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Minutes, November 2013 working group

Clayhidon Parish Council


Members of the Parish Council met as a working group at the Hall on 4th November 2013 at 7:30 PM to review state of parish roads.



     Mr RM Kallaway; Mr AFJ Redwood; Mr ME Bendle; Mrs S Hay; Mr AGS Hill and Mr M Osmond, clerk.

Mr Hill had received from Mr Ray Radford various styles of road map and he had made further copies for the meeting. The colour codes of the roads were discussed relating to their importance in the network. Road maintenance standard related to a particular colour grade given and members thought there should be an adjustment on two of these in particular to a higher grade. Markings on one map was difficult, as no key to understand the markings on the map. Further details to be sought for this map. The parish was to be divided into portions for members to survey the state of each one and list findings of blocked drains, ditches, and potholes for the meeting with Dr Phil Norrey and Highways Officer. Members agreed to have further meeting after survey done, to enable all details now known for the parish presentation to DC C. Noted apologies from Mr R Drew and Mr R Pike and able to attend.





Minutes of Working Group Meeting held 2013/11/25


Clayhidon Parish Council


Members of the Parish Council met as a working group at the Parish Hall on 25th November 2013 at 7:30 PM, following the survey done on parish roads.


Present Mr RM Kallaway; Mr AGS Hill; Mrs S Hay; Mr AFJ Redwood; Mr R Pike; Mr R Drew; Mr M Bendle and Mr M Osmond, clerk.

            General discussion on findings by members of the state of ditches, drains and verges. Mr Hill would put together a statement to be used at the meeting with Dr Norrey and copies of this to be sent to members which included parish grades adjustment request. Members agreed on the content and style of discussion to achieve a better standard of maintenance for the roads noting that budgets are being cut or not in line with inflation also the best method of any communication wished by the DCC. Also to include duties and numbers of visits in a year by Lengthsman to the parish. Should Parish be more involved in his duties hiring a person of their own when the need arises. This to be discussed in more detail. Agreed the agenda of the meeting to be adjusted with only confirmation of minutes of the start, followed by the discussion with the DCC representatives. In conclusion the two planning applications received were discussed. A) Lower Grays - single-storey extension. B) The Old Rectory - change of use for rear extension as holiday let. Noted no objections raised. Meeting closed and thanks given for attending.