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Minutes April 2012

Clayhidon Parish Council


A Meeting of the above council was held, on Monday 16th April 2012 at the Parish Hall, Clayhidon at 7.30pm.


The following Business was brought before the council:-


1.           Election of Chairman

2.           Election of Vice Chairman

3.           Confirmation of Minutes of Preceding Meeting.

4.           Matters arising from the minutes

5.           Payment of Accounts

6.           Parish Council Accounts – Audit – Auditor

7.           Reports of County  / District Councillors

8.           Affordable  House in Clayhidon

9.           Correspondence

10.        General business

11.        Charity business




          Mr RM Kallaway, Chairman; Mr AFJ Redwood; Mr RW Drew; Mr ME Bendle; Mrs S Hay; Mr RJ Pike; County Councillor Mr RF Radford; Dist. Councillor Mr FJ Rosamond and Mr MC Osmond, clerk



An apology was given for Mr AGS Hill as unable to attend.

            On opening the meeting the Chairman noted that there were no parishioners present and welcomed the councillors present.


Election of Chairman

            The clerk asked for nominations for chairman and Mr Bendle then proposed Mr RM Kallaway, this was seconded by Mr Redwood. As there were no other nominations and agreed by the councillors, Mr Kallaway was elected andhe then thanked members for his election and support received in the past year.


Election of Vice Chairman

            The Chairman then asked for nominations for Vice Chairman and he proposed Mr AFJ Redwood, this was seconded by Mr Drew. As there were no other nominations, this was agreed by the councillors. Mr Redwood thanked members for his election and support in the past year.



            The minutes of meeting 6th February 2012 were taken as read (copies having been previously circulated), confirmed and signed.


Matters arising

            It was noted that the branches over the road at Jack's House were still not cut. The Chairman stated he would visit the owner to request these be cut as a hazard to road users. Noted also there were evergreen branches on road across the airfield, this was raised by Mr Pike.


Queens Jubilee

            Mr Bendle gave a short report to those present. Noted of a site meeting being held on Wednesday for the Beacon, access, parking and other related items for the evening celebrations. Noted offers of help received and this would be taken into consideration at the next committee meeting. Insurance cover to be checked both by Mr P Blackmore, field owner, and the Parish Council as sponsors, to be sure all aspects covered, Clerk to contact Community First, Parish Council insurers. For the firework display there would not be any rockets which would go off-site to be a risk to other dwellings and Mr P Peverell was going on a further training course for their use. Mr F Rosamond stated the District Council was giving a tree to all parishes to note the event. This was accepted and thanks given to him for this. Site for planting to be chosen near receipt of this.


Dated Next Meeting

            A discussion was held as to whether to change next meeting date from the second Monday in June in order to consider any outstanding Jubilee business. It was agreed not to change the date but have a special meeting for this if it was needed. Thanks given to Mr Bendle for the details.


Ten Oaks Mobile Home

            Notice had been received that an appeal against "Refusal of Permission" for home had been made by Mr R Greenhill. Date for hearing not at present confirmed. As Mr Kallaway had an interest, as neighbour, it was agreed that the Vice Chairman would handle this on behalf of Parish Council.



            Noted precept for 2012/2013 had been received in full.


Community Land Trust

            The Chairman stated this was now in place in Hemyock and Clayhidon could use this as a vehicle for an affordable home as the one in Clayhidon was still available, but at £640.00 per month in payments as well as the deposit, this was not considered affordable to first-time buyers. Noted further details of scheme would be published in Annual Parish Meeting to be held shortly in Hemyock.


Hidewood Ford and Ford Street

            Mr Radford had sent e-mail of erosion on Devon side to the Highways Department, but due to computer problems this had not been received by them. Further details to be sent again on the ford. In regard to the Somerset side of the ford, Clerk on going to Wellington had stopped and spoken to a Somerset Highways officer who was marking out potholes for repairs and had reported to him the problems of ice in winter. Advised a drain in road was blocked and leaves had blocked grating designed to collect any water seeping from the woods. Name supplied of who to contact with concerns for salting in winter. Letter sent for this and included the erosion of road into ford as requested.


Footpaths Grant

            Noted that County Officer had been advised of proposed work to be done and arising from this a grant of £540.00 now received.


Planning Decisions

            The following decisions had now been received, Mrs T Hart – Hidonsfield House permission for stable block and change of use of land for agriculture and equestrian. Mr R McCullum, Ash Cottage, Smeatharpe permission for erection of garage.      Mr B Shipton, Stidwells, permission for the two dormer windows, change of workshop roof material and erection of garage. Mr and Mrs A Hill permission for erection of conservatory at Bolhayes Park. E-tricity Ltd Chisbury permission for ground mounted solar photovoltaic array at Bolham House Farm, Hemyock.


District Councillor Mr FJ Rosamond

            A short report was given to the meeting. District council parking income had a loss of £90,000 from the multi-storey car park, other parking being used. This was discussed in relation to the business rate paid by town supermarkets which included their parking, noted business rate paid went to the government and came back and grants. Possible solution was for the District Council to generate more new business and income from this. Funding by counsel explained, that although some not being funded, this gave monies to others not funded in the past; those now not funded could apply to the "Seedcorn Fund" for monies i.e. "Villages in Action". More details given on agenda of meeting to be held in regard to compensation payments by a developer to lift section 106 tie. Members had stated that payment to Clayhidon of £22,500 was insufficient, but this was related to the description of the development in number of homes. Proposed to move this to a higher level in calculation payment of compensation as a new formula of market price against affordable price of the building only from an independent valuation made. Developer not willing to increases payment.


County Councillor

            Mr R Radford also gave short report as now with the budget completed it was other business. No increase in Council Tax by D.C.C. The overall finances were in "great shape". Audit Commission had done a check and all had been passed. There had been a reduction in senior and other part-time posts of 2300 a saving of £30 million. The costs for the total number of "Children in Care" had greatly increased due to the number now being cared for, with no sign of a reduction. The debt of DCC had now been reduced by £84 million. A proposal to cluster parishes for funding on a £1 per head was noted with the Clayhidon joining the other Culm Valley parishes to include Willand and Halberton. If DCC went that way it was stated that Clayhidon and the upper end of Culm Valley be part of a Blackdown Hills cluster as more in common with them, was reply to this proposal. Thanks given to District and County Councillors for their reports.


Payment of Accounts

            The following two payments were made, proposed by Mr Pike and seconded by Mr Drew and agreed. The subscription to Devon Playing Fields was agreed to put on the agenda of next meeting for further discussion.


Community First

Insurance Premium

£    144.59




£      95.18

( £12.18 V.A.T.)


Parish Council Accounts

            Clerk reported change in VAT return from 1st April 2012, a direct debit was needed for any payment to them. This was agreed on, clerk to set this in operation. The year end accounts were then presented by clerk, members had received a copy with the agenda. After a discussion on balances it was proposed by Mr Pike seconded by Mrs Hay and agreed these be adopted and signed as bank statement had confirmed the balances. The payment and receipt book was then the signed by Chairman and Clerk. Clerk had received notice of Annual Audit by Audit Commission and date set was 11th June. The return had been filled in for income and expenses and these were approved as correct and signed. The Governance Statement was completed and signed after it was proposed by Mr Pike and seconded by Mr Drew and agreed. It was agreed that Mrs C Williams be asked to be the internal auditor for another year.


Clerk PAYE

Attention was drawn to the Parish Council having to operate PAYE for Clerk. Clerk had registered Parish Council as employer and the numbers to operate PAYE was now received. This could be operated by the clerk or an accountant but separate records needed to be kept. It was noted that the PAYE not only included the income from the Parish Council but the person's total income from any source. After a general discussion on concerns of clerk for these details, the clerk to speak to his accountant for advice to comply with HMRC was agreed.



            DCC notice from "Devon Libraries" of the service provided both Mobile and Home as books and DVDs can be obtained by phone/website. Letter from St John's ambulance on a "Defibrillator for your Parish". Training to operate would be given. Members agreed would save a life, item for next meeting agenda. Mid Devon-"Parish Matters" newsletter and Remuneration Panel minutes of meeting on allowances to Councillors related to the number of electorate. DCC "Intouch" newsletter and that "Bus Pass" holders to receive new passes as being renewed. Copy of Village Green. Northern Devon NHS, details of how to be a member of new Foundation Trust. Other correspondence listed and noted.


General Business

            The state of roads was raised and Mr Pike noted various potholes in need of attention.

            Mrs Hay drew attention to the concerns of a parishioner who had raised the fact that some vehicles were speeding around the narrow roads and they could not see around corners, this is a danger to other road users. Members agreed on this point raised. Concerns as "Pump" item.


Hidon Wood

            The general condition of Hidon Wood was raised, due to the number of fallen trees a footpath not easy to follow. Agreed to place this item on the agenda of next meeting. Also thought it would be put on website as being available for people to visit and enjoy. The Chairman reported that the plastic material which had been deposited on access in Ashculm Turbary now cleared.


Next Meeting

            After it was confirmed date of next meeting as 11th June at the Parish Hall, the Chairman thanked those present for attending and closed the meeting.