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Minutes, December 2014

Clayhidon Parish Council


A Meeting of the above council was held, Monday 8th December 2014 at the Church Room, Clayhidon at 7.30pm.


The following Business was brought before the council:-


1.           Confirmation of Minutes of Preceding Meeting.

2.           Matters arising from the minutes
A)  Wiltown Caravan

3.           Payment of Accounts
A)  Grants to Local Organisations

4.           Reports of County / District Councillors

5.           Precept for 2015 / 2016

6.           Correspondence

7.           General business



          Mr RM Kallaway,  Chairman; Mrs S Hay; Mr AFJ Redwood; Mr AGS Hill; Mr ME Bendle; Mr RW Drew; Mr FJ Rosamond, District Councillor; Parishioner Mr RB Clowney and Mr M Osmond, clerk.



Apologies were given for Mr RJ Pike and Mr RF Radford, County Councillor as unable to attend.

On opening the meeting the Chairman gave a welcome to those present.



The Minutes of meeting 13th October were taken as read, (copies having been previously circulated) confirmed & signed.


Matters Arising

HS Broadband

Chairman had a further email from Mr G Long, Smeatharpe, and gave details to members of a further submission in progress on High Speed Broadband funding. Mrs Hay gave details of meeting held at Crewkerne and this system was in use in parts of the country and could be possible in this area if a number of sites could be found for the smaller masts. These needed to be on high ground or buildings such as church towers to receive and forward signal. Various sites discussed. Mrs Hay would obtain more details of the system used and of the supplier and the costs involved. Chairman stated of public meeting in February organised by Mr N Parish MP to be with BT staff, all welcome.


Strimmer Guard / fallen branch

Mrs Hay stated that the awaited guard had now been obtained and the strimmer was now able to be used. The fallen branch had not been cleared at Wiltown green. This was in hand. Noted the invoice for the strimmer had not yet been received.


Wiltown Caravan

Mrs Hay had visited the site twice to speak to Mrs Board but had not been able to do so at present. Noted only two caravans in the field. The ditch at the side of the track was not completed at present and concerns were raised at the size of the pipe laid to take away water. This should be larger in size to handle any larger amount of water. General discussion on the track access as this was with Mr A Board only as linked to his planning permission period. Chairman stated ditch was to be filled in by Mr J Tolley which would improve the appearance of area and grown over again. Mrs Hay would obtain details of the permission from website to confirm the details of permission. Clerk had details of the Inspector hearing appeal. Agreed Council do not report any change at present time if no development in number of caravans or people on site.


Mrs Tuckey Gift

After a general discussion it was agreed that the evening presentation was what she had wished. Mr Weekes would publish the event for parishioners to see the two cheques presented at Crosses Farm, the parish collection of £720.00 and of £50.00 from the Parish Council. Thanks given to chairman for hosting the event.


Garlands Bower

The Chairman stated he had not taken up the wet area in the field with Mr N Gerasimidis of the Old Rectory. Item for next meeting.


State of Roads

Chairman stated of letters sent to DCC officers and followed by a meeting with Mr D Whitton of DCC Highways together with Mr R Radford our County Councillor. Details given of the amount of money available from budget which was £77 million now £37 million to be reduced to £27 million. Because of the cuts there had to be changes in policy on how the money is to be spent. The new plan was for Parish Councils to take on repairs themselves. Pilots of this scheme done had achieved good results. Funding details noted but in Clayhidon this could be very expensive due to the number of potholes in roads and poor road surfaces. Some funding could come from highways budget as a grant. DCC had paid out over £90,000 on wheel damage claims. He was aware of the road problems in the parish but could not promise a quick solution to get repairs done. This was followed by a general discussion and how Hemyock might be part of this new scheme if went in this together. Await more details on this.


Payment of Accounts

After a discussion with a view to make a small increase, the following payments as grants, were proposed by Mr Bendall seconded by Mr Redwood and agreed by all:-


Blackdown Support Group


£   500.00

Tiverton Trans. Assn.

Ring & Ride

£     70.00

St Mary’s PCC, Hemyock


£     65.00

Healthy Living Centre

Cameo Club

£   120.00


Mrs Hay stated that following the meeting at Hemyock, the TAP Fund grant application form had been agreed and completed jointly to obtain monies available. Thanks given to her for making the application.


District Councillor

            Mr Rosamond gave a short report to the meeting. Noted the Council was overspending on waste collection. It had a £675,000 shortfall to find arising from government cutback. Services were being maintained across the district. DEFRA funding for £1.4 million on projects and these listed with more details in the New Year. There was a Leader change for the District Council.  Council had received a good report from the auditors on the finances. “Local Plan” being published which had the Affordable Housing changes in it, this was noted as it would mean a loss in some developments. Clayhidon parish was not included in this publication. General discussion on junction 27 review as now not in favour of house development being included. Thanks given for the report.


Precept 2015

            Clerk had received request for details from District Council to plan ahead and a draft statement had been prepared and given to members. The closing balance of £9400 was expected after payments made to the general account. The expenses for 2015 were discussed and there could be a Parish Council election held if over 7 candidates. Also considered was the proposal of DCC for parishes now to be involved in road repairs part funding but this was put on hold as also a general election and different policies. It was proposed by Mr Redwood seconded by Mr Drew and agreed a precept of £7500.00.



            Notice from Boundary Commission for Electoral Review of Devon starting in January 2015 for number of councillors of DCC. Somerset County Council - Minerals Plan up to 2030 consultation period, Annual Report of Tiverton Transport Assn, objectives and achievements 2014


Planning Applications

Mr and Mrs J Bendle, Gladhayes Farm, conversion of barn to dwelling (revised scheme). This was supported as to previous application, suitable to convert. Application Mr & Mrs Buckingham, Smith’s Farm, for barn conversion to accommodation and holiday let. No objections but noted that slate would be more suitable as roof covering in AONB. Application Mr R Goodridge, Knowle Farm, for a change of outbuilding to accommodation. Building is suitable for conversion. No objections. Application Mrs H Gendall of Shepherds Halt, for change of use of land to mixed domestic and equine with construction of ménage. No objections but noted the proposed screening should be put in place and maintained due to ground levels of site.


General Business

            Chairman gave a short report on the “Blackdown Partnership” meeting he had attended. The speaker, Mr J Hart, gave details on government cut of £400 million in funding. Details given on budgets with this amount of cutback in revenue. Parishes should consider making a “Local Plan” this would cost around £7000.00 to set up but it would be a legal document to be taken into consideration when DCC and Mid Devon make plans for area. Discussion on points raised.



            Mrs Hay stated that the proposed erection of a fence around boundary of Clayhidon Turbury had been erected by Devon Wildlife Trust. No stock on site at present to graze area.


Footpaths, Ridgwood

            On a question raised regarding the Footpath Review in hand, it was noted that the process was long and slow, with no decisions expected in the near future.


Churchstanton Charities

            The chairman spoke of the problems of these 2 charities for information to members. Noted the finances still not divided as required, with other problems also.



Date of Next Meeting

            As there was no other business the meeting was closed after it was agreed on Monday 9th February 2015 for next meeting at the Church Room and those present being thanked by the Chairman for attending.