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Minutes, February 2015

Clayhidon Parish Council


A Meeting of the above council was held, Monday 9th February 2015 at the Church Room, Clayhidon at 7.30pm.


The following Business was brought before the council:-


1.           Confirmation of Minutes of Preceding Meeting.

2.           Matters arising from the minutes

3.           Reports of County / District Councillors

4.           Payment of Accounts – End of Year

5.           Correspondence

6.           General business

7.           Charity Business



          Mr RM Kallaway, Chairman; Mr RJ Pike; Mrs S Hay; Mr AGS Hill; Mr AFJ Redwood; Mr ME Bendle; Parishioners Mr B Clowney; Mr S Gray; Mr & Mrs J Kidner; Mrs W Clayton; , District Councillor Mr FJ Rosamond and Mr M Osmond, clerk




            Apologies given for Mr RF Radford & Mr RW Drew



            The Minutes of meeting 8th December 2014 were taken as read, (copies having been previously circulated) confirmed & signed after attention drawn to venue at Clayhidon not Crewkerne on High Speed Broadband.


Matters Arising,

High Speed Broadband Meeting at Upottery

            Mrs S Hay, Vice Chairman, gave a report of meeting in Upottery, with Mr N Parish MP as chairman in discussion with BT on the provision of this facility in the area. Noted many question asked but no clear full answers in response. Not very positive outcome from the evening. Noted many present to hear what BT had to say. A representative from the “Oxford System” was present and gave a broad outline on how and where this was in operation at present. More information would be available as requested. This was followed by a general discussion by members. Mr Hill raised the point on speed difference available in the parish even over a short distance. It was agreed to gather a picture of broadband speeds in the parish, when taking up any discussions with the supplier of the different supply. Item to be placed in the “Pump” and details to be placed on website.


Strimmer Purchase

            Mrs Hay stated she had contacted Paul Prettejohn to obtain an invoice, this had not been received at present. Noted the area of the fallen branch of young tree at Wiltown corner plot had been cleared and tree not damaged.


Wiltown caravan

            Copy of decision by Planning Dept to Mr A Board was outlined by chairman and thought this would now also grant Mrs G Board permission to live on site. It was agreed after discussion to monitor the site to ensure there was no increase in number of caravans. The matter of ditch dug outside of track was raised and it was felt that at the end a larger sized pipe should be put in place before filled in again. Matter of access across parish council land was discussed to ensure that no domestic right/ownership of the track access was in any future claim as parish Council had stated of their ownership. Members agreed to refer to past correspondence with the late Mr A Board on access across the land. Mr Bendle agreed to review this for use, to have this recorded. Clerk to supply details.


Grants 2014

            Arising from the grants made to local organisations at the previous meeting, letters of thanks had been received for the support given to them.


State of Roads

            The chairman stated that the Lengthsman had, just prior to meeting, been in the parish, but it was not known if and when he would return. He had taken up some outstanding matters with Mr W Pike, but awaited a reply from him. He drew attention to the new scheme of parish councils having some work done themselves and this was discussed if a grant should be applied for to train a person for this or possibly joining with Hemyock on road repairs and clearing of ditches and drains. Noted Mr Radford not present to give details of this new policy. The number of potholes and their size on Lemmons Hill had been reported and a repair crew had visited the site and also ha filled some in the Bolham area. Mr A Hill agreed to be trained as the road warden to have a person in the parish.


Blackdown Hills Partnership

            Chairman stated of previous meeting held and of speaker stating to have a “Parish Plan” in place, but did cost £7000 and grants available.


TAP Grant

            Clerk stated that a grant for Clayhidon of £430.00 had been received from Mid Devon District Council for Village Hall to promote “Villages in Action”


District Councillor

            Mr Rosamond gave a short report to members. Details of 1000 new homes to be built at Blundell’s development area, money from government for this. New waste collection pilot in hand with new larger collection vehicles. More recycle proposed and to larger area of district. Bins to be colour-coded with food bins lockable. This was a major development for the district. The district “Local Plan” now published and copy received by Parish Council. Clayhidon not included in changes of development. The £86,000 paid by developer to lift 106 section clause on the affordable house Clayhidon would not be reserved for benefit of Clayhidon was noted. The budget had a shortage of £200,000.00 further cutbacks proposed to balance this, details not given as services being viewed for this. The “Council Tax” set by District Council had been frozen for another year. The Council was to use electronic systems more where possible to make savings. Details given of meetings proposed across district for people to become more involved and stand to become either Parish or District Councillors at the May 7, 2015 elections. Thanks given to Mr Rosamond for the report.


Payment of accounts

            Clerk had prepared payments received and to come, as this was the last meeting in financial year ending the 31st March. The following payments were proposed by Mr R Pike seconded by Mrs S Hay and agreed. The payments for strimmer to Paul Prettejohn and Smiths Gore field rent were authorised when invoices were received. As funds were not available in the current account to pay amount required, it was proposed by Mr A Redwood seconded by Mr M Bendle and agreed £2000 be transferred from the deposit account.


R M Kallaway

Chairman’s Expenses

£      50.00

Mrs S Hay

Strimmer Guard/Petrol VAT

£      76.15

Clayhidon Village Hall

Hire of Hall

TAP Grant

£      40.00

£    470.00

WD Hortop

Printing of Minutes

£    120.00

Clayhidon Church Council

Hire of Room

Churchyard Grant

£    132.00

£    540.00

MC Osmond


War Memorial

Telephone Grant

Petty Cash Expenses

£    875.00

£        5.00

£      25.00

£      89.69

Paul Prettejohn

Strimmer + VAT (approx)

£    610.00

Smiths Gore

Rent of Field

£    282.00



            Letter from Community First Insurance with request for email address to send renewal documents to Parish Council to save on costs. Reply to be made on form of details to use. Notice of workshop for Parish Councils in March at Yarcombe from Blackdown Hills A0NB. Copy of February “Parish Matters” of Mid Devon Council. Copy of Local Plan Review 2013-2033 of District Council as details given by District Councillor. Winter edition of NHS Healthwatch Devon. “Devon Senior Voice” organisation to keep older people informed and involved. Letter from the office of Police and Crime Commissioner for contact details and if wished to receive their Community Newsletter. Agreed not to receive newsletter. Taunton County Hall, notice of Minerals Plan up to 2030, inspectors report now available to view of Somerset County Council.



            Application by Mr & Mrs G Slabbert of Bar Park for a pitched roof over the existing garage to be storage area. No objections raised as this would enhance the appearance of the building.


General Business, Clerk Retirement

            Chairman stated of wish by clerk to retire as clerk to Parish Council at end of March and new clerk in position when new Council in place after the elections in May. Chairman stated of length of service that had been given and thanks given for this. Mr M Bendle wished to endorse what chairman had said on length of service made. This was followed by a general discussion on how or if post should be advertised. Agreed this should be advertised in the “Pump” and on the website with hours to be worked and payments made after a job description obtained perhaps from clerk at Hemyock.


Callers Farm, visit and silage bunker

            Mr Hill raised the point of planned visit to Callers Farm to view silage bunker wall where planting for screening was to be done. Also raised, the amount of night light given from new cubicle building at farm. Noted Mr Drew had stated of councillors to visit site, but any planting was to be done when best time to do this was known, the Chairman would contact Mr Drew to arrange a visit as not present at the meeting to give details. In conclusion the Chairman asked parishioners present if they had any questions to raise, Mrs W Clayton of Bolham drew attention to the highways staff in the area working to repair potholes and the time taken by them as a rest period as she had passed them leaving and returning home with no work done. Agreed this was not best practice and details would be given by Chairman to W Pike for officers. No other matters raised.


Date of Next Meeting

As there was no other business the meeting was closed after it was agreed on Monday 20th April for next meeting at Village Hall and for the Annual Parish Meeting on Monday 13th of April 2015 at the Village Hall at 7:30 PM. Clerk to contact parish organisations to make their reports. Those present were then thanked by the Chairman for attending.