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Minutes July 2012

Clayhidon Parish Council


A Meeting of the above council was held, on Monday 2nd July 2012 at the Parish Hall, Clayhidon at 7.30pm.


The following Business was brought before the council:-


1.           Confirmation of Minutes of Preceding Meeting.

2.           Matters arising from the minutes

A)    Condition of Hidon Wood

B)     Parish defibrillator

3.           Payment of accounts

4.           Reports of District / County Councillors

5.           Correspondence

6.           General business

7.           Charity business




          Mr RM Kallaway, Chairman; Mr RJ Pike; Mr AFJ Redwood; Mrs S Hay; Mr ME Bendle; Mr RW Drew; Dist. Councillor Mr FJ Rosamond; County Councillor Mr RF Radford; Sir Nigel Essenhigh, parishioner and Mr MC Osmond, clerk



An apology was given for Mr AGS Hill unable to attend.

            On opening the Meeting, Mr Kallaway welcomed all those present.



            The minutes of meeting 16th April were taken as read (copies having been previously circulated) were confirmed and signed.


Matters arising

            Chairman stated branches in need of cutting back at Jack's House were still to be done and would make a visit to the owner.


Ten Oaks-Mr R Greenhill

            Notice had been received of the date of the hearing of the appeal by Mr Greenhill against Refusal decision by planning department for his mobile home, on 10th of July. After discussion noting a letter already sent to the inspector, agreed Mr A Redwood would attend. Mr Rosamond gave further details on procedure that would take place.


Community Land Trust

            A further meeting had taken place at Hemyock and the chairman gave details of this, many had spoken that this as not being in favour but, as the details of proposals were made clear, meeting changed to now support its objectives. Noted it was a legal body with shares in this to be taken up. Mr N Carter had agreed to be the Treasurer. Parish Council supported the objectives as a vehicle to use in the future for obtaining affordable house.



Affordable Home Policy

            Mr Rosamond stated that at present the proposed new policy document on Affordable Home Compensation payments by a developer had not been presented to the District Council for adoption.


Hide Wood Ford

            Mr Redwood reported that at present no repairs had been done on the Devon or Somerset side of the Ford. Mr Redford gave the contact details of the Highways Liaison Officer which Mr Redwood would contact. Noted no correspondence from Somerset County Council.


Hidon Wood

            A general discussion was held on the state of the wood in regard to fallen trees and general condition. Mrs Hay agreed to obtain some advice/information from a professional source for a plan of action to be put into operation.


Parish Defibrillator

            This was brought from the previous meeting agenda. After a general discussion on the use of this, due to the scattered hamlets, it was felt, in conclusion that it was not practical to purchase this.


Garlandhayes Notice-board

Noted the new notice-board would be erected at the site of the former telephone kiosk was agreed.


"Jubilee" report, Sir Nigel Essenhigh

            Chairman welcomed Sir Nigel Essenhigh who had acted as chairman of the working group in the latter period of the arrangements to present the financial details. A balance sheet had been prepared and copies given to those present. It was noted that it had been very well attended, a possible 500 people, with praise and thanks expressed by those attending as all things planned had been done and the weather had been dry for the evening's program, hog roast, live music (two bands), Beacon lighting and conclusion with a spectacular firework display. The income and expenditure details were given noting these were draft as there were still some payments to be made with the Parish Council agreement for the second band and non-parish helpers with some wine. He was able to hand the Parish Council £641.64. The Chairman noted the particular donation from Prof. Wingate of £250.00 to the event and with the members agreement thought six "Jubilee" mugs be presented to him for his grandchildren. This was agreed. In conclusion he wished to thank Sir Nigel Essenhigh on behalf of the Parish Council for all the work he undertook. Also noted was the work of Mr P Peverrell who obtained and set up the firework display which concluded the celebrations.


"Jubilee" Mugs

            Clerk stated he was presenting the mugs on behalf of the Parish Council and to date, this had been 63 around the parish. Still some more to do, using the Royal Wedding list. Mr Bendle proposed that as people were still wishing to purchase a mug, an item be put into the "Pump" of possible sale with 14th August deadline for doing this. This was agreed. As the details of the event would need to be put into the financial records of the Parish Council it was proposed by Mr Pike, seconded by Mr Redwood, that this be done when final figures were known.


Dr Scott Donation

            Mr Bendle drew attention That he had received a cheque for £200.00 from Dr & Mrs Scott for the use of the Church Field for a wedding reception. It was agreed a letter of thanks be sent for this generous donation.


District Councillor Mr F Rosamond

            Mr Rosamond gave a short report of business. Charter of District Council to be adopted shortly As their policy of relationships between Parishes and District Council. Localism Bill bringing changes to Planning Policy and on Code of Conduct, This will need to be adopted when further details received from District Council. In Conclusion he wished to thank all the persons who were involved in making the Parish "Jubilee" event the success it was as he had attended this. Thanks given for report.


County Councillor Mr R Radford

            A short report was given by Mr Radford. D.CC had received an £8.1 million grant from the government to be used on the roads. Noted the rise in number of 16/17-year-olds in care, a rise of 31% each costing £51,000 on the budget. State of roads in the Parish was discussed, road to Bolham and one from Hall to Hidewood in need of attention. Attention was drawn to the TAP and Locality Budget grants available. TAP was explained as a pound per person on a project, possible to join with another Parish if this was a benefit to the area. Apply to DCC for this. The Vice Chairman would look at correspondence received. For the Locality Budget, this comprised small grants for the area from his budget. Possible use could be "Villages in Action" funding. Thanks given for report.


Correspondence, Planning

            Application Mr M Legge, Old Ridgewood Farm, change of use of craft workshop to holiday accommodation, having viewed the drawings and as no external changes, this was supported. Application Mr L Saunders, Smythe's Farm, erection of two ground floor extensions to link present utility, hall and garden room. No objections raised, practical improvement. Application Mr M Broadbent, Higher Hill Farm, provision of the balcony for a loft conversion. After a discussion it was agreed to support it. Application Mr & Mrs D Lancaster, Tredown Farm, removal of (c) condition of planning permission EN11054 relating to agricultural occupancy. Having discussed the application in particular depth, a response of "in view of the age and health of occupants, no objections."

East & Mid Devon Safety Partnership - spring update and alcohol abuse awareness. Mid Devon consultation - Dog Control Orders. Mid Devon - Town & Village character assessment - draft for consultation. Copies of Parish Matters. D.CC Parish Paths - newsletter. Devon Waste Plan consultation. School admissions & transport 2012/13. Copies of "Intouch" monthly news. DALC newsletter.


Parishioners Letters

            The chairman noted that the Parish Council had received letters of thanks and appreciation for the "Jubilee" event, for which the Council underwrote the costs. Other correspondence received was listed and noted.


General Business, Clerk PAYE

clerk stated that there's agreed he had contacted his accountant and had set up PAYE system for clerk's salary as required and £170.00 had been paid to Inland Revenue for 2011/2012. The following payments were proposed by Mr R Pike seconded by Mr A Redwood and agreed.


Mrs C Williams

Internal Audit

£     50.00

Mr M Osmond

Expenses / Tokens

£     74.72

Devon Playing Fields Ass’n


£     36.50




Date Next Meeting

            As there was no other business, the meeting was closed after it was agreed 13th August at the Parish Hall for next meeting and thanks given to those present for attending.