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Minutes, April 2014

Clayhidon Parish Council


A Meeting of the above council was held, on Monday 14th April 2014 at the Church Room, Clayhidon at 7.30pm.


The following Business was brought before the council:-


1.           Election of Chairman

2.           Election of Vice Chairman

3.           Confirmation of Minutes of Preceding Meeting.

4.           Matters arising from the minutes

5.           Payments of Accounts

6.           Parish Council Accounts / Audit / Auditor

7.           Reports from County / District Councillors

8.           Correspondence

9.           General business




Mr RM Kallaway, Chairman; Mr RJ Pike; Mr AFJ Redwood; Mrs S Hay; Mr ME Bendle; County Councillor Mr RF Radford; Dist. Councillor Mr FJ Rosamond; Mr E Hopkinson of Devon Wildlife Trust and Mr M Osmond, clerk. No parishioners present.



            Apologies were given for Mr AGS Hill & Mr RW Drew as unable to attend.

            As Mr Bendle was not present at this time the Chairman opened the meeting and commenced with the Minutes and gave a welcome to those present.


Callers Farm

             Mr Hill had contacted Mrs Hay in regard to screening of the silage bunker time. The Chairman stated that Mr Hill had also contacted him and as Mrs Hill was not well and in hospital, time not known. Noted that Mr Drew had stated earthmoving and completion of present new building would allow screening and that the Parish Council could visit and see the site.


Election of Chairman

            As Mr Bendle now present clerk asked for nominations as Chairman. Mr R Pike proposed Mr R Kallaway and this was seconded by Mr M Bendle, as Mr Kallaway was willing to stand and there being no other nominations, this was agreed by those present. Mr Kallaway then thanked members for their support during past year and for his election.


Election of Vice Chairman

            The Chairman then asked for nominations for Vice Chairman. He stated that Mr A Redwood wished not to stand again. Mr A Redwood then proposed Mrs S Hay and Mr R Pike seconded this nomination. As there were no other nominations, this was agreed by those present. The Chairman then thanked Mr Redwood for his past service and support as Vice Chairman in past years, he then welcomed Mrs Hay as Vice Chairman.




The minutes of meeting 10th February 2014 were taken as read (copies having been previously circulated), confirmed and signed.


Matters Arising

            Members agreed that the Chairman would send a card from the parish council to Mrs Hill with sincere wishes during present illness.


Hemyock Homes

            Noted two homes would have families from Cullompton. Mr Rosamond stated of background details to affordable homes permission of District Council. Not all Hemyock applications had reached the criteria standard at the present time. Families outside of area had greater need and met the criteria standard. Question asked as to whether a family in residence would need to move if their circumstances changed, answer to this not known at present time.


High-Speed Broadband

            Mr N Parish MP for area had been contacted by District Councillor and informed that he was looking at possible options regarding this and what funds were available to be drawn upon in the Blackdowns.


Salt Spreader

            After a general discussion on a further model seen, that may be suitable it was agreed to place on the autumn agenda.


Planning Application

            Clerk stated that although noted that Gladhayes barn conversion had been refused, the formal notice of this had not been received.



            The chairman introduced Mr Edric Hopkinson, Nature Reserves Officer, to speak on the application made to erect a fence around part of turbury, 1773 metres of 3 strand barbed wire on wooden posts with wooden field and kissing gates at access points which would enclose 11.05 hectares in order to facilitate grazing. Also to reinstate the Public Right of Way (Footpath 6), at present impassable, which runs across the turbury. Details given of work done and proposed being the removal of gorse in places and tufted grass clumps to create some open spaces for insects, this would sustain the habitat. A trial burn of grass had been done to create the grazing area for Exmoor pony which would be placed there when fencing completed. The Sandpit Cottage area would be fenced as not part of the turbury owned, to prevent any claims of possible damage. Noted Mr C Padfield had access right on part boundary to land owned by him and any fence erected would not affect him. Visitors who walked footpaths would not be affected. Details of insects and plants found on site listed to members as being rich in these. No cost to the Parish Council for this work. All details would be found on parish website, “Pump” magazine and at Wellington Library. Thanks given for details received.


County Councillor

            Mr Radford stated of £200 being made available from his fund towards repairs to sign post finger at Bolham Hayes. An email from Mr Hill on visit of W Pike was noted and discussed which included upgrade of road through Bolham. Chairman raised matters of cost quoted from reports received of road repairs for Clayhidon. This was discussed by members. Noted around 50 potholes in need of filling. Mr Radford stated of there not being enough money to do all work required as budgets were not increasing to meet need. An extra £7 million from the government to the County for road repair and extra staff employment to fill potholes, this was a major problem across the County. Members stated of potholes that had eroded to core of road as not filled when only small and road not sealed to keep out surface water. Attention drawn by Mr Radford, to amount received by County from Council tax in Clayhidon to amount spent by highways in the parish, as more being spent than received. Costs for Council Care Homes found to be higher than in the public sector, now review in order to look for savings of £110 million. Thanks given for the details.


District Councillor

            Mr Rosamond gave a short report noting the public toilet at Hemyock, the parish was to take over operation of this in order to keep it open. Local plan consultation period now ended. East Tiverton extension plan under consultation from public. The report made for junction 27 development awaited from consultation. Waste collection service to be maintained as weekly. Thanks given for details.


Payment of Accounts

            The following payments were proposed by Mr Pike seconded by Mr Redwood and agreed by members


Community First Trading

Ins. Premium

£   144.59


Subscription £86.79 + VAT £12.82

£     99.61


Parish Council Accounts

            Clerk had prepared a Statement of Accounts for year end 31-3-2014 and this was confirmed by a bank statement received for balance of £8020.97. It was then proposed by Mr Bendle seconded by Mr Redwood and agreed the Statement and the Receipts & Payment book be signed as correct and adopted.


Audit Return

            Members then confirmed the income and expenses of the Audit Return, proposed by Mr Bendle seconded by Mr Redwood and agreed and signed by Chairman. The Governance section was read, agreed and signed by the Chairman. Members agreed Mrs S Aldworth to be internal auditor as she had been contacted by clerk and was willing to do this. Date of or audit 9-6-2014



            DCC “Devon Waste Plan” the objectives and policy framework till 2031 on view as submitted to Secretary of State notice. Copy of East & Mid Devon Safety Partnership newsletter. Copy of Mid Devon “Parish Matters”. Copies of HealthWatch voices of Devon. Mid Devon Open Space & Play Area survey. DCC Confirmation Order of Footpath 28 & 31 changes. BSG notice of AGM on 3-6-2014 at Otterford Parish Hall. Other correspondence received, listed and noted.


Planning application

            Application by Miss J Ward, Bolham Water for the erection of a two-storey extension on higher Garage side. After viewing and discussion no objections raised and members support given.


General Business

            Chairman stated of correspondence letter to Charity Trustees by Mr Hodges at Churchstanton, requesting permission to cutback overgrown branches of hedge trees for use of field as at present due to terms not possible. Chairman stated, fields classed as Meadow grassland and he did not think it was as per agreement. He had spoken to Mr C Carpenter of Churchstanton to discuss letter and as still a problem with Munty Wood Charity the tenant, Mr K Hodges would pay to Clayhidon Charity rents due and then Clayhidon would repay Churchstanton. Noted the present agreement ends in 2014. Trustees wished to give to him a further 12 months tenancy to improve the grazing available. Mrs Hay stated that now Mrs M Tuckey the post lady would not be retiring early as previously thought and parish collection on hold. Mrs Hay stated that “Scout Agreement” for their use of Grays Quarry ends in May and if wished by members would provide a new agreement for their use for another year. This was agreed by all as no complaints or problems raised by their use of wood.


Roads/High-Speed Broadband

            Arising from the email of Mr A Hill on state of roads and visit of W Pike, discussion on how to take this forward was held. Agreed a public meeting at hall was best option. Chairman would contact Mr Hill to arrange the visit of MP Mr N Parish or he would contact the secretary of MP as to when available to come. Concerns on high-speed broadband not being available could also be raised. Noted the flooding of Miss C Smart’s arena was in part due to a Highways drain being blocked by concrete when the new entrance to the property was created. Not known if Mr Hill had contacted her for this to be cleared and ditch reinstated to clear surface water.


Date of next meeting

            As there was no other business the meeting was closed after it was agreed on Monday 9th June 2014 for the next meeting at the Church Room and those present being thanked for attending.