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December 14, 2015 Clayhidon Parish Council minutes

Clayhidon Parish Council Meeting

held in the Parish Hall at 7.30pm on 14th December 2015




            1.               Present 

Mr R Kallaway (Chair), Mrs A Weekes, Mr G Langford, Mr A Hill, Mrs S Hay, Mr R Drew, Mr F Rosamond (District Councillor), Mrs D Evans (Parish Clerk), and 4 members of the public.

Apologies Mr R Radford (County Councillor) and Mr M Bendle.


            2.               Declarations of Interest

Agenda item 7.2 – Mr R Kallaway has a personal interest as the applicant is his daughter.

Agenda item 8.2 – Mrs A Weekes has a personal interest as her husband is the Chair of the Parish Hall Committee

Agenda item 14 – Mr R Kallaway has a personal interest as he is a Director of the Upper Culm Community Land Trust.


            3.               Minutes from Previous Meetings

3.1     PROPOSALThe Council minutes of the meeting of 12th October are approved. 

 PROPOSED:  Mr G Langford 


 DECISION: passed (all in favour)

3.2       PROPOSALThe Council minutes of the meeting of 9th November are approved. 

 PROPOSED:  Mr G Langford 


 DECISION: passed (all in favour)              


            4.               Matters Arising

4.1       Ten Oaks Planning Application 15/01622/FULL.  Mr G Langford attended the planning   meeting on behalf of the parish council.  The committee asked the planning officer to provide more information and the application has been deferred until February.  Mr G Langford will draft a response on behalf of the parish council detailing its concerns.  Clerk to send this to MDDC to forward to planning committee members before the February meeting. Mr G Langford was thanked for his efforts.





            5.               District Council Report

            Councillor Rosamond reported:-

The new waste and recycling scheme is working well.  More is being recycled and less is going to landfill.  MDDC is cutting some of its grants.  Blackdown Support Group will lose its £200 grant.  The cash payment made to tenants who downsize is being scrapped.  Heart of the South West Devolution - 19 local authorities are looking at ways of working together as part of a government initiative.


            6.               County Council Report

            Councillor Radford sent the following report:-

The prime activity is the budget.  Waste - There are 229 authorities in England, Mid Devon produces 379kg per head and is ranked 175th in the Country.  It is not the worst.  North Devon produces 428kg per person and is ranked 217th.  East Devon produces 289kg per person and is ranked 3rd in the country.  Library usage in the SW has dropped by 1.3% in the last year but Devon has bucked the trend and the usage is up 3.9%. In April next year Libraries will become a Public Service Mutual and this will save DCC £1.5m.  Although DCC will be able to increase the Council Tax to take account of the increasing cost of the Care Service, to give £6.6m extra income, with the introduction of the minimum wage, costs will increase by £7.1m and so DCC will be £0.5m out of pocket.  In 2011 DCC employed 6608 full time staff.  Today DCC employs 4076, a reduction of 38.3%.  More redundancies are likely to follow.  DCC took back on street parking from MDDC in 2011 when it was losing £795k per year after all staff costs and parking fines were taken into account.  Today, now it is back in house, DCC has reduced the loss to £60k, still a way to go.  There are discussions going on reference a collaboration between the Police with a budget of £280m, and the Fire Authority, with a budget of £75m, to achieve greater synergies in blue light services.  There is already a corresponding service with the ambulance authority.  There is also a collaboration between The Devon Pension Fund and other local authorities so as to have a bigger clout and have a pot of around £25b.  Despite all of the above, DCC will have to make a further £30m saving in its budget and a further £27m saving in the following year.  These are big figures and will hurt. By 2020 there will be no Government grant funding; all budgets will have to be funded locally.  


            7.                Planning

The following applications were considered:_

7.1        15/01748/CLU - Mobile Home, Jewells Farm, Hemyock.  Certificate of lawfulness for the use of a mobile home as a dwelling for a period in excess of 10 years.  The council has no comment to make.

Approval for the following applications were noted:-

7.2        15/01308/FULL - Retention of two storey extension, single storey extension and boiler room (Revised Scheme).  Lytchett Farm Clayhidon.

7.3        15/01648/FULL – Erection of cabinet to house observation borehole measuring groundwater levels, and surrounding fence.  Smeatharpe Stadium Clayhidon.


            8.               Finance

8.1      Income & Expenditure




Half Moon Rental for The Pound









N Werner

Retirement Plates


PROPOSAL:  that the income is agreed and the above cheques/payments are paid/agreed.

PROPOSED:   Mr G Langford


DECISION: passed.  All agreed.    

8.2      Grants

A discussion ensued concerning grants to be made this financial year.

PROPOSAL:  £2,000 grant be made to the Parish Hall

PROPOSED:   Mr G Langford


DECISION: passed.  All agreed.   


PROPOSAL:  £70 grant be made to Tiverton Ring & Ride



DECISION: passed.  All agreed.    


PROPOSAL:  £65 grant be made to St Marys PCC Hemyock towards the cost of producing the Pump magazine.


SECONDED:  Mr G Langford

DECISION: passed.  All agreed.


PROPOSAL:  £120 grant be made to the Cameo Club, Hemyock

PROPOSED:   Mr G Langford

SECONDED:  Mrs A Weekes

DECISION: passed.  All agreed.    


PROPOSAL:  £540 grant be made to the Church towards the maintenance of the churchyard.

PROPOSED:   Mr G Langford

SECONDED:  Mrs A Weekes

DECISION: passed.  All agreed.    


The clerk was asked to provide more information on the payments previously made to the Blackdown Support Group by both the council and the Clayhidon Charities. 

8.3      Precept

After discussion it was agreed to increase the precept in order to allow the parish council to finance services previously supplied by DCC & MDDC, if necessary.   

PROPOSAL:  precept to be set at £8,000 for the year 2016/2017, making the Band D figure £35.45 per annum.

PROPOSED:   Mr G Langford

SECONDED:  Mrs A Weekes

DECISION: passed.  All agreed.    










































9.                 Clerk Update

9.1       Cosmic Peninsula Consortium offer free interactive workshops to introduce Google apps etc. to the community as part of the Connecting Devon & Somerset project.

9.2        VAT – The clerk has completed the VAT return.  This was late as reminder was sent to previous clerk.  Clerk will try to reclaim the £17 charge.  Clerk has spotted a previous error and will reclaim an extra £41.24. 

9.3        Highways/TAP Fund – Highways has confirmed that the self-help and road warden schemes are only for volunteers and the free training is not available to paid contractors.  The three parishes of Hemyock, Culmstock and Clayhidon will need to meet to decide the way forward and how to spend the £1,500 TAP fund monies on Lengthsman-type works. 

9.4        Transparency Code – Clayhidon Parish Council will soon need to comply with a new code and publish more information on the website.  The clerk will be applying for funds from a government funded-pot to assist with this additional work.  Mr G Langford asked that it be made clear that the website is not a parish council website, it is independent and kindly includes parish council information on it. 

9.5         The clerk is liaising with Mrs S Aldworth, internal auditor, reference registering with HMRC to input real time information on the PAYE system.  This will enable the clerk to be paid!


10.              Highways

10.1      A parishioner raised the subject of Grays Lane and commented that it is often used as a short cut by delivery drivers, driving at considerable speed.  He asked whether the road could be left to slowly degenerate so that the delivery drivers would no longer use it and only local parishioners, driving slowly and cautiously, would continue to use it.  Whilst the parish council sympathised with his concerns, it advised that the parishioner was unable to erect his own speed bumps on the public highway and was advised to report any accident/incidents to 101 so that a record was made. 

10.2      A parishioner asked if a grit bin could be installed outside of their property on Grays Lane.  Clerk to ask Highways.  











11.             Footpaths

Mrs S Hay has spoken with ED Hopkinson, Devon Wildlife Trust, who advises it is part of his long-term plan to develop a path around the Turbary to Jennings Farm.


12.             Wiltown Green

The council visited the site to inspect the fencing and gate that had been erected many years ago.  It was felt these were no longer necessary due to a change in the practices of neighbouring farms.  Mr G Langford will dismantle and remove fencing and gate.  Mr A Hill kindly volunteered to clean and repaint the road sign.  Mrs S Hay will arrange for quotations to cap the stone wall to prevent further disrepair and to erect a new gate in the wall.  Mr G Langford will also bring down the sign from the tree.

The clerk read the recommendations report received from the AONB Natural Futures Project.  Mrs S Hay confirmed she had a team of volunteers working on site and clerk to pursue bird box idea with AONB.   










13.             Correspondence

13.1        Healthwatch Devon – autumn issue noted.

13.2        Devon Senior Voice – autumn issue noted.

13.3        Information pack from BHAONB noted and passed to Mr G Langford.

13.4        Letter from DCC informing that proposed changes to Footpath 31 and Routy Lane will go to committee in March 2016.


14.             Housing Needs Survey

The Upper Culm Community Land Trust (UCCLT) is working with a developer to look at the possibility of building some affordable/open market houses behind the Griffin Close development in Hemyock.  The UCCLT will consider an updated housing needs survey for Clayhidon as part of this work. 


15.             Items raised by Chairman

Nothing to report.


16.             Items raised by Councillors

16.1       Mrs A Weekes proposed the parish council join the Blackdown Hills Parish Network and agreed to be the council representative and to attend relevant meetings.

PROPOSAL:  The council joins the BH Parish Network

PROPOSED:   Mrs A Weekes

SECONDED:  Mr G Langford

DECISION: passed.  All agreed.     


17.             Date of next meeting  The next council meeting will be held on Monday 11th January at 1.30pm



            Meeting closed at 10pm