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Minutes October 2013

Clayhidon Parish Council


A Meeting of the above council was held, on Monday 7th October 2013 at the Parish Hall, Clayhidon at 7.30pm.


The following Business was brought before the council:-


1.           Confirmation of Minutes of Preceding Meeting.

2.           Matters arising from the minutes

3.           Payment of Accounts – Parish Hall Grant

4.           Reports of County / District Councillors

5.           Correspondence

6.           General business


Mr M Cooper would be attending to give details of proposed events of centenary of World War 1  August 2014



Mr RM Kallaway, Chairman; Mr AFJ Redwood; Mr AGS Hill; Mrs S Hay; Mr RW Drew; Mr ME Bendle; parishioners Mr P Brown; Mr BR Clowney; Mrs B Hill; Mrs H Stallard, Chairman Hemyock Parish Council; Mr RF Radford County Councillor; and Mr M Osmond, Clerk



            Apologies were given for Mr RJ Pike and Mr FJ Rosamond as being unable to attend.

            On opening the meeting the Chairman gave a welcome to all present noting Mr M Cooper and Mrs H Stallard.


World War 1 Centenary

            Mr Cooper was introduced by the Chairman at start of meeting as he had a further event in the evening to attend. He thanked the Council for his invitation and gave the latest details available noting a sheet had been prepared for members and this was enlarged upon. Various funding applications had been made, Heritage Lottery, Sustainable Development Fund of the AONB, Hemyock History & Archiving Ass’n. Funds would also be generated (£1,150) from the sale of the book and DVDs as a condition of Heritage Lottery grant of £6,900. The AONB grant awarded £1,750 and Hemyock History & Archiving Ass’n to provide £500 towards the project budget cost set at £10,300. An event to be staged in Culmstock, Hemyock and Clayhidon. Research in hand of those who served in Great War and personal stories. DVD film of events for material for schools and colleges. A Bound folder of all material to each Parish Council for each community. Revd Chris Hudson is working through material received before going to printers. The events are being managed by Rev Ron White, Mr John Somers, fellow of Exeter University Drama Dept and Jo Elworthy. Mrs Penny Laurence has agreed to liaise with Clayhidon History Group on family research and service records to be pooled to prevent duplication. In conclusion the Chairman stated that Clayhidon Parish Council would make a Grant to assist in the funding nearer the time as Mr Cooper wished, dependant upon the book and DVD sales. He then thanked Mr Cooper for attending and all for details.




The minutes of meeting 5th August 2013 were taken as read (copies having been previously circulated), confirmed and signed.



Matters arising

Affordable Home

            The Chairman reported that there had been no further developments in regard to the home from the developer. A further house at the site had a “Sold” sign but there was at present no one living in it. It was felt he was holding out for his higher price, which members thought not possible.


TAP fund

            The Chairman welcomed Mrs Stallard who gave details of a meeting held in preparation for a funding application as a joint parish application was needed to obtain the funds. Culmstock had proposed the creation of a Community Garden which anyone could visit. Hemyock proposed further development of old garages at Millhayes for skills training of young people in addition to First Aid which had been requested. Clayhidon would apply for additional improvements to Parish Hall noted Hall being used by Hemyock residents and venue for Village in Action events. As each Parish Council of Culmstock, Hemyock and Clayhidon were in agreement with these proposals the clerk would write to Mrs Donna Evans clerk at Hemyock stating Clayhidon supporting other proposals as she would prepare and submit the application for the funding. For Clayhidon this was £1.10 per parishioner. Thanks given to her for the details.


Hidon Wood

            Mrs Hay stated a further meeting with J. Greenshields held on proposed work but awaited maps for him to use as part of the application he would be making for funding of the work.


Charity Income

            Chairman gave background details on behalf of the Trustees as they had not received income due for past two years. A letter had been received from Mr C Carpenter of Mary Parsons at Churchstanton, unable to draw funds from account. A meeting with a solicitor held to take things forward to reapply with Charity Commission. A letter was also received from Mrs B Simpson a Trustee in regard to letter sent by Parish Council to Churchstanton Parish Council noted no direct reply received from them which stated of change in trustees. Mr P Kirk and Mrs D Morris not now trustees. Tenant paid rent due but it would take some time before Clayhidon would receive income. Doubt by chairman if they had given notice to Mr Hodges that a change was wished as at the end of his five-year use.


District Councillor

            As Mr Rosamond was not able to be present, he had forwarded a written report to the Chairman for presentation. The Tourism Information Centre moved to the museum and we will need to see how this works. Council finances sound and on budget, but concern over waste and of recycling costs as higher than expected. This service costs higher when compared to other services and also with new houses greater need on this service, we will need to change current practices to hold down costs. Due to increasing numbers of older people, Mid Devon with DCC and Tiverton Almshouses Trust helping to fund a 50 bed extra facility at Alexandra Lodge with 24 hour care and support. The overall cost for this is £6.9m. Details of Economic Development Plan proposed and two issues on Planning a) operation of the Planning Committee and changes to the Tiverton Eastern Urban Extension as Cabinet requested more information, so delay in release for public consultation.


State of Roads / County Councillor

            Noted some repairs done in Bolham area but more in need of being done. Chairman drew attention to paper sent to members by Mr A Hill on approach to road care and to highways Department. This drew upon Parish Council having more information on the grades of the roads and the maintenance policy of Highways Dept towards these. Was there any area of consultation on which roads the Parish Council thought had priority? What should we expect from visits of the Lengthsman with such limited visits, taking into consideration the size of parish? Are the various amounts of money being spent on the roads in Clayhidon in line with that spent on other parishes similar to Clayhidon?


These matters were discussed by members and Mr Radford, as Highways Dept. would have this information. Agreed, if parish Council had more details of money for parish and of the policy, it would give them a stronger case to bring to Highways. Mr Radford stated of amount of money being spent and needed as £62 million on A and B roads. For C grade there was little available. Mr Hill drew attention to highways own published policy as, on particular points, this was different from practice. Mr Radford supported what had been discussed, for the Parish Council to have more information to get priority roads attention but some would only have potholes repaired. Mr Bendle proposed and it was agreed that Mr Hill gather information on areas in parish in need of attention and then with information from Highways Dept. this could be made in to a programme of repairs of blocked drains, ditches and culverts. The subject of roads and funds available made up the report by Mr Radford.


Roads Conference

            Mrs Stallard gave a short report on the recent conference held. Noting that items asked in previous discussions on roads, were on display and available and also noting when Lengthsman visiting the parish. Many figures given to those present, in particular £750 million backlog of repairs to date. No way in which all roads will be repaired up to standard. Surprised at the limited job description of work load of Lengthsman in each parish and if a lot to do, not able to complete. Scheme proposed where parishes take over this duty and Hemyock is looking at this, it depended on the subsidy from County Council. A workshop was planned for persons to do this work, legislation training required to be covered by insurance. A further idea raised was that if parishes joined together a higher payment received could make it near full-time job so more covered. After a general discussion on her report and what was possible, members agreed to a working group meeting 4th of November at the Parish Hall at 7.30pm. The Chairman thanked Mrs Stallard for attending and reports given to members.


Payment of Accounts

            After a general discussion on the Hall finances, noting repairs at present on outside being done, it was proposed by Mrs S Hay and seconded by Mr R Drew and agreed a grant of £2000.00 be made, Mr A Redwood declared an interest and did not vote. It was also noted that Hall would receive TAP fund this year of £427.00



            SWWA Copy of Water Future proposals and changes 2015 - 2020. Notice of East Devon’s “Community Infrastructure Levy” charging schedule and Changes to Local Plan consultation publication. Mid Devon Council:- Review of Planning Committee procedures, Licensing Act 2003 public consultation on Policy as end of five-year term, copy of September issue of Parish Matters giving notice of DCC’s (Tough Choices) forthcoming meeting at Tiverton 16/10/13 with Cllr John Hart Leader. This was noted by members if persons could attend for parish.


Planning Decisions

            Permissions to Mr R & Mr RM Drew, Callers Farm for cubicle extension and covered yard, Mr & Mrs A Redwood, Searles, for replacement buildings to form ancillary accommodation also Listed Building Consent for this change, Mr T Purvis, Kingsmead Centre, for revised scheme of amenities / shower block, Mr Tong, Hillview, for extensions and replacement porch. Mr N Moberly, Bolham Mill, diversion of access road application now been withdrawn before decision. Other material received being listed and noted by members.


General Business

            Chairman stated of being contacted by Mr G Long of Smeatharpe, noting the limited coverage of fast broadband in the area as some could receive it but others, 1km away, could not. General discussion by members on availability, but had to be tuned in to get what was available.

            Mrs Stallard gave details on the new homes being built in Hemyock as going very well, to date 46 persons had shown need for the 12 being built at Griffin Close, Culmstock Road. These would be in use from December to March as completed. In view of the need and interest in this type of scheme other schemes now being investigated. Noted visitors from outside of the County to view and take details for similar in their area.


Date of next meeting

            As there was no other business the meeting was closed after it was agreed on Monday 2nd December for the next meeting at the Parish Hall, the clerk to invite Mr Phil Norrey chief executive to attend if possible and special meeting with him only if unable to attend on that day. Invitation for person from Highways Dept at same time. Those present were then thanked for attending.