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November 2005, minutes of Clayhidon Parish Council

Clayhidon Parish Council


A Meeting of the above council was held, Tuesday 15th November 2005 at the Church Room, Clayhidon at 7.30pm.


The following Business was brought before the council:-


1.           Confirmation of Minutes of Preceding Meeting.

2.           Matters arising from the minutes

3.           Payment of Accounts – (Hall Grant)

4.           Correspondence

5.           General business

6.           Charity Business



     Mr ME Bendle, Chairman; Mr MJ Hudson; Mr RJ Pike; Miss J Ward; Mr G Langford; Mr AFJ Redwood; Mr RM Kallaway; Cllr M Lee, Chairman - Mid Devon District Council; Mr FJ Rosamond, Dist. Councillor; Mr R Radford, County Councillor; Mr & Mrs Lee; Mr & Mrs W Smith and Mr MC Osmond, clerk.


On opening the Meeting the Chairman welcomed all those present, and no apologies for absence were received.



     The minutes of Meeting 12th September 2005 were taken as read (copies having been previously circulated), confirmed and signed.


Matters arising

     Clerk stated no agreement had been received from D.A.P.C. for domestic access to caravan Wiltown corner, had spoken to Lesley Smith who would take matter up with N.A.L.C. who were to prepare this, agreed this was a long time.


Mr Napper Appeal

     The Appeal had not been heard but was to be shortly, there were many appeals lodged with the Department of the Environment making delays.  Details from Mr R. Willing planning department.


Mr Grange

     Permission for building at Greentree's for boat storage.


Mr Darke

     Permission for a change in roof of conservatory at Yewhayes.


Audit fee

     Account from Audit Commission had been received and paid £58.75 this was a reduction from the previous year, of £120.00 plus VAT.


Appeal Mr Drew

     The Chairman gave details of new application site visit on 14th November 2005 and it was agreed if Mr Roberts was against application, this would be called in by Mr Rosamond for committee decision in place of delegation by officer.



     Details of site visit with Mr W. Pike were given by Chairman including the drainage at Carlingwark proposed.


Bottle Bank

     Mr Rosamond would follow up this to see if possible at Half Moon Inn.


New Bridge

     It was noted that water did not go away from new bridge at Battle Street but went over the field.  The Chairman to contact Mr W. Pike for this matter.


Shepherds Halt

     The Chairman gave details of site visit along Shepherds Halt Lane and field where now people were living also a generator was on site.  The land owned by Mr J. Tolley.  Clerk had passed these details to Mr Crocker on phone but now speaking to Mr R. Willing not thought visit made.  Members agreed a letter be sent to confirm site and details and request visit.  Noted there were still problems at District Council to get cases to decision level.


Wiltown Corner

     A subcommittee had visited site to see number of bales stacked and other things including a pit dug to mains water pipe by Mr Purvis.  Mr P. Govier had been visited to get bales removed and it was agreed a letter should be sent to him from Parish Council to confirm conversation.


Road speed

     Mr Rosamond stated the speeding at Symonsborough was being watched and it was now in D.C.C. hands on what could be done.


Payment of Accounts

     Mr M. Hudson, a Hall Committee member, stated they would be pleased to receive a grant towards the cost of floor repairs and old kitchen refurbishment with a possible increase due to what was being spent and the present bank balance.  Noted VAT charged.  Mr AFJ Redwood declared an interest and did not vote.  The discussion was held on tendering process of Hall Committee as this Grant was public money.  Mr Hudson replied in this case no second quote had been obtained and gave the reason in this particular case.  He stated the Hall Committee would note that Parish Council comment.  Mr J. Ward proposed £1500 this was seconded by Mr Kallaway, Mr Hudson proposed £1600 and Mr Pike seconded, on a vote for in favour one abstention one vested interest for £1600 was carried.  It was then proposed by Mr G. Langford seconded by Mr Pike and agreed the following payments.


Clayhidon Parish Hall


£   1600.00


Footpath Expenses Refund

£   2500.00

Miss J Ward

Mileage Expenses

£       64.14

Hemyock P.C.C.

Pump Grant

£       35.00

Tiverton Dist. Transport Assn.


£       25.00


Churchyard Grant from Mid Devon

     Details of grant to be made in year and details of past year had been requested by Mid Devon for inclusion in grant allocation.  Clerk had spoken to Vice Chairman as details requested before meeting, advised to remain as last year £540.00 Members agreed a note to be put in the "Pump" for Clayhidon parishioners, of need for monies to come to Clayhidon from subscriptions and not be sent to Hemyock.



     D.C.C. County Waste Plan -- changes/omission sites, Mr Redford gave more details noted no sites close to Parish.  Mid Devon 5 x 30 Project, details of project to encourage and support five times a week physical activity. D.A.P.C. monthly newsletter.  Taunton Deane Council -- copy of Statement of Community Involvement D.A.P.C. Course at Broadclyst "Helping you to help your community." D.C.C. Devon in Touch "Roadshow.", this had been held at Half Moon Inn and the chairman gave details after visiting, noted no charge to Parish or Council.  Devon and Exeter NHS -- annual report for 2005, Mid Devon -- minutes of Standards Committee meeting.  Blackdown Hills A.O.N.B. Forum at Uffculme, details of this were given by Mr Kallaway.



     The applications received after previous meeting were listed for information.  Mr Mrs Drew appeal, Mr R. Grange Greentree's application for agricultural building and permission, Mr and Mrs M. E. Bendle Gollick Park, application for building conversion into one live/work dwelling no objections.  Dr Cogswell, Graddage Farm renovation of the outbuildings to workshop and storage farm use, no objections.


Mr F. Rosamond, District Councillor

     A short report was given by him to meeting, regretted Mr G. Langford had resigned as Chairman of Scrutiny Committee.  Decisions still to be made on the Housing Stock possible ballot of residents in January.  Major saving in the Corporate Plan.  Need for increase in affordable houses built in a year.  Concern over any changes in Devon and Cornwall Police area size in government proposals of bigger is better units of 4000 officers at present D&C only 3000.  Refuse changes at start 14,000 phone calls in 7 weeks.  Reduction in amount to landfill at £150 per tonne.  Government money at start of scheme for bins but Mid Devon to find money for remainder of house bins required.  Deprived areas in district for health, education and employment being reviewed for help.  Summary of report given to Dist Council by Local Health Chairman Was Made, in particular the Cost to have out of hours/night doctor service.  Noted the section 106 monies charged on building at Hemyock had helped fund the sports facilities.  Latest details on old St Ivel site Hall were given after which he was thanked for details.


Mr R. Radford, County Councillor

     D.C.C. were reviewing the police and fire service proposed changes.  County Waste Plan, comments still invited on this.  The time of budget reviews was now coming and the grants etc. made.  The footpaths 3P’s scheme he thought was generous possible cutbacks from reduction in government subsidy received.  Possible figures in amount received quoted arising from which formula the government used could bring more to Devon.  County 80% of Council Tax charge.  Thanks given for the report and questions answered.


Cllr M Lee, Chairman Dist Council

     The Chairman welcomed Cllr M Lee to meeting who stated he was pleased to attend and spoke on general council business, noting where the district Council had plans for the future and his role at the District Council.  He invited questions from those present.  Noted the present Leader Mr E. Dennis was very busy and not able to visit parishes after which he was thanked for attending and speaking to the Parish Council.


General Business

     Mr G. Langford spoke of his area with some residents concerned at certain people walking on land and paths.  Footpath No 8.  Smith's Farm -- Cordwents the diversion procedure now started.  A review of the Definitive Map of the Parish for footpaths/bridleways etc. was planned to start in January at present this was being done for Hemyock Parish.  Members agreed a notice to be put in the "Pump" for those who wished to make comments to close, amend or reopen as this would be the register for use.

     Mr R. Pike raised the matter of rubbish bags being torn open on Monday mornings in Battle Street by a dog following horse riders.  Possible visit by dog warden to collect culprit a solution as dog not under owners control to prevent this.



     After a general discussion on state of roads the Chairman collected details of potholes, verge hole at Wiltown in need of filling in, for the attention and Mr W. Pike highways.


June event at Graddage

     The Chairman stated that following the wedding reception at Graddage Farm, Dr and Mrs Cogswell had offered the use of large marquee for a parish event.  He had thanked them for their kind offer and invited suggestions from those present.  Agreed this would be carried forward.  The chairman stated he thought it would be good to invite the Chief Executive of Mid Devon Dist Council to visit Parish during day and attend the Annual Parish Meeting on March 27th 2006 as on edge of district and see needs of Parish, noted last visited Parish on point of appointment as new Chief Executive.  Members views sought on this proposal.  No objections raised thought may be busy as end of year.  Agreed date of next meeting 9th January 2006 after which the Chairman thanked those present for attending and closed the meeting.