr AFJ Redwood; Mr RJ Pike; Miss J Ward; Mr RM Kallaway; (after signing her acceptance of office) Mrs S Hay;   County Councillor Mr R Radford; Dist. Councillor Mr FJ Rosamond; Parishioners Mrs C Williams; Mr R Jeffery; Mr BR Cloaney; and Mr MC Osmond, Clerk


Election of Chairman

            Mr Hudson asked the Clerk to take this item. Mr Pike proposed Mr Hudson and this was seconded by Mr Bendle. As there were no other nominations, this was agreed by all. Mr Hudson thanked members for his election and for members support during past year.


Election of Vice Chairman

            Mr Hudson asked for nominations and Miss Ward proposed Mr Pike and this was seconded by Mr Kallaway; Mr Bendle proposed Mr Kallaway and this was seconded by Mr Pike. Mr Pike then withdrew his nomination after thanking Miss Ward and Mr Kallaway. Mr Kallaway was agreed by all to be Vice Chairman after which he thanked members for his election.



            The Minutes of Meeting 15th February and 8th March 2010 were taken as read, (copies having been previously circulated) confirmed and signed. Minutes of Meeting 7th April were read to meeting, confirmed and signed.


Matters Arising

            Planning applications for Wind Turbine and retention of caravan Wiltown were going for decision 12th May. Noted Parish Council did not receive notice of meeting but Mr Hudson would try to attend. Mr Rosamond stated that, due to visual impact in the area, Wind Turbine application had a recommendation of Planning Officer for refusal of permission. Details of caravan not know.



            Two sealed quotes received as well as details from Glasdon which Clerk had obtained when first discussed but it was noted their notice-board was made of aluminium alloy not hardwood £502 17 plus VAT.  A) Mr David Pike Joinery for hardwood Iroko, fixed to same posts £900.00. Details if VAT changed not known, this to be checked. B) Redwood and Sons, frame of Iroko hardwood, stained, 2 toughened safety glass doors (lockable) £625.00 plus VAT. Sign-writing and erection not included. Chairman had made enquirers of land ownership in order to get erection permission. County Council thought owners and if under a particular size their consent valid for erection. The use of Notice-board was discussed. A) Just for Parish Council. B) Use by parish organisations, arising from point of being lockable. General view for parish use, agreed await consent of owner of the land before making decision at next meeting.


State of Roads

            Noted some repairs done. Still no reply from Mr Matthews on matters raised. Concern stated that no repairs put in hand to Hidewood Bridge as deep drop if it gave way. Mr Radford took details again to bring to a highways attention after general discussion on the matter and best to repair option due to constant erosion. In addition road drains were choked at this site, water not being taken away. The number of salt bins needed was still being requested by Mr Pike as agreed but at present not all promised. Wiltown road area invasion by farm use, approach made to the County Council on site in Parish, the Chairman thought this would not be sorted shortly. Parishioners urge to write, as more complaints raised problem profile with a highways department.


Verge ploughing

            Mr Pike drew attention to late year now just done of verge ploughing and roads being done, in particular Red Lane to Merry Harriers. Mr Radford noted point raised, but it was also noted that surface dressing on some roads was planned and this may be part of preparation.


Garland's Bower rent increase

            Chairman reported that he had contacted Stratton and Holborow, glebe agents for Diocese and increase of £18.00 was correct. He had confirmed the behalf of Parish Council of agreement to increase. Members no objection as noted now rent at £250.00 per year. Payment made.


Payment of accounts

Clerk reported Devon subscription to Devon Playing Fields Assn had increased from £15 now to £35.00 per year. A covering letter was noted on the increase and after a general discussion on the increased amount, Mr Bendle proposed and Mr Pike seconded payment be made. This was agreed, but yearly increases of this amount a cause for concern. The following other payments were proposed by Mr Bendle, seconded by Mr Pike and agreed by members


“Community First”

Insurance Premium

£    244.94


Subscription + VAT (£10.32)

£      91.32

Miss J Ward

Travel Expenses

£      10.57


            Noted ”Precept” form received for confirmation, this had been completed by Clerk and DAPC. Subs due to VAT reclaiming not now deducted by Mid Devon but paid direct by Parish Council.


Year-End Accounts

            Clerk had prepared year-end accounts and bank statements had confirmed the balances, deposits £5703.62 and current £489.66. Mr Kallaway proposed and Mr Pike seconded these be adopted and signed. This was agreed and account book signed. Summary sheet of accounts for audit was presented and Mr Kallaway proposed, Mr Pike seconded, these be signed, this was agreed.



Audit 2010 -- Annual Return

            Clerk had received District Audit Account form and had prepared income/expenses details. Noted by the members and signed as agreed by Chairman. The Chairman then presented the Annual Governance Statement, this was read and completed with members agreement. Clerk stated Mrs C Williams had been asked if willing to do "Internal Audits" for another year and had agreed. Members agreed to this with thanks expressed.


Correspondence 3P’s Footpath Scheme

            Letter from Footpaths Officer noted the DCC review of budgets and as Clayhidon had at present a balance of £1412.62 in the hand no grant to be made for 2010.

            Letter received from Mrs H Stallard inviting a new representative on the behalf of to the Blackdown Hills parish body. Mr Rosamond stated that as District Councils to remain arising from the Review held, the "Community Boards" were not now to be created. After a general discussion Mr Hudson agreed to attend as member.


District Councillor Mr F Rosamond

            It was agreed a pause in correspondence for District / County Council reports. Mr Rosamond wished Mr Hudson well on his election as Chairman for next year. Noted application made by Tribe of Doris for music event in parish. Comments made so far that there was a 3 PM closing time included. The wind turbine application was going to committee on 12th of May as already noted by members. Surplus in budget of £1 million and it was hoped that a 70% of funds from Iceland to be returned  would add to the surplus. The government support grant could be cut by 20% next year so any balances in hand would be needed in addition to savings, where possible. The District Debate, he thought, went well on the topic of promoting regeneration. A general discussion was held on report and in particular pensions of staff was highlighted. Thanks were given for the details.


County Councillor Mr R Radford

            He started his report noting that Highways road budget planned for £63 million just keeping pace with winter damage. To date 47,000 potholes had been filled. The government had put a further £3.63 million into roads budget. Two task groups set up to look at production of and cost of greenhouse gases i.e. carbon production in the county. An outside body that looks after council property assets was to be checked as there was doubt it was working as planned. General discussion on the highway repairs done and in need of being done, after which, he was thanked for his report.



            Noted that DAPC were no longer mailing the "Local Council Review" magazine but if wished to continue receiving, needed to order direct from printers. Noted Clerk had similar magazine free agreed not to purchase for 2010. Copy of monthly Devon NHS newsletter.  Letter of thanks received from BSG for grant made to organisation in 2009.  Somerset County Council - aggregates policy consultation. DAPC monthly newsletter, Mid Devon safety partnership newsletter.


Planning Notices

            Mr J Burrell permission for timber shed on land at Lilycombe. Mr M Howe permission for extension and for two dormer windows at The Old Forge, Rosemary Lane. Planning application by St Andrew's Church Council for extension to School Room for toilet facilities and small store. Members had no objections to the extension, points raised of timber being used and of foul water drainage. Noted the toilet facility was very much needed and being disabled access also. Listed Building application made for extension matching stonewalls proposed as building on the site.


General Business

            Mr Bendle drew members’ attention to the good news of Clerk and is being invited to the Royal Garden Party at Buckingham Palace. Clerk stated he had known for two/three weeks of the invitation, confirmation to be received and letter to date from Lord Lieutenants Office seen by members. Date for party 20th of July 2010. Clerk stated he was not aware how his name was selected as no correspondence received to be completed by Parish Council Mr Hudson on behalf of members congratulated Clerk on his nomination and thanks given for work done on the behalf of Parish Council and others for many years.



            Potholes and other items for attention of Mr W Pike of Highways were noted by Mr R Pike who agreed to bring to his attention on the Parish Council's behalf.


Next Meeting

            As there was no other business the Chairman thanked those present for attending after it was agreed date of the next meeting as 5th July 2010 at the Parish Hall. The meeting then was closed.