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Minutes. March 2014

Clayhidon Annual Parish Meeting


The Annual Parish Meeting was held, on Monday 17h March 2014 at the Parish Hall, Clayhidon at 7.30pm.




1.           Confirmation of Minutes of Meeting 2013.

2.           Matters arising from the Minutes

3.           Reports of Parish Council / Charities / Local Organisations

4.           General business



Mr RM Kallaway, Chairman; Mr RJ Pike; Mr AFJ Redwood; Mr ME Bendle; Mr RW Drew; Mrs S Hay; parishioner Mr BR Clowney and Mr M Osmond, clerk



            Apologies were given for being unable to attend for Mr M Hudson; Mr AGS Hill; Mr & Mrs M Reynolds and Mr & Mrs G Weeks



Minutes of meeting 2013 were taken as read (as copies had been previously circulated), confirmed and signed.


Matters arising

            Chairman noted the work that had been done at Hidon Wood for the benefit of the parish and further planned work for it. Copies of report given to those present noting use of parish website compiled by Mr G Wakes as use and visits had increased during the past year.


Chairman’s Report

            The Chairman gave a short report on behalf of the Parish Council for the past year. Noting that details were published in the “Pump” and on the website. Roads were still a problem and noting that Dr P Norrey of DCC had attended a meeting to hear of Parish concerns. Budgets were to be cut to the DCC due to governmental cutbacks. A priority of the Parish Council was to get the road from Shackle’s Cross through Bolham upgraded to a higher grade, then it could have more money spent on repairs to it. Decision awaited on this. The parish affordable home was still not in use as the developer and District Council had not come to agreement on payment for section 107. Much work had been done on this but developer would not change his position. Scouts now following an agreement with Parish Council had use, at times, of Grays Quarry as camp. Noted no problems raised by this use. Mr M Cooper of Hemyock had attended a meeting to speak of W.W.1. anniversary events being held in the Culm Valley. Book and video planned with the life stories of the service men who had their names on parish memorials. Clayhidon History Group is working on names of those from Clayhidon, who died. Community Land Trust Homes at Culmstock Road, Hemyock of which Clayhidon had joined were nearing completion, with some families to move in shortly. Noted Mid Devon District Council had reserved 2 homes for their use as part of the permission and were now providing two families. Concerns regarding this in Hemyock as all the homes could have been filled from the area. High-Speed Broadband to all areas being supplied by BT was not available in Clayhidon and part of the area around. Chairman had attended a public meeting at Upottery and gave a short report of this. Other options to give a good reliable service to users without extra high cost for the provision of this being studied, but each had faults. Noted any business was hit by this lack of high-speed supply if in the Blackdowns. Mr N Parish MP was involved to get the Blackdowns supplied. In conclusion he thanked the Councillors for their support during the past year.


Clayhidon Friends

            Mrs A Langford reported to those present that they had enjoyed a full and varied programme of interesting speakers on athletics, Blackmoor murder and a cycle ride to Edinburgh. Visited William Prices blackcurrant fields on a summer evening. Quilts of Joan Harrington were inspirational. £140.00 raised for Devon Air Ambulance and Associated Countrywomen of the World. The coffee morning for Macmillan Cancer Support raised £230. A full and varied programme is planned for 2014 to include rug making, working royal palaces and Taunton’s outreach service to the homeless. Maintained our number of members but new members most welcome. Thanks given for the report.


Village Hall

            Mr M Hudson had prepared a report for the meeting and the Chairman read this to those present. A busy year for the Hall Committee with 7 events during the year that had raised much-needed revenue for Hall funds. Details given on the events which raised £3668.40. Demand for the events tickets was high together with raffle tickets, refreshments and the licensed bar made a healthy profit at each occasion. He expressed the thanks of the Committee Members to Bee Hill for her energy and valuable support also for making each event a great evening and success. 2 new members were now on the Committee. A programme of outside refurbishment was done in the autumn on the rainwater goods and redecorating of gable ends. A comprehensive “Spring Clean” inside and outside was done. The financial details noted that £8500 on repairs and the redecoration had left £3225.00 with a further payment before year end of £1000.00 the expected balance to be £2225.00. Grateful thanks to the Parish Council for the substantial grant received.


Mr FJ Rosamond District Councillor

            A short report was given by Mr Rosamond on the budgets in hand and the cuts in grants both now and to come. No increase in Council Tax. Refuse and recycle collections under review and changes being made. As the vehicles now being used are larger in size no longer going on private roads to make collections. “Local Plan” consultation in hand, but did not have any effects on Clayhidon. The Upper Culm Housing Trust well ahead in Hemyock and dwellings to be occupied. The Culm Valley Inn at Culmstock had financial problems, possible moves now being made to become a community asset. On a question raised on the affordable home in Hemyock as two where being set aside by District Council for families outside Culm Valley, it was noted this was a condition in the section 106 agreement as part of permission being given. Noted Hemyock Parish Council and Housing Trust not happy over this event. Noted home in Clayhidon still empty as developer not paid amount to District Council to remove section 106 limit. New planning scale of charges to start on 1st April 2014. The council only lost £62,000 from the collapse of Icelandic Bank in which they had investments. Thanks given for report.


Rosemary Lane Chapel

            Mr A Redwood gave details of the past year to the meeting as Mr Peter Glasgow was not able to be present. Noted that when Peter came to take up his post it would be for 3-5 years and a new leader would be appointed for the longer term which has now been done in Mr Jonathan Hillman at present a support worker/teacher at Uffculme Comprehensive School. Jonathan and his wife Emma who lived at Bolham will together gradually be responsible in 2015 for the Ministry of the Chapel to the community. The weekly programme details were given of Sunday school, Bible studies, worship, music group, toddlers and Friday evenings alternate meetings for young/senior children each with good attendance. The second Wednesday of each month for the Luncheon Club being shared with BSG and the third Tuesday of each month Tea Club, both being well attended. An event now is to share worship annually with St Andrews church with alternate venues in the summer. A brief summary of our life at Rosemary Lane where we aim to focus on the teaching of Jesus in daily life. Thanks given for details.


Hidon Wood

            Mrs S Hay gave details of the management plan now completed by John Greenshields in order to obtain Forestry Commission grant, also work done to clear unwonted shrub/trees for access of visitors and details of work proposed in the future as part of the long-term.


Parish Council Accounts

            Clerk had prepared a draft statement for the year and copies given to those present, noted a bank statement was awaited to confirm balance. The accounts for year 2012/2013 had been audited and passed with no matters raised by the District Auditor.


Opening balance– Gen A/c



Frank Clark Footpaths


Opening balance- Footpath A/c



S Hay- padlock





Insurance premium


Jubilee mug sale



DALC- subs


Jubilee mug VAT



Audit Commission


Mid Devon-“TA P Fund



Internal audit


DCC Footpath Scheme



Hall grant


Forestry Commission- Plan



Hire of Hall- meetings


Grass rent- church field



TA P Fund- Hall


Reclaimed VAT



DCC Hall hire


DCC- Hall election hire



Blackdown Support Group


Account interest HSBC



Cameo Club





Ring and Ride





Hemyock PCC





Churchyard grant





D Hortop- minutes





Redwood and Sons





Chairman expenses










John Greenshields- Plan





A C Mole





Smeatharpe Hall





“Gala Ball” insurance





Clerk salary





Clerk PAYE





Clerk expenses





Clerk War Memorial





Clerk telephone





Members expenses





Smiths Gore- field rent





Balance Footpath A/c





Balance general A/c







Clayhidon Local History Group

            As Mrs P Reynolds was not able to be present the Chairman read a report received for the group. January was the month of Annual Dinner held at the Merry Harriers being much enjoyed. February AGM with officers elected. March entertained with speaker David Hawkins on a particular ancestor who had stolen a sheep, sentenced to death then sentence commuted to transportation to Australia. April, secretary read diary of mother living in Guernsey in WW2. May, visit Burlescombe Church, June, Taunton refurbished museum. In July to Blundell’s School to tour buildings old and new. August had exhibition of photographs of historical features of Clayhidon homes/buildings. September, had visited Quaker Meeting House at Spiceland near Culmstock. October details from newspapers on 19th-century people at Wellington Workhouse. November Dr David Pugsley recounted another murder in Devon with a different ending to the one in Clayhidon. December was Christmas buffet party and quiz. The varied programme was much enjoyed by the members and new members always welcome to join the group.


Mary Waldron Charity

            Prepared report by Mr Mike Reynolds, secretary, was read to the meeting, noting that income had increased again from investments, but a poor year for applicant numbers, despite funds being advertised in various forms.


Opening balance








Closing balance



£  1601.55



£  1601.55


Mary Parsons Charity

            A statement prepared by clerk was read, noting that the outstanding income from Churchstanton had now been received as a new bank account.


Balance HSBC



Blackdown Support Group


War Stock



War Stock


Interest War Stock



Balance HSBC


Interest HSBC










Half share-Churchstanton











General Business

            The chairman drew attention to an email received from Mr G Long, Smeatharpe of recent police operation at exit of stadium after race meeting when, arising from complaints of speeding on roads in the area, 20 drivers were stopped with vehicular faults of brakes, lights red diesel in tank, no tax disc and insurance incorrect.


Planning Application

            Application Mr N Carter, Brookdale, for conversion of redundant barn off Cordwents Farm lane into dwelling and garage –. After viewing and discussion on the details noting low in the side of the hill, no objections raised in response.





            Agreed Mr Hill proceed to get the upgrade from G9 to G7 of collector road from shackle’s cross to Whitedown cross with Mr W Pike highways and also with Dr P Norrey DCC


Hidon Wood Plan

            As invoice from John Greenshields for the Management Plan had been received proposed by Mr Redwood seconded by Mrs Hay that payment be made as terms of Forestry Commission grant for this only.


Bollhayes Sign Post Finger

            Noted that during recent hedge/verge cutting by highways contractor, a finger had been broken off. As this was cast-iron special welding was needed to repair this. Mr Hill had details of person willing to do this and cost was around £300. Approach to highways for grant towards the costs agreed, but thought reply of limited funds would be received.

As there was no other business the chairman thanked those present for attending and closed the meeting.