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July 2010, Clayhidon Parish Council

Clayhidon Parish Council


A Meeting of the above council was held, Monday 5th July 2010 at the Parish Hall, Clayhidon at 7.30pm.


The following Business was brought before the council:-


1.           Confirmation of Minutes of Preceding Meeting.

2.           Matters arising from the minutes

3.           Payment of Accounts

4.           Correspondence

5.           General business




Mr MJ Hudson, Chairman; Mr RJ Pike; Mr AFJ Redwood; Mrs S Hay; Mr RM Kallaway; Mr ME Bendle; Miss J Ward; Parishioners Mrs C Williams; Mr R Jeffery; Mrs S Doggett; D Livingstone: R Livingstone: Miss K Hopper; Mr P Hopper; G Clarke; Dr J Cogswell; Mr N Carter; Dist. Councillor Mr FJ Rosamond; County Councillor Mr R Radford and clerk Mr M Osmond.



No apologies were received for absence from meeting.



            The Minutes of Meeting 10th May 2010 were taken as read (copies having been previously distributed) confirmed and signed.


Matters Arising

            Noted at present no Parish Footpath Officer or co-ordinator. The Chairman outlined the duties involved, paths to be walked to maintain state of use, with any faults noted and recorded in Log. Limited amount of record keeping and liase with County Footpath Officer. Mrs Sue Hay was willing to work as co-ordinator but was unable to walk all the paths/bridleways in the parish. The Chairman thanked her for taking on this role. Agreed to place in Pump item of parish in need of person to inspect paths etc for faults or obstructions.


Notice Board

            Chairman reminded those present of background details. Site selected was near signpost at junction in Rosemary Lane. Further details had now been obtained that a Legal Agreement would be required to erect notice board at this site after details of size & materials had been given to DCC. Although a free standing one was the first choice, this did raise problems and also there was a need to cover all the parish, which one in Rosemary Lane did not do. Noted where at present posters/notices placed which included electric pole due to its visibility. Possible new sites at Rosemary Lane Chapel, Mr Redwood agreed to inquire if this was possible and the wooden fence at Wiltown Corner as this came within Council care. In general discussion, Mr Pike stated more use of “Pump” to advertise events noting at present the cost of quotes received. The Chairman had noted that there was a selection of notice boards on the internet at various prices, he had also contacted DALC for advice of suppliers. Agreed by members to take forward this item to the next meeting.



            No correspondence received as date for Audit passed.


Wiltown Caravan

            Noted decision received on Mr A Board’s application and had been refused. Reasons for refusal noted. Chairman noted that Parish Council awaited to hear if he wished to appeal. No further comments.


State of Roads

            Mr Pike had raised items from previous meeting with his brother. Areas in need of attention now marked with red spray. Noted a lorry in early hours of recent morning had gone down past Gladhayes Farm and not been able to turn to Hemyock without slight damage to bridge wall and hedge bank of Mr King’s field. Not known which lorry did damage to claim from. Salt bins had been discussed with Mr W Pike but limited number to go across district as pressure on budgets.


Payment of Accounts

            It was proposed by Miss J Ward, seconded by Mr R Pike, the following payments be made, although invoices for Audit Commission and Mr C Risdon (erection of gates at Hidon Wood)  at present not received. This was agreed by all.


Mrs C Williams

Internal Audit

£ 50

Audit Commission

Audit Fee + VAT

Invoice awaited

Mr C Risdon

Erection of gates at Hidon Wood

Invoice awaited



Wind Turbine Appeal

            The Chairman gave brief background details to those present on the key points of concern in response made on application and on the Refusal Notice received.  Parish Council received further letter from Mr. Langford which included more details in regard to noise concerns and this had been circulated with the Parish Council response and Refusal Notice so that members would have the information to study if a change in response was needed in submission to Appeal Inspector, as it was only by a submission of statements that the Appeal would be decided.  It was noted there could be a site visit by the Inspector but no public hearings.  Mr. Kallaway stated that the A. O. N. B. had no further comments to make from original statement.  The major point outstanding, of which it was not known due to the photo montages not as clear as could have been, was the visual impact of height and blade size.  The Chairman then opened the meeting to the parishioners present for comments.  Comments made were that they were not aware of appeal made.  Councillors’ comments were that queries on noise levels were partly answered but unable to judge the height of mast and blade.  General concern over visual impact of which a balloon was needed to give this information but noted problems with balloon to be stable and size related to height being correct, not affected by wind.  Thought the principal concern of inspector would be visual impact as planning had refused application on this point.  Members noted the details supplied by Mr. Langford.  Councilors thought this was a new height for single wind turbine, possible test case in an A.O.N.B.  as at a lower height with less visual impact, permission had been given in area.  After general discussion the visual impact had not been answered as not known at time of meeting so reply made to District Council to stand as response to inspector.  This was proposed by Mr. Bendle seconded by Mrs. Hay and agreed.  Mr. Bendle, if Council agreed would speak to Mr. Langford of the visual impact concern with view for balloon to indicate height if possible before reply date and this could be taken into consideration in any response made.


Planning Applications

             Sewage plant at Bollhayes Park by Mr. and Mrs. A. Hill.  Noted the plant in place before application received.  No comment of objection but thought Environment Agency should be aware of the discharge of water to ditch.

            Application for three tents, wooden amenities block, parking spaces and change of use of agricultural land to campsite by Mr. P Selhurst at Knowle Farm.  Comments were, small scale amenity for visitors to A.O.N.B.  Noted that green as colour of tents more environmentally friendly, but perhaps not possible to have this size in green.  Also point raised as to suitability of grass paths access to amenity block by wheelchair users in adverse weather conditions.

            Permission given to Mr. R. Drew, Callers Farm, for a silage bunker at rear of present farm buildings.  Refusal of permission to Dr. D. Footitt, Hidonfields, for creation of new access to road near Bar Park Corner.

Mr. Bendle stated he had received notice of Grant of Permission and Listed Building Consent for the erection of extension to Church Room for toilet facility.



            DALC “Village Green”, DCC monthly newsletter.  Mid Devon Parish Matters newsletter.  Letter from Uffculme School vacancy for Partnership Governors and job description included with nomination paper.  This was discussed but person outside Council needed.  Mid Devon – copy of Local Strategic Partnership, Mr. Rosamond gave more details.  Notice of courses by DALC for Empowering Communities in Devon.  This was noted but date for Blackdown Hills not confirmed.  Letter from Mid Devon for website use in “Parish Online”.  This could be of use to Parish Council for mapping services with Ordinance Survey.  Mid Devon pay initial setup costs then annual fee payment by parishes of £10.00.  Members agreed to reply stating wished to join operation.  Letter from Bee Hill wishing to publish the cleaning days at hall in relation to being decorated.  Other correspondence received was listed and noted after a short report by Chairman on Blackdown Hills Community Plan, noting that despite the proposed government changes now not taking place it was agreed to continue to collaborate across districts on relevant local concerns.  These had been concentrated into three areas.  Still looking for a person to be a co-ordinator to draw information together to present in a community led plan for the area from the 40 parishes in the group.  Details of person looked for given – undertake research and analysis, consultations, organises workshops then present the plan, a time period of 12 to 18 months.  Persons interested to contact A.O.N.B office at Hemyock.


County Councillor

            Mr. Radford gave a short report to the meeting.  He offered a contribution from his fund towards cost of new noticeboard and was thanked by Chairman.  The bridge at Belletts now due to be repaired in programme in September after a further survey. Road dressing in parts of parish now to be done in 2011 although the verges were ploughed for this to be done.  A further £3.6 million given by government to Devon for pothole repairs.  Noted a digger had been working in the parish, cleaning out ditches; members agreed a good job done by him.  Details on budgets given and noted by members after which, thanks given for the details.


District Councillor

            Mr. Rosamond stated that effects of proposed government cuts not known at present, more details awaited.  The District Council is now no longer in a supervision mode and the changes made to end this had paid off.  Now had £3 million in reserves and expected a 70-80% return of money invested in Iceland.  Programme of the District sharing services          and officers going well, Government cuts of 25-40% announced, awaited by Council to see what services will be effected.  Officers on a pay freeze to maintain costs.  Grants made by Council under review, note Clayhidon concerns of any reduction to grants of “Villages in Action” events.  Annual Civic Service being held at St. George’s Tiverton,  25th July at 3.00 pm.  After questions from people present thanks given for report.


General Business

            Miss K Hopper drew attention to the letters sent the Parish Council for support of application.  She stated that a letter with the reasons for not granting permission was available to meeting.  In addition the land she owned had been changed from agricultural to equestrian use as now used for raising of traumatised horses and it was not good for them to be near turbines.  Point raised again on need for a balloon.  Chairman replied that noted contents of her letter a position of Parish Council confirmed earlier in meeting of which she had been present.


Building- Heazle Road

            Attention was drawn to the replacement storage building on the Heazle road.  Noted size had been increased in length and height.  Agreed that the owners be contacted, Miss F. Parker / Mr. J Day to confirm planning permission pproval and also the number of smaller buildings and container on site at top of Rosemary Lane, also owned by them.


Next Meeting

            As there was no other business the chairman thanked those present for attending and closed the Meeting after it was agreed the date of the next Meeting on Monday, 13 September at the Parish Hall.