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Minutes, August 2014

Clayhidon Parish Council


A Meeting of the above council was held, Monday 4th August 2014 at the Church Room, Clayhidon at 7.30pm.


The following Business was brought before the council:-


1.           Confirmation of Minutes of Preceding Meeting.

2.           Matters arising from the minutes

3.           Payment of Accounts  (AC Mole)

4.           Report of County / District Councillors

5.           Correspondence

6.           General business



          Mrs S Hay, Vice Chairman & Chairman of this meeting; Mr RJ Pike; Mr AFJ Redwood; Mr RW Drew; Mr ME Bendle; Mr FJ Rosamond District Councillor; Mr R Radford, County Councillor; Parishioner Mr N Carter and Mr M Osmond, clerk



            Apologies were received from Mr RM Kallaway & Mr AGS Hill (2 meetings) unable to attend.

            On opening the meeting Mrs Hay welcomed those present.



            Minutes of meeting of 9th June 2014 were taken as read (copies having been previously circulated) confirmed and signed.


District Councillor

            As Mr Rosamond wished to leave early a short report was given by him. Noting on the “TV” news a piece of asbestos insulation from a flat had been found and not clear if more on site or how much was used and if used on the other flats. Items from recent Cabinet meeting noted. Payments had been made to some people to downsize if they had a spare bedroom, £500 for a single room and £1000 for a double, but more still wanted to ease housing demand. Objectives changed to target more limited money for “Grants” arising from review undertaken. A statement had been made by the Head of Finance of a possible reduction in money to Parish Councils from Grant. More details to follow as available. Noted TAP grant application invited from organisations and Parish Council and types of grants made listed in newsletter. An emergency planning course was being held for the district and details would be noted from the advertisements to be made nearer the date. The Council had employed consultants to prepare an “Assessment of Landscape Sensitivity” to onshore wind energy and large-scale photovoltaic panel site development in the district, this had been adopted and will be a supplementary planning document when dealing with applications. Comments invited on this draft document by 8th September from interested parties as part of consultation.  Thanks given to Mr Rosamond for his report.


County Councillor

            Mr Radford gave a short report on DCC business. He also gave an apology for being unable to attend meeting in parish with the MP. He stated of emails received from Mr A Hill on verge cutting in parts of parish and also topping of hedges on some corners requested. Attention drawn to particular places in need of regular cutting for driver safety. Noted the concrete channels to clear surface water from Gladhayes to Nick Reeds Lane had not been cleared at present this was noted by him for attention. Thanks given for details.


Matters Arising

            The silage bunker screening would be done in January as best time for this Mr Drew was able to confirm and the site visit was discussed with date and time to be confirmed.


High-Speed Broadband

            Members views given on meeting with Mr Parish MP, noting now the date for any improvement put back as in a lower grade of priority.  Arising from a general discussion on an option raised by Mr N Carter that the Parish Council look into a scheme from local options of supply used in other areas. Note to be put into the “Pump” and on website for anyone with details of schemes or with skills in this needed.


Turbury Fence proposed

            Clerk reported letters sent to Mr C Padfield of no change to his rent of plot on Turbury and to Mr E Hopkinson for his information as requested.


Bollhayes Junctions Signpost

            Noted that broken arm had been replaced and that this had now been repainted together with the remainder of sign post.


Audit Certificate

            Clerk stated district audit completed and returned from auditors.


Council Tax Support Grant

            The matter had been raised by them that the sum of £278.00 was not in the correct box of return under heading of Council Tax Support Grant as part of the Precept. Clerk had contacted District Council for details and advised this was correct, but Parish Council not advised of this amount. Clerk advised that Precept for 2014 / 2015 of £7000.00 had included in it a Council Tax Support Grant, (which came from the government) and not raised by District Council, a figure of £349.26. Details of this not forwarded to Parish Council.


Scouts - Grays Quarry

            Noted Mrs Hay and Mr Bendle had been able to visit the scouts after invitation to join them for evening. This had been enjoyed. Attention drawn to two trees in need of felling for safety. This had been done with no cost to Parish Council.


Affordable Home

            This had been sold on the open market was confirmed and the money to remove section 106 limit on it not reserved for Clayhidon use.


Drain Deadbeer Horse Arena

            The blocked drain in Miss Smart’s field was discussed but awaiting Mr Hill’s presence to confirm her response for clearance of concrete.


Footpath’s Strimmer Purchase

            Mrs Hay had obtained price quotes for suitable model from different suppliers and noted DCC Footpaths had made a grant towards costs. Members discussed options of money to purchase strimmer and model details. Further quotes to be obtained from Mole Valley Farmers and P Prettejohn. Agreed a blade use model with cord was needed for the tough stems in places. Discussion if TAP grant money should be used as not able to give to the same organisation each year. Agreed TAP grant to Hall for provision of “Villages in Action” and other productions for the wider area, not for fabric use to be within grant guidelines to benefit. Mr Bendle proposed and Mr Drew seconded and agreed funds from footpath account and DCC grant of £250.00 be used to purchase strimmer.


Access P Quinain Clayhidon Turbury

            Mrs Hay stated of contact made with Mr E Hopkinson for access to his fields from Clayhidon Turbury due to tree close to track. No further details available at time of meeting.


Wiltown Green

Mrs Hay had not visited site at present to check on fallen wood in need of clearing as Access not clear, some brambles. This was in hand.


Road at Half Moon

            Arising from the Public Meeting at the Hall, the speeding vehicles and tractors along this piece of road was discussed in order to get a speed reduction as users of the Half Moon crossed the road to the beer garden including children. In conclusion it was felt the landlady of the Half Moon join with her neighbours as there were other children living in the area, to bring to attention of Highways Dept for speed reduction. The Parish Council send letter of support and concern to DCC stating this had been brought to the attention of Mr N Parish MP and had his support regarding their concerns for speed reduction, proposed by Mr Pike seconded by Mr Bendle.


Payment of Accounts

            The following payment was proposed by Mr Redwood seconded by Mr Drew and agreed:-


AC Mole & Sons

PAYE Submissions

£   75.00


£   15.00



Mid Devon - Development management policies of Local Plan Part 3. Copy of “Parish Matters.”. Details of Community Infrastructure Levy - for planning development in district of rates per square metre. DCC - Social Care Dept - details arising from review, a change in policy to transfer Care Homes from DCC to private sector and dates to start the process.


Villages in Action

            A letter had been received from Lucy Ball on behalf of Clayhidon Village Hall to request Parish Council to write to Mid Devon District Council stating the need of their support, by Grants, for the “Villages in Action” to continue as in the past, as a review of Grants being undertaken. Clerk’s stated the “Villages in Action” organisation had written to Parish Council bringing this to their attention and a letter from the council had been sent in support as requested. DCC request for email address for parish contact. Mrs Hay agreed to reply with her details and a further mail site to be set up for the councillors to view any correspondence was agreed.


Planning Applications

            Application Mr N Gerasimidis, the Old Rectory, further drawing detail for balcony on front of house as planning Dept had raised this application with building control department, thought necessary safeguards being in place. Application Mr P Redwood, Hidewood farm for agricultural livestock building. Suitable site chosen little impact and needed for cattle, no objection. Application Mr R Kallaway, Crosses Farm for erection of extensions and replacement front porch. Agreed extension will enhance the internal layout with minimal visual impact. No objections to application as Listed Building. Application Mr & Mrs G Slabbert, Barpark for erection of the extension. Extension on side close to road and not visible as on side of Hill gradien,t also no close dwellings to site. No objections raised.


General Business

            Mrs Hay stated, had been contacted by Mrs A Weekes if Parish Council would consider sale of Hidon Wood for school use. This was discussed with no member in favour. Noted woodland top of Ford Street for sale if woodland was needed for outdoor use.


Clayhidon Charity

            Details given for information to Parish Council from the Charity it proposed new lease to Mr K Hodge, present tenant, for a further term with the rent of £700.00 per year was noted.


Parish Collection

            Mrs Hay stated a letter had been produced for insertion into each copy of latest “Pump” magazine for Clayhidon stating of the retirement shortly of Mrs M Tuckey the post lady and to record her years of service to Parish for this. Clerk reported that these had been received and delivered the past weekend before meeting. Any donations to councillors, or direct payment to bank account. Agreed Parish Council would make separate gift to monies donated, this to be agreed next meeting, if cash or garden token. Proposed by Mr Drew seconded by Mr Redwood and agreed Parish Council donate £50.00. Mrs Tuckey to be contacted for the presentation to mark retirement.


Footpath / Bridleway Review - Definitive Map

            Mrs Hay stated of correspondence received from DCC of changes proposed in the parish. These were upgrading of particular footpath’s to be bridleways and adjustments to other footpath’s. Details of the changes had been posted on site with notices by DCC and a period of consultation was now in hand. Letter from Mrs H Seddon received and noted of footpath upgrade to bridleway at Ringdown Cottage which was owned by her. Mr M Legge of Old Ridgewood Farm had spoken to clerk and was not in favour of this proposed upgrade which went across his land at Bolham / Ridgewood. The changes proposed were viewed on map received and discussed as Parish Council views sought on any changes. Agreed more time needed to discuss with all members present. Further special meeting on Wednesday 20th August at 7:30 PM agreed.


Date of Next Meeting

            As there was no other business the meeting was closed after it was agreed on Monday 13th October 2014 for next meeting at Church Room and those present being thanked for attending.