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Minutes October 2012

Clayhidon Parish Council


A Meeting of the above council was held, on Monday 8th October 2012 at the Parish Hall, Clayhidon at 7.30pm.


The following Business was brought before the council:-


1.           Confirmation of Minutes of Preceding Meeting.

2.           Matters arising from the minutes

3.           Payment of accounts – Hall Grant

4.           Report of County / District Councillors

5.           Correspondence

6.           General business




Mr RM Kallaway, Chairman; Mr AFJ Redwood; Mr AGS Hill; Mr RW Drew; Mrs S Hay; County Councillor Mr RF Radford; Dist. Councillor Mr FJ Rosamond; Parishioners Mr MJ Hudson: Mrs D Pike: Mr N Carter; Mr BK Clowney; Mrs N Woodgate, Wellington Scout Leader and Mr MC Osmond, clerk



Apologies were Given For Mr ME Bendle & Mr RJ Pike, unable to attend.

  On opening the Meeting the Chairman gave a welcome to those present.



The minutes of meeting 13th August 2012 were taken as read, confirmed and signed (copies having been previously circulated) after noted word “Community” omitted in report of “Upper Culm Community Land Trust”.


County Councillor Mr. R Radford

As he wished to attend another meeting, he was invited to report early.  Noted the “Tap-Fund” had funds still available to be drawn upon.  He urged the Council to make an application. The Chairman replied that this would be done, he thought, after further meeting with Mrs. Stallard of Hemyock.  The “Locality Budget” also funds for parish use.  DCC were working on budgets noting a zero increase in funds from the government.  Staff now 2700 less and £30,000,000 saved.  Number of children in care now reduced to previous years.  On highways £5 million set aside for “C” roads and £270,000 increase in Lengthsmen budget.  Attention was drawn to the state of roads from A) Shackles Cross to Whitedown Cross and B) Hall to Hidewood Cross, these he would bring to the attention of Highways Department.  A general discussion was had on the number of potholes and the quality of their repair as did not last a long time.  The condition of Jennings Lane was also raised as this was a county road for part of length.  Mr. Redwood gave details of contacts made with highways dept, to report faults and their response to obtain a “Log” number as stated by Mr. Radford the procedure to follow, but was still awaiting repairs after this length of time.  Mr. Radford agreed to follow this up, copies of this correspondence to be sent to him by Mr. Redwood.  Thanks given to Mr. Radford for his report.


Matters arising

Mr. Redwood gave a report of the appeal hearing he attended at Tiverton.



Ten Oaks Farm

A strong case had been put by Planning dept. to support their decision of Refusal of Permission.  It was noted that changes had been made in the farming practice and the inspector had granted permission for three years.  This was no guarantee it would be granted after this time.  The matter if viable was still to be proved to satisfaction.  His claim for costs was dismissed.


Upper Culm Community Land Trust

The Chairman gave a short report of recent meeting.  Seven directors elected, two from  Clayhidon noting Mr. Carter now the treasurer.  Twelve homes to be built in Hemyock as part of latest scheme.  A housing survey had shown the need for these.  Letters of opposition to these proposals had been sent to planning.  All new directors would go for governance training to aid them in their roles as directors.


Affordable House at Clayhidon

The Chairman drew attention to the latest details.  District Council had postponed their decision as a new valuation was sought on the house.  Letter from Mrs. Fish read and discussed.  Members thought the payment by developer to lift section 106 on house that £22,500 was too low in relation to market value.  Parish council would not respond until new valuation figure obtained and new payment calculation done on these.  District Councillor noted the views expressed of those present.


Parish Jubilee Event

Clerk had contacted Sir Nigel Essenhigh as agreed and now a new statement with changes to add later donations / payments.  Noted Clerk would reclaim £32.77 VAT which would give a surplus after all expenses paid of £143.11.


  Income:-         Bar                                          £  1248.32

                          Tuck Shop & Donations         £  1941.53

                                                                          £  3189.85                   3189.85


  Expenses         Roast                                       £  1487.00

                          Fireworks                                £    500.00

                          Bands                                      £    300.00

                          Sundry                                    £    792.51

                                                                          £  3079.51                   3079.51

                          Balance                                                                         110.34                         110.34

                          VAT Refund                                                                                                      32.77

                          Final surplus                                                                                              £     143.11


Thanks given for details of statement prepared by clerk.  Noted that all those attending had been pleased with the evening event.  The father of water of “Jubilee” mugs received and these were being given to those who had placed an order.



Notice board

Mr. Redwood agreed to contact Mr. M.  Coates to agree on the site for the area notice board.


Hidon Wood

Mrs. Hay gave details of sub-committee visit, agreed first step to get path across open again with the aim to link up with path in turbary.  The clearing of undergrowth and holly around the boundary to give access would be a good thing as proposed by Mr. Greenshields.  Mrs. Woodgate wished permission for the Wellington scout group to have access for their outdoor activities.  Members attended and visits noted.  Also discussed was if more suitable was Gray’s Quarry for their activities with an overnight camp.  After a general discussion agreed views of the parish would be sought on the request.  Council not against the request but further discussions needed when all Councillors present and more details presented by the scouts.


Code of Conduct / Members’ Interests

  Members have completed their forms as required and these had been returned to the Monitoring Officer to place on file.


Mr. F. Rosamond, District Councillor

  Mr. Rosamond gave a short report to those present.  The District Council had a surplus in funds.  Details of government Grant and the effects this would have were given.  Council Tax to be frozen and much work would be needed to meet these figures.  New Cabinet policies published were explained including dog supervision and control of high hedges.  New Planning Policy published and a section on rural buildings read and noted.  Other items noted and discussed.  Thanks given for the report.


Payment of Accounts, Hall Grant

  The annual grant to the Parish Hall was discussed and then it was proposed by Mrs. Hay and seconded by Mr. Drew a grant of £2000.00.  This was carried, noting interest declared by Mr. Kallaway and Mr. Redwood.  Also confirmed that the Audit Commission payment of £144.00 was made prior to meeting, for audit of accounts, to meet payment deadline.


Correspondence, Planning

  The following Planning Applications had been received.  Miss F Parker, Cornerways, erection of barn Heazle Road.  As this was adjoining the present one on site no objections raised.  Application and approval to Mr. N. Carter, Brookdale, for formation of a road to land off Cordwents Farm.  Permission to Mr. & Mrs. Lancaster, Tredown, for removal of agricultural tie on bungalow.  Permission Mr. R Drew & Son, Callers Farm, for erection of cubicle building and roof over yard area.  Permission, Prior Notice to Mr. & Mrs. D. Percy for the erection of agricultural building.  Application Miss A. Williams, Bolham Farm for sealed slurry store.  No objections as this was to replace present one on site moved to new position.  Application Sir Nigel Essenhigh for erection of timber lean-to conservatory, Cordwents Farm, no objections taking into consideration the present house on site.  Application Mr. M Barclay, Higher Heazle, for the erection of dwelling for holiday let, office and garage with the erection of stables.  Noting the site of development and materials proposed to blend with present dwelling, no objection raised.  Application Hemyock Poultry Ltd., erection of poultry house.  New house adjoining on lower side of those present, visual impact reduced, but on the east, south and west adequate screening required.  Concern was expressed that this would generate heavy traffic on a minor road due to the feeding and removal of poultry, leading to further degradation of it.  On balance the view was that it was a well run business with some employment and, with proviso that adequate screening be made and maintained, no objection to application.  DCC details of “Footpath” autumn workshops.  Mid Devon notice of consultation period of Gambling Act 2005.  Notice of training sessions of Code of Conduct & Localism Act Planning.  Copy of Openness and Transparency guide on personal interests.  Invitation for two parish representatives to attend “State of District” debate on 30th October was noted and further details given by Mr. Rosamond.  Devon Playing Fields Ass’n Annual Report.  Other correspondence received listed and noted.


General Business

No further items were raised, as already raised in meeting and discussed.


Date of next meeting

The meeting was closed after it was agreed to bring forward by a week next meeting dates of Monday 3rd of December and thanks were given to those present for attending.