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Minutes, October 2014

Clayhidon Parish Council


A Meeting of the above council was held, Monday 13th October 2014 at the Church Room, Clayhidon at 7.30pm.


The following Business was brought before the council:-


1.           Confirmation of Minutes of Preceding Meeting.

2.           Matters arising from the minutes
     A)  Glebe Field drain
     B)  Wiltown Plot entrance
     C)  Mrs M Tuckey presentation

3.           Payment of Accounts – Village Hall Grant

4.           Reports of County / District Councillors

5.           Correspondence

6.           General Business



          Mr RM Kallaway, Chairman; Mr RJ Pike; Mr AGS Hill; Mrs S Hay; Mr ME Bendle; Mr RW Drew; Mr FJ Rosamond District Councillor; Mr R Radford, County Councillor; Mr N Carter; Mrs P Reynolds and Mr M Osmond, clerk



            An apology was given for Mr AFJ Redwood as unable to attend.

            On opening the meeting, the Chairman gave a welcome to those present.



            The Minutes of Public Meeting at the Hall on 1st August and working group of council on 20th August were confirmed as correct but not signed for the record. The Minutes of Meeting 4th August 2014 were taken as read (copies of all meetings having been previously circulated) confirmed correct, and signed.


Public Meeting

            Arising from the meeting with Mr N Parish MP the chairman stated of condition of roads about which further letters to Highways Dept had been written. Speeding traffic at Half Moon Inn, Mr Radford stated of the system in use to get speed reductions. Noted 20 mph signs were painted on roads in particular places but Traffic Orders were needed for this. Also there was a cost involved in this procedure and at present no money for this. Letter from Dr P Norrey of DC C read and noted. This had stated no signs would be erected as there was no record of accidents at the site. Members agreed clerk send a copy of this to Half Moon Inn.


Matters Arising,

High-Speed Broadband

            Chairman stated of contact with Mr G Long of Smeatharpe of trials on wireless broadband. It was a system that worked at an area near the Blackdowns. Members agreed Chairman contact Mr Long for more details as to source for this area with a scattered low population with many hills and valleys.




Drain near Deadbeer

            Chairman stated of letter received with copy of emails from Dr C Smart, Barley Meade in regard to the Highways drain which went into her property near the ménage. This was discussed by members. Agreed clerk to respond stating of the decision, in view of the letter, to pass on this matter to Mr W Pike of the Highways Dept responsible for highway matters of this area.


Strimmer purchase

            Mrs Hay stated that a strimmer had been purchased from P Prettejohn to have blade and cord use. Noted, awaiting a blade protection guard. This was awaited for the length of time, agreed by members to seek this from another supplier if not received soon.


Wiltown Green - Track to field

            Chairman gave background details from site visit and further details that Mr J Tolley would fill in open ditch with stones for drainage and covered with earth. Details from Mrs G Board also an entrance to field of Mr T Purvis was still blocked with earth, attention drawn to fact that no information given to Parish Council of work to be done by Mrs Board. General discussion on this work and that planning permission for use only in lifetime of Mr Board if this change should be notified to Planning Dept under their permission granted. Mr Bendle proposed and Mr Pike seconded that as Mr Board had died these details should be notified to Planning. Noted that this could start end of living on the site. If this was reported should Parish Council report all other breaches of permission whether large or small discussed. Mr A Hill spoke of any limit for doing this, if Parish Council drew attention to one then any should then be included. District and County Councillors spoke of the Parish Council being the eyes and ears to them and cases should be drawn to their attention for consideration and decision. Chairman offered to contact Miss T Billeter of planning Dept for view. In conclusion after the discussion is difference of opinion he proposed a vote on this issue. Mr Bendle then withdrew his proposal after Chairman’s offer to contact Miss Billeter. Views awaited from her as to any actions by Parish Council.


Mrs M Tuckey presentation

            Mrs Hay stated that “of small number wished that any presentation made, not a big formal event.” Clerk stated that, to date £640.00 had been donated. The venue for presentation was discussed and if evening or day event. Mr Kallaway offered Crosses Farm as a venue and after discussionit was felt that if Parish Councillors made presentation for parish, it would meet the family wishes. Mr G Weekes would be contacted to take photos for publication in paper and website for parishioners to note that this had been done despite length of time after retirement as she had been on holiday.


Definitive Map

            Arising from the working group meeting to discuss the changes, a letter had been sent with views of Parish Council and reply received with thanks for the comments and that decisions made, be made in due time.


Garlands Bower

            Chairman drew attention to the wet spot in field. The old septic tank was not in use as a new one had been placed within the Old Rectory, but water drains still connected to this and this was reason for wet area. Contact to be made with owner of Old Rectory for it to be eased.


County Councillor

            Mr R Radford gave a short report to the meeting of business. This was then followed by discussion of correspondence of Parish Council chairman to DCC officers with copy to him in regard to the condition of roads and Bolham in particular. This was followed by a general discussion on points raised. Mr Radford stated he wished the parishes did not have poorer roads but it was cost of repairs, having limited funds to do this. DCC could raise more money from the Council Tax but only if a referendum held if increase by 2% more. Members felt DCC Highways not listening to views of parishes and points raised. Noted, to have a higher grade of repair, roads needed to be below grade 7. Request made for 150 yards to be done each year to improve road surface. Mr Radford would take up this with Highways. The worst section was above Fields Farm to Mole Farm entrance. Attention drawn to Parish Council email address :-


District Councillor

            Mr Rosamond stated the present Leader of District Council was stepping down. A new debate was in hand on system of the District governance, but no decision made. A further referendum was to be held. Mr Guscott of Planning Dept was to retire was noted. Details given on future meetings of Parish Councils and officers, and on emergency planning at Tiverton. No members wishing to attend at this time. Further details given on Junction 27 development in regard to the Local Plan guidelines. Thanks Given for the Details.


Payment of Accounts

            The condition of the Village Hall and its finance was discussed by members, after which it was proposed by Mr R Pike seconded by Mrs S Hay that the invoice for the Bollhayes sign post repairs be paid, this was agreed and a grant for hall as 2013 of £2000.00


Clayhidon Village Hall


£  2.000.00

B.A. Jackson Services


£     350.00



            Chairman stated of letter received from St Andrews Church regarding the Remembrance Sunday service. As this was a special year if the parish council could attend, if not the service then the “Act of Remembrance”. This was noted by members. Parish Matters - Mid Devon, Tap Fund update awards and meetings. Notice of grant reduction amount from government in the 2015/16 Precept. This would mean an increase in payment from homeowners. Mid Devon would not apply full reduction from government to homeowners which was 41.2%. DCC Waste Plan - consultation notice of modifications to plan. Letter from Mid Devon planning Dept noting English Heritage in partnership with War Memorials Trust who intend that freestanding First World War Memorials be listed in the centenary of the First World War 2014 - 2018. District Councils asking Parish Councils to put forward their War Memorials for listing. As full information as possible, location, photo, designer, material, inscriptions and details of individuals. Clerk had made contact with Mrs P Reynolds of Clayhidon Local History Group for consideration. Review of polling places and stations in parishes with public notices for reply. After a discussion agreed Village Hall best position with services and parking.


Planning Applications

            Mrs A Manfield, Lindos, Rosemary Lane, application for removal of boundary earth bank on the road and replace with local natural stone with “stone on edge” for coping. Noted this would match walls of neighbouring dwellings and blend in, no objections. Application by Mr M Legge, Old Ridgewood Farm for the erection of the extension to the holiday cottage to provide utility room, bedroom and disabled wet room & toilet. These additions needed for wider use. After a general discussion noted the size would change the appearance of the local stone agricultural barn currently being typical in the area. Would not be a small barn moving to dwelling. Noted that at present a holiday building with facilities but, from statement, has not as yet been let for use. As on the skyline of the valley this would be seen and not then be a typical agricultural stone barn.


General business

            Mr Pike gave a short report on the finances of Smeatharpe Village Hall and that an approach was to be made to “Viridor” for a grant to provide funds for work in hand needed to improve facilities.


Date of Next Meeting

As there was no other business the Meeting was closed after it was agreed on Monday 8th of December 2014 for next Meeting at the Church Room and those present being thanked for attending.