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Minutes, February 2014

Clayhidon Parish Council


A Meeting of the above council was held, on Monday 10th February 2014 at the Parish Hall, Clayhidon at 7.30pm.


The following Business was brought before the council:-


1.           Confirmation of Minutes of Preceding Meeting.

2.           Matters arising from the minutes

3.           Payment of Accounts – (End of Year)

4.           Reports of County / District Councillors

5.           Correspondence

6.           General business

7.           Charity Business




Mr RM Kallaway, Chairman; Mr AFJ Redwood; Mr RJ Pike; Mrs S Hay; Mr AGS Hill; Mr ME Bendle; Mr RW Drew; Parishioner Mr BR Clowney and Mr MC Osmond, clerk



            An apology was received for Mr F Rosamond, County Councillor as being unable to attend the meeting.




The minutes of meeting 25th November, and 2nd November were taken as read (copies having been previously circulated), confirmed and signed after opening the meeting and giving a welcome to those present by the Chairman.


Matters arising

            Minutes of 2nd December on discussion “Broadband” was on “High-Speed” delivery to area by BT which at the present is not available.


TA P Grant

            Clerk reported that this had been received for the sum applied for of £427.


Hidon Wood / Footpath Survey

            Mrs Hay stated trees felled by the Marines in training had now been brought to the top of wood. A streaming programme was to be done later in the year on the open areas. Those to do this had to go on a training course. Grant awaited of £1000.00. Footpath surveys near completion. Noted “woodland plan” now in place and padlock / chain purchased for gate to prevent theft of wood.


State of Roads

            Mr Hill stated of delay with meeting with Mr W Pike that was planned, due to other weather conditions. New date agreed. Members raised areas to visit in addition to those listed by him. Shackles Cross to Burrow Farm, Hall to Belletts, Garlandhayes to Merry Harriers. Higher grade listing of road through Bolham. Chairman stated of complaints to him on surface condition of Holly Lane / Bolham. Mr Clowney raised the drain problems top of Jennings Lane. Road from Brookridge Timber onwards had bad potholes but this crossed into Hemyock. After a visit copy of findings for reference to Dr P Norrey DCO and Mr W Pike. Noted no correspondence received as was promised from Dr Norrey on budget spending for roads in Clayhidon and of Lengthsman.


Affordable home Hemyock

            The chairman reported that 10 homes now allocated, but that 2 homes held by District Council for persons in need not in the near area. General discussion on this action. No support for this by Hemyock Parish Council and they had raised this with the District Councillor. A meeting was planned shortly to discuss this change as were built for local need, but it was District Council Policy to place persons in high need where a home was available. Members agreed a letter of support to Hemyock Parish Council if needed awaiting further details.


Charity Income

            Clerk able to report that monies awaited from Churchstanton had now been received as a new bank account was in operation. A letter of thanks had been sent for payment after past problems.


High-Speed Broadband

            Mr Kallaway had attended a public meeting at Upottery and gave details to members. Mr J Cornish was in the chair and MP Mr N Parish was present. Mr G Long of Smeatharpe with knowledge on the subject had given background details on the provision of this by BT and that at present Smeatharpe / Clayhidon and other areas in the Blackdown’s had limited or no access to this service. Noted BT had put fibre optic cables as their best option to provide this nationally which left some areas not able to receive this and it was how the remainder were to connect that was the key concern of those present. A spokesman for BT gave a response of what had been done in other areas and these options were listed for both their good and bad points. Possible digital wireless technology or satellite but at present not very reliable. The meeting had been well attended with a varied parish representation. A general discussion was held on the options raised and possible cost to obtain.


Snow Warden

            At present due to birth in the family, the training session had not taken place as had not been able to attend the course. This to be done at a later date.


Salt Spreaders

            Clerk had contacted Mr Tracey Bell clerk to Dunkeswell parish Council for details of their spreader as agreed. This had been obtained from Mr Chris Keitch of Dunkeswell. After contact with him noted their model not now in production, but very similar style was available and a quote of models in use would be sent as requested. Chairman had sent details to members prior to meeting and this was discussed. Noted this was a price list only, Dunkeswell model £1150.00 net. The lowest price available was a PTO spreader at £790.00 net. The tractor model thought best for use in Clayhidon in preference to quad bike. General discussion on the insurance cover, how to be used, by whom and cost for spreading grit / salt in parish. Agreed more details sought before decision. Chairman agreed to do this.


District Councillor

            As Cllr Rosamond was not present, he had sent a paper report to the chairman and this was noted, the budget on target, further grant reductions from government to come.


County Councillor

            No report from Cllr Radford as not present.


Payment of Accounts

            As this was the last general meeting for the year, clerk had prepared payments for this which were proposed and agreed


Mr R Kallaway

Chairman / Telephone expenses

£     50.00

Mr W Hortop

Printing of minutes

£     90.00

Clayhidon Village Hall


£   160.00

Clayhidon Village Hall

TAP Fund Grant

 £   427.00

Mrs S Hay

Padlock / Chain

£     26.98

(VAT  4.50)


Cameo Club - Replacement

£   110.00

Smiths Gore

Rent of Field

£   282.00


A letter from Smiths Gore was read noted an increase in the rent of the Church Field from £250.00 to £282.00. This had been backdated to have effect from 1 March 2013. Agreed chairman signs agreement for this and invoice for this amount would be received after return of this.


Clerk’s Salary

            Chairman stated this was for review. Mr A Hill stated this was “Public Sector” employment and this should be kept down, and proposed £25.00 as being fair and 2½%. Mrs S Hay agreed with his view and seconded his proposal. Mr M Bendle made and increased proposal but was not seconded. The proposal was carried. Mr C Osmond, salary £875.00, War memorial cleaning £5.00, Petty cash £81.41, Telephone £25.00, Total £986.41.


Smeatharpe Hall

            Mr R Pike gave a short report to members with details of the new seating project, which was well in hand with fundraising for this. Various grant applications made for the improvements with decisions awaited. There had been some changes of members on the Committee and this was working very well.



Blocked Drains - Deadbeer entrance area

            Mr Hill stated of letter received from Miss C Smart arising from the flooding of her horse arena from recent heavy rain that had washed fine grain soil from field across road and into her arena. Council highways had cleared soil from the road and cleared drain in her hedge. Soil had come from the field owned by Mr R Drew and Son and as Mr Richard Drew was present, stated if contacted would come to clear drain. Noted three drains at this site across road to clear any surface water, which should prevent any flooding, Mr Hill would contact Miss Smart after meeting.



            Clerk reported letters of thanks for past grants received from Blackdown Support Group, Tiverton Transport Assn - “Ring & Ride”. Winter issue of “Healthwatch Voices”, DCC notice of review of Residential Homes to add centres for dementia. Mid Devon - Local Plan Review - Options Stage for development and settlements. DCC Definitive Map modification Order of Footpaths No. 28 and No. 31 Clayhidon under schedule 15, noted this was already planned.




Callers Silage Bunker and Night Lighting

            Mr Hill stated of 2 emails received from S & R Brown and G & A Weeks into the screening of one side of their bunker and of night light of new building area, which was seen by them as being open sided. Mr Drew, in response, stated of reasons for lighting for the cattle and times set to control when an operation. The new building being erected had needed a quantity of soil to be moved and this was by the silage Bunker, it would be moved again with any screening. Awaiting completion of building to put in hand. This information was available if had been contacted, Mr Hill to reply.



            Application for barn conversion to dwelling Mr & Mrs J Bendle Gladhayes, the Council has supported this as agent had sought to meet planning needs. Application for barn conversion to ancillary use and holiday let at Smith’s Farm, Mr and Mrs R Buckingham. No objections raised but point raised on roof covering to be more appropriate for area. Noted this was later withdrawn before decision. Application for extension and garage, Waterloo Farm Mr and Mrs Jacobs. No objections raised but as on skyline possible neutral paint colour for this on completion. Application for porch on rear side of Glebe Barn, Dr & Mrs Scott. No objections raised as designed to blend in with present building and not visible to other dwellings. Decisions received, permission to Mrs Mallinson, Lower Grays for the erection of single-storey extension. Permission to Mr N Gerasimidis, Old Rectory for change of use of rear extension to holiday let.


General business

As Mr Hill was to have a meeting with W Pike, attention was drawn to items to bring to his attention of blocked ditches and concrete gutters. Length from Rosemary Lane to Gladhayes. Bar part to Cordwents area. Other areas noted for inclusion to bring to his attention.


Date of Meetings

            As there was no other business the meeting was closed after it was agreed on Monday 17th March for the Annual Parish Meeting and Monday 14th April for next Parish Council Meeting. The Chairman then thanked those present for attending.