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Minutes August 2013

Clayhidon Parish Council


A Meeting of the above council was held, on Monday 5th August 2013 at the Parish Hall, Clayhidon at 7.30pm.

The following Business was brought before the council:-


1.           Confirmation of Minutes of Preceding Meeting.

2.           Matters arising from the minutes

3.           Payment of Accounts

4.           Report of County / District Councillors

5.           Correspondence

6.           General business

7.           Charity Income



Mr RM Kallaway, Chairman; Mr AFJ Redwood; Mr RJ Pike; Mrs S Hay; Mr AGS Hill; Mr RW Drew; Dist. Councillor Mr FJ Rosamond; County Councillor Mr RF Radford; Parishioners Mr N Carter; Mr BR Clowney; Mrs PK Reynolds; and Mr MC Osmond, clerk



            An apology was given for Mr ME Bendle, unable to attend.



            The minutes of meeting 5th June, 2013 were taken as read (copies having been previously circulated), were confirmed and signed.


Matters arising

            Mr N Carter, at the invitation of the Chairman, gave a short report of survey of affordable home and following discussions to acquire from the developer with Falcon Housing Trust. The house met none of the standards required of an affordable home, but Falcon were willing to pursue the purchase. Noted the new homes being built in Hemyock Griffin Close as affordable with 3 bedrooms and all village services with school, priced at £175,000. This price was used to access the home in Clayhidon less £86,000 to lift tie payment = £89,000. It had been agreed the most to offer was £90,000. This was a cash offer with a deadline date given with no delay in payment to him. This was not accepted at the discussions with the developer but could still be accepted until the deadline date. No response was received from him so email sent withdrawing offer. Noted a further house in group had been sold “subject to contract” possible this had been reason why he wished to obtain higher price. Members discussed details and this was thought a fair and good price to the developer. Noted Falcon had worked long and hard to support Parish Council to obtain home. Members did not know what would happen to home now if he still wished high price. Thanks to Mr Carter for details and work done on their behalf.


Audit 2012 / 2013

            The clerk was able to report that District Audit of Accounts had been done with statement returned confirming they had been passed with no matters raised. Also noted there would be no fees.


Planning Decisions

            Permission Mr Tong, Hillview, change to UPVC windows of Irish Oak in lieu of timber. Permission to Mr and Mrs T Hart, Hidonfields for timber framed tractor/implement shed. Application and permission to Mr & Mrs J Kidner, Moor View for single-storey extension and stainless flue pipe. No objections made in response. Permission to Mr A Mockridge, Middleton Mills for use of part agricultural barn for furniture/door restoration. Permission Ms H Gendall, Shepherd Halt, extension to create garden store, double garage/log store. Permission Mr P West, Ashcroft, erection of double garage. Listed Building Consent to Mr & Mrs P Simmonds, Applehayes for replacement Windows and internal alterations. Certificate of Lawful Use to Mr D Kohlman, Barne Farm, for use of The Bothy as dwelling from holiday accommodation and vehicular access. Application Mr R Drew and Son, Callers farm, erection of cubicle extension and covered yard. Noted the building is screened by a previous application also the covered yard. No objection is little change. Application Mr & Mrs A Redwood, Searles, for Listed Building and ordinary permission for erection of replacement outbuildings to form ancillary accommodation. No objection as sensible improvement and visually acceptable, response. Application Mr N Moberly, Bolham Mill for diversion of access road to dwelling within curtilage. No change to footpath along road. Council noted the road does provide access to other dwellings past Bolham Mill and wished any permission granted being acceptable to these users to not restrict their use. Also raised was the objectives of Blackdown Hills AONB if this was an appropriate development at the site. Application Mr T Purvis, Kingsmead Centre, for erection of amenities/shower block (revised scheme). Council noted details given by Mr T Purvis at previous meeting and picture showing the pitched roof of steel profile to imitate terracotta tile for water storage tanks to service the building showers. Stated no change in footprint size. In view of previous permission given no objections raised to this change as would be a visual improvement, response made. No objections made to the Parish Council by parishioners from the area.


W.W. 1 Anniversary

            Members discussed the limited details known, a display in each parish on different days of the regimental history in particular events. Some funding required for staging events, but also hoping to obtain a Lottery Grant. It was agreed to invite Michael Cooper to the next meeting when he could explain in more detail.


State of roads

            The Chairman drew attention to state of road through Bolham to White Down Cross, the number of potholes and general surface. Also noted was the still missing drain gratings not replaced and road made up. Surplus tarmac dumped in gateways that could have filled the potholes. Mr Radford replied that these details had been passed to Willy Pike, who knew of them, but no further action taken. He stated Parish Council write to Mr Philip Norrey DCC, chief executive, with our concerns. For any damage to vehicles put in claim to Highways DCC. He gave total needed to put all roads in good order as 80% traffic went on 20% of road, these needed to be maintained. There was nothing more he could do. DCC were spending a lot of money on highways but winter damage had made things worse and government not giving more money despite statement it was aiding winter damage repair. Also, letter to be sent to Mr Stewart Hughes, Portfolio Holder for transport. Also attention was drawn to recent visit of the hedge trimmer, the trimming had been very patchy in quality, a very large tractor in the narrow roads caused limited mobility to use cutter and at Bolham damage had been done to road sign with two direction arms broken off and left on top of hedge.


DCC Report

            Mr Radford then gave a short report after questions on the highway matters. Some minor road surface dressed, also noted was the conference on highways and Chairman would to attend if possible with Mr Pike if possible. D.C C. faced cut in grant of £19 million and there would be cuts in income for next 3 years. A £50 million loan was being repaid and interest on this was £5 million. Broadband to 90% of people in Devon by 2016. A review on child protection in D.CC care had not found any problems in standard of care. Thanks given for details.


District Councillor

            Mr Rosamond stated there was a shortfall in cash of Council after first three months and this was being brought into consideration. Planning response changes were explained as there was no longer a requirement to make certain responses on decisions. Arising from economic regeneration policy a new chief was to be sought to oversee this as no expertise in house - would draw up a plan and take forward. Tourism booth in Phoenix car park now to be closed and tourism details to be available at Museum. This would save funds with site used for other development. Stated there had been objections to him on Kingsmead planning application. Matters raised discussed by members. Thanks given for report.



            Notice from Mid Devon of TA P fund 2013/2014 open for applications. Clayhidon allocation £427 being £1.10 per elector. This was then discussed with Hall use in mind. Hall committee to be contacted. Mid Devon “Parish Matters”. Notice of Planning Training sessions, in July to cover neighbourhood planning. Local Plan Review - scoping report, various options to policy for consideration. D.CC. - Rural Connection Programme - local authority subsidy to improve rural broadband, area around Dunkeswell in scheme. D.CC. Street lighting to be part-time only at Oakleigh noted. D.CC. Notice of Modification Orders made for Footpaths 28 and 31 to have Statement consistent with Definitive Map.


Smeatharpe Hall

            Letter of thanks from Smeatharpe Village Hall for grant received from Parish Council of £50.00 towards heating improvement. Other correspondence received listed and noted by members.


Payment of Accounts

            It was proposed by Mr Drew seconded by Mr Redwood and agreed the following payments be made.


A C Mole

PAYE clerk, records

      £60.00 (10.00 VAT)

J Ward & R Pike

Mileage Police safety conference



General Business

Hidon Wood

                        Mrs S Hay spoke of work done and of next stage if agreed. Site meeting best option to discuss and agree programme in woodland plan. Agreed meeting 6 PM Tuesday 6th of August at Hidon Wood.


Grays Quarry

            Mrs Hay stated of scouts on site and happy to have use. No complaints received by Parish Council when they are on site. An invitation made to Parish Councillors to attend an evening with them. This to be confirmed when most available with many thanks.


Charity income, Mary Parsons, Churchstanton

            The Chairman gave background details of the problems that has arisen with the Mary Parsons Charity at Churchstanton which had resulted in no part share of the income being received, then passed to the Charity Trustees at Clayhidon. Charity in now no longer registered with the Charity Commission and present Trustees not able to withdraw any money from bank account. It was agreed a letter should be sent to Churchstanton Parish Council to support Clayhidon Charity Trustees stating of time elapsed as last payment received was April 2011. A copy of the charity’s latest financial statement did show outstanding amount owed to Clayhidon. The amount outstanding was required by the Clayhidon Trustees in order to make the Grants as in the past. Noted the tenancy of the field by Mr K Hodge would end in a years time. A review of future use would be made.


Date of next meeting

            As there was no other business the meeting was closed after it was agreed on Monday 7th October for the next meeting at the Parish Hall and those present being thanked for attending.