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Minutes June 2013

 Clayhidon Parish Council


A Meeting of the above council was held, on Wednesday 5th June 2013 at the Parish Hall, Clayhidon at 8.30pm. following a public meeting on the Definitive Map of Rights of Way in the parish of Clayhidon review presentation at 7.30pm.




1.           Definitive Map – Rights of Way presentation – Emily Spurway.

2.           Confirmation of Minutes of Preceding Meeting.

3.           Matters arising from the minutes – Grays Quarry Licence.

4.           Payment of Accounts – Parish Hall.

5.           Reports of County / District Councillors.

6.           Correspondence

7.           General business




Mr RM Kallaway, Chairman; Mr AFJ Redwood; Mr RJ Pike; Mrs S Hay; Mr ME Bendle; County Councillor Mr RF Radford; Emily Spurway, DCC Rights of Way Officer with Jenny Parsons DCC; twelve parishioners; and Mr MC Osmond, clerk.



Apologies were given for Mr A Hill; Mr RW Drew and Dist. Councillor Mr F Rosamond as unable to attend.

            On opening the meeting, the Chairman gave a warm welcome to all those present and to guests Emily Spurway and Jenny Parsons.


County Councillor

            As Mr Radford wished to attend another meeting, it was agreed to start with his report. He stated of his thanks to all the people who had voted for him at the recent election, despite a low turnout of electors. Little business on DCC at present, as members of the various communities being appointed. Details of those he would serve on were listed.  DCC had 62 councillors and the various groups noted, Conservatives 38, Liberal 9 Labour 7, independent 3, Ukip 4 plus 1 other. State of roads were brought to his attention at Bolham with around 30 potholes. Drain at Bolham bridge still broken. The matter of road sweepers working on Sunday was raised. Also raised was when recycle collection done there was still a trail of plastic bags and items on the road around the parish. Thanks given for details.


Definitive Map Review

            Chairman presented Emily Spurway to the meeting. She thanked the chairman for being able to make this presentation as she was working up the Culm Valley. This meeting being an introduction to the Definitive Map Review, to start the process. A handout being given to those present to follow the screen details. There is a legal record of all Footpaths/Bridleways and other classes of Rights of Way, held at Exeter with a Map Statement being the description of the right of way and status. This review process can amend, correct any errors and add any missing details if there is supporting evidence. The process of consultation and decision-making was a long one to prevent any mistakes and give all interested parties a chance for a contribution. The section on Diversions was enlarged, noting that there would be a charge to pay if the landowner wished to move it for his own benefit. Attention was drawn to the need for feedback in the consultation process. It was noted there are 37 footpaths and 3 bridleways in the parish. DCC now using digitalised mapping of the Definitive Map to replace the one published in 1958. County responsible to maintain unsurfaced country roads as Public Rights of Way, these are used as part of recreational network and are not shown on the map and are not included in the review. Any suggestions invited by the start of September 2013. Details on how to make a submission given, apply to County Council or download from website. This was followed by a question and answer session from parishioners present. A small supply of notices that would help landowners and users was available to take away. In conclusion it was noted that the past winter with all the rain had made it difficult to get repairs done from the water erosion. The Chairman then thanked Emily Spurway and Jenny Parsons for attending and giving the required presentation to parishioners.



            The minutes of meeting 8th April, 2013 were taken as read (copies having been previously circulated), confirmed and signed.


Matters arising

            Noted drain at C Smart stables had been cleared but blockage was due to an on-site contractor in the past.


Affordable Home

            The Chairman gave a short report of recent meeting at Tiverton; also present was District Councillor F Rosamond who had supported Parish Council view. Discussion around the sum of £86,000 if paid by the developer would lift present tie on dwelling for open market sale. There was a lack of details at meeting if could be kept as affordable, but “Falcon” housing association were interested. A new fact to appear was whether the building, met the new level 3 standard required to be let as affordable, this was not known and went back to District Council who had not required that an affordable dwelling be built to this specification. Final decision if developer could pay £86,000 to lift tie put back till 15th of July. Mr N Carter was able to give the latest details to meeting, that various parties were working hard to still maintain dwelling is affordable and “Falcon” were still interested despite unknown building status at present. If the £86,000 was paid, this would not be set aside for Clayhidon but go into District Council’s central fund. Details were discussed by members and awaited next decision.


Grays Quarry

            It was noted that the “License” for Scout use of Grays Quarry had been signed by both parties and use could commence by them.



            The internal audit just been completed by Mrs S Aldworth as Mrs C Williams, due to an illness, and not been able to do this. The accounts had been signed off for submission to District Audit but a typing error by clerk for year 2011/12 in preparation that did not affect balances had been found for £2.44 on Parish Council election costs. This was noted as they had been adopted by Council after confirmation of bank balance. The following payments were proposed by Mr R Pike seconded by Mr M Bendle and agreed for payment:-


Redwood & Sons

Erection of two notice boards

£  336.00

Clayhidon Parish Hall

Hall hire (County Council Election

£  128.00

Mrs Aldworth

Internal Audit, 2012/13 accounts

£    50.00




            Copy of Clerks & Councils, Parish Matters May & June, Devon Senior Voice. Letter from DCC stating that night light at Oakleigh to be operating during only part of night. Mid Devon - Local Plan Part 3 after submission to inspector - modifications to be made, consultation period. Section on agricultural homes permission noted. Changes to permitted development rights of 30 May 2013 without permission required. Planning Department appeal for building sites if suitable from landowners for housing, retail or employment use.



            Application Mr A Mockridge, Middleton Mill, for change of use for agricultural barn for furniture restoration, no objections. Application Mr P West, Ashcroft, for double garage to replace present one, no objection. Application Mr and Mrs T Hart, Hidonfields, erection of timber framed tractor/implement shed to replace present one, no objections. Mrs H Gendall, Shepherds Halt, erection of garden store, double garage and log store. Noted this is a change in layout to previous permission given, no objections made. Application for Certificate of Lawfulness for existing holiday accommodation as dwelling with barn and swimming pool and new access by Mr D Kohlman, the Bothy, Barne Farm, the Council noted changes made over past 5 years but this was planning policy in force if change could be made. Application for listed building consent for replacement windows and internal alterations by Mr and Mrs PS Simmonds, Applehayes. Noted this is an older property and repair and changes needed over time, no objections. Mr M Barclay, Higher Heazle, application of revised drawings of change of use of land for erection of dwelling as holiday let with office and garages; noted these are practical changes to original application; no objections raised.

Decision Notices received:-

            Hemyock Products Ltd - Prior Notification application for erection of a biomass boiler and chip store to poultry houses 1, 2, & 3 refused or a full planning application is required as the outside of application policy. Permission to Mr C Purbrick for erection of two-storey extension and conservatory. Permission Ms F Parker erection of agricultural general-purpose building, Rosemary Lane. Permission, Mr G Woodall, Roseleigh, for dormer and balcony to West elevation. Permission, Mr M Barclay, Higher Heazle, for change of the land use for erection of dwelling as holiday let with office and garage plus barn for equestrian use (revised scheme). Permission, Mr B Shipton, Stidwells, - dormer window and flue.


General business

            Mr R Pike gave a short report of special evening at Smeatharpe Hall, organised to mark work done, but guest of honour did not arrive.


Mary Parsons Field & Munty Wood Charity

            Noted visit had been made to the charity field at Churchstanton by councillors to note site and general condition. Noted it was a difficult time for Churchstanton Trustees awaiting court hearing 23rd July for decision of building on their land by Mr P Philips. Although income received unable to make any payments from bank account till after the court hearing and decision made. Possible also new trustees to be appointed or confirmed, details not known at present of their status.


Mr T Purvis, Kingsmead

            Mr Purvis drew attention of Council to new application he had made for change to application granted for his building/shower block with the flat roof, but the Parish Council had not as yet received this. The change now required header tanks for water pressure which meant pitched roof for these. Planning officer had been on site and was in favour of proposals to meet this requirement. No change in footprint size only height. Members noted the details and thanked him for them; they would clarify the application when received.


Hemyock History Group Mr M Cooper

            Mr Pike had been contacted by History Group to inform him of proposal to organise a special event to mark the centenary of start of First World War. Comstock had already been contacted and were willing to be involved and this was to obtain view of Clayhidon Parish Council for events in 2014. Details of costs and what was proposed were very limited for members. After a general discussion it was agreed that at present more details were required before decision could be made and therefore should be on the agenda of next meeting when all councillors present and more details of required involvement and costs would be known.


Buddha Fields

            Mr B Clowney of Jennings drew the Council’s attention to the recent Buddha Fields event held in Clayhidon near him and whether any Notice to hold the event had been received. Noted no notices had been erected near site for any comments/observations to be made. Noted the Parish Council had not received any correspondence for the proposed event held.


Date of next meeting

            As there was no other business the meeting was closed after it was agreed on Monday, 5th August for the next meeting at the Parish Hall and those present being thanked for attending.