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November 13, 2017

Minutes of Clayhidon Parish Council

Planning Meeting

held in the Parish Hall at 7.30pm on 13th November 2017



1.                  Present 

Mr Kallaway (Chair), Mr Bendle, Mr Blackmore, Mr Drew, Mrs Hay, Mr Langford, Mrs Weekes, Mrs Evans (Parish Clerk) and 2 members of the public.


2.                  Declarations of Interest

Agenda item 4.2 - Mr Bendle declared a personal interest as the applicant is a neighbour.


3.                  Public Participation

Nothing to report.


4.                  Planning

The following applications were considered:-

4.1                 17/01570/FULL.  Wiltown Farm, Clayhidon.  Change of use of land and conversion of former agricultural building to form 1 dwelling.

PROPOSAL:  the council supports the application.

PROPOSED:   Mr Langford

SECONDED:  Mr Blackmore 

DECISION: passed (all in favour)

4.2                17/01642/HOUSE.  Rosegarland Barn, Clayhidon.  Erection of two storey rear extension (Revised scheme).

PROPOSAL:  the council supports the application.

PROPOSED:   Mr Langford

SECONDED:  Mr Blackmore 

DECISION: passed (all in favour).  Mr Bendle abstained from the vote.

Planning permission granted noted for:-

4.3       17/01472/NMA.  Bollhayes Park Farm, Clayhidon.  Non-Material Amendment for 17/00449/HOUSE to allow increase in floor area.


5.                  Finance




VAT reclaim









C Houghton

Village maintenance (car park extension and Wiltown Green)


Bank Reconciliation






Community a/c


Business Manager





PROPOSAL:  that the income is agreed and the above cheques/payments are paid/agreed. 


SECONDED:  Mr Bendle

DECISION: passed.  (all in favour)     


6.                    Clerk Update

6.1                First Aid Training – Mr Drew clarified that Drewfest will kindly pay for the hall hire.

6.2                Precept – the clerk asked that councillors provide her with information on any known extraordinary expenditure for the next year that needed to be included in the budget. 


7.        Items raised by Chairman

7.1                17/01453/FULL.  Kingsmead Centre, Clayhidon.  Erection of a dwelling (100sqm) including camp site reception facilities (58sqm).  The parish council had previously agreed to support this application, provided MDDC was satisfied with regard to land ownership and the financial sustainability of the business.  Mr Kallaway confirmed that Councillor Rosamond would call the application in to be decided by committee as long as a representative from the parish council was prepared to attend and speak at that meeting.  The MDDC planning officer is minded to refuse the application as he believes there is no proven need for someone to be living on site full-time.  He has some other concerns with the design of the dwelling and requires clarification on ownership.  The applicants have been working with him to resolve these issues.  Mr Kallaway agreed to speak on behalf of the council at the planning meeting. 


8.                    Items raised by Councillors

8.1                Mrs Weekes updated the council following her Blackdown Hills Parish Network (BHPN) meeting with MPs.  They discussed HGVs on unsuitable roads, affordable housing and broadband. 

8.2                The latest lorry to get stuck on the lanes was discussed. A number of possible solutions were discussed namely:- Mr Kallaway to speak to landowners near Gladhayes bridge to pursue the idea of creating a turning area to enable lorries to turn; clerk to discuss with highways officer additional signage, including a sign at the top of Callers Lane informing lorries to turn down Callers Lane to avoid Gladhayes bridge.  Mrs Weekes to pursue the problem with the BHPN.

8.3                The visibility splay/verge at top of road opposite Ford Street needs cutting.  Clerk to report.

8.4                Mrs Hay reported that a number of loud fireworks had caused problems for livestock in the parish.  Clerk to establish if there is any relevant legislation and publish a note in the Pump and on the village website.


9.                    Date of next meeting The next council meeting will be on Monday 11th December 2017at 7.30pm.  Peter Heal, Chair of MDDC will attend.


Meeting closed at 8.30pm