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Minutes, June 2014

Clayhidon Parish Council


A Meeting of the above council was held, on Monday 9th June 2014 at the Church Room, Clayhidon at 7.30pm.


The following Business was brought before the council:-


1.           Confirmation of Minutes of Preceding Meeting.

2.           Matters arising from the minutes

3.           Payment of Accounts – Audit

4.           Reports of County / District Councillors

5.           Correspondence

6.           General business




Mr RM Kallaway, Chairman; Mr RJ Pike; Mr AFJ Redwood; Mrs S Hay; Mr ME Bendle; Dist. Councillor Mr FJ Rosamond; County Councillor Mr RF Radford; Parishioner Mr BR Clowney and Mr M Osmond, clerk



            An apology was given for Mr RW Drew as unable to attend.

            A welcome was given to those present as the Chairman opened the meeting.



The minutes of meeting 14th April 2014 were taken as read (copies having been previously circulated), were confirmed and signed.


County Councillor

            As Mr RF Radford had a further meeting to attend a change in agenda was agreed and a short report was given. The “on street parking” now in County Council operation again and would save £400,000. New “Youth Hub” for the Mid Devon District to be based in Tiverton and grants for parishes to be made to Tiverton for a local start-up venture. High-speed broadband now being 90% over region but this was not the same for some rural areas. General discussion on options to increase access in these parishes. Noted contact made with MP to visit parish and two dates given for this. The Care Homes of DC C were now to be moved into the private sector to manage. This would save costs of £1 million plus to DC C as money had to be saved where possible and private sector could do this more efficiently. Grants from the “Locality Budget” now available as New Year started. Details of money spent by Highways on parish roads noted, but thought culvert/bridges repairs included. A discussion was held on verge cutting in parish as at Smeatharpe this had been quite wide and some places in need of more cutting not done. The long concrete ditch channel from corner past Gladhayes Farm to Nick Reeds Lane was brought to his attention as this had been choked for months and surface water running on the road. Thanks given for report.


Matters Arising, Silage Bunker Callers Farm.

            As Mr Drew was not able to be present he had spoken to Chairman and it was noted his agent was working on this with proposals as required. Offer of visit to inspect site was given again from him. Date to be agreed.




High-Speed Broadband

            Chairman stated he had option of two dates for MP visit to parish. After discussion agreed on 10am at parish Hall on 11th July. Agreed also to invite Mr G long of Smeatharpe for his local technical knowledge. Posters to be put up to advertise. Discussion on others to invite held.


Clayhidon Turbury

No further correspondence from Mr E Hopkinson of Devon WildlifeTrust on application to put a fence around boundary. But arising out of this proposal application and after meeting of Mr Padfield of Mount Pleasant Farm and Mr Hopkinson, a letter had been received by parish Council from Mr C Padfield with three points he wished to have confirmed. A/ Water supply of two springs in Turbury to supply Mount Pleasant Farm. B/ Access via track from Black Lane to Mount Pleasant Farm. C/ a parcel of Turbury rented this yard for Mount Pleasant Farm, clerk had checked Parish Council minute book and had found entry granting a piece of Turbury being 13yards square, at a shilling a year in 1952. Noted rent had been paid yearly to clerk for the Clayhidon Charity. Points raised confirmed of no changes and a reply to be sent to Mr Padfield stating this. Copy of letter and confirmation of points raised to be sent to Mr E Hopkinson of the Devon Wildlife Trust as part of his working information.


Bolhayes Signpost Repair

            Mr Hill had not forwarded any correspondence to Parish Council on the proposed direction arm welding repairs.


Internal audit

            Clerk stated this had been done by Mrs S Aldworth but as, with the weekend, there had been late completion to meet Audit Day deadline due to work load, clerk had returned form by 1st class post registered for the Monday morning.


Charity Income

            Chairman stated he had received a letter from Ms D Norrish giving details of Churchstanton Charity income. This was noted. Mr K Hodges had cutback wood in hedge and this was a great improvement to the field. He proposed Clayhidon Trustees should have a meeting soon with Churchstanton to discuss an increase in rent of field.


Scout Agreement

            Mrs S Hay stated a new agreement for a further 12 months use of Greys Quarry by the scouts had been signed as needed. An invitation for Parish Council to meet scouts at Greys Quarry had been made and this was noted. Mrs Hay stated that fallen wood in Greys Quarry was being removed but it was not known who had removed this.


Blocked drain at horse arena

            No further details at present from Mr Hill in response from Miss C Smart on concrete dumped on drain outlet in her field that had caused her horse arena to be flooded and so brought to the attention of parish Council.


Clayhidon Affordable Home

            Noted this had been sold and family living in it. General discussion on terms of sale as Housing Association had not been able to fund any more. District Councillor to check for information with planning Dept as to whether any section 106 payment had been made to remove affordable status.




District Councillor

            Mr Rosamond gave a short report on main topic of business. The Masterplan of Tiverton East Urban Extension now agreed and passed. The problems that arose being explained for costs of required roundabout. Possible paper shortly for parish consultation on the levy on affordable housing. New community engagement with parishes planned by District Council in decision-making. Mid Devon Council still to make a grant to AONB as this would help AONB to get further grant from government to operate their plan. Noted now that 95% of money invested in Iceland Bank returned. Thanks given for the report and matters discussed.


Payment of Account

            The following payment was proposed by Mr Pike seconded by Mr Redwood and agreed by those present. Mrs S Aldworth - Internal Audit £50.00


Current-Account Balance

            Clerk reported that, at present with precept received and no major expenses to pay, a balance high of £9964.00 in current-account, money could be transferred into deposit account. After a general discussion on expenses noting the Hall Committee would need to repair boundary wall, it agreed £5000.00 be put into deposit account.



Footpath / general strimmer

            A letter from DCC noted there would be no grants for footpath’s for this year, but it was noted there was £868.10 in the account. Mrs Hay stated that 3 people had attended a strimmer training course held to gain a certificate to be able to do this work. Discussion held on Parish Council purchase of a suitable model for use. Mrs Hay would obtain quotes on models suitable for various uses and of good lasting quality. Also check if Footpath Funds could be part used with money from TAP fund. Mr Redwood proposed obtain quotes to purchase in principle and this was seconded by Mr Pike and agreed.

            Copy of “Parish Matters” & Clerks & Councils noted as correspondence.



            Application Mr G Woodall, Roseleigh, Rosemary Lane, insertion of 2 first-floor windows, no objections raised. Revised application Mr N Carter Brookdale, for conversion of redundant barn off Cordwents Lane. No objections raised to the internal changes proposed. Application change to permission granted for creation of a balcony on first-floor, by Mr N Gerasimidis at The Old Rectory. Members having viewed the drawings found that there were no south-west to north-east elevations supplied which would show the balcony on the front of the house on the 1st floor between the bedroom bay windows. Also details of how it would be kept in place. Roof details of material of entrance below being floor of balcony. Agreed unable to make any response noting house was seen from the road and any alterations would have an impact.


Entrance track to field. Mr P Quinain Clayhidon Turbury

            Clerk had been contacted by Mr P Quinain of Dunkeswell to draw attention to a tree in the track used by him for access to two small fields which now over time obstructed access by tractor and trailer to his fields. This was narrow and difficult to change route as ditch on other side. Mrs Hay would contact Mr E Hopkinson of Devon Wildlife Trust to contact Mr Quinain for meeting for agreement on access.


Wiltown Plot

            Dr J Cogswell had contacted clerk to report branch from tree had been blown down on top of a planted copper beech and in need of removal. Mrs S Hay would inspect fallen wood and check on damage for removal by Mr C Houghton agreed.


MP Parish Visit, High-Speed Broadband and Roads

            After discussion, 11th of July at Parish Hall confirmed as best date for this visit. Mr Redwood would make Hall booking. Chairman would confirm this date with MP’s secretary.


Date of Next Meeting

            As there was no other business the meeting was closed after it was agreed Monday 4th of August 2014 for next meeting at the Church Room and those present being thanked for attending.