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November 2006, Clayhidon Parish Council minutes

Clayhidon Parish Council


A Meeting of the above council was held, Monday 13th November 2006 at the Parish Hall, Clayhidon at 7.30pm.


Clayhidon Parish Council


A Meeting of the above council was held, Monday 13th November 2006 at the Parish Hall, Clayhidon at 7.30pm.


The following Business was brought before the council:- 

1.           Confirmation of Minutes of Preceding Meeting.

2.           Matters arising from the Minutes

3.           Payment of Accounts – Hall Grant

4.           Correspondence

5.           General business

6.           Charity Business



     Mr ME Bendle, Chairman; Mr MJ Hudson; Mr RJ Pike; Mr G Langford; Mr AFJ Redwood; Miss J Ward; Mr RM Kallaway; Mr D Pugsley, Chairman - Mid Devon District Council; Mr FJ Rosamond, Dist. Councillor; Mr S Roberts; Mr W Hunt; Mr R Jeffery; Mr & Mrs W Smith; Mr J Caswell; Mr & Mrs Lee and Mr MC Osmond, clerk.



     An apology was received from Mr R Radford, County Councillor, unable to attend. On opening the meeting, the Chairman then welcomed Mr D Pugsley and the other parishioners present.



     Minutes of Meeting 4th of September 2006 were taken as read (copies having been previously circulated), confirmed and signed.


Matters Arising

     No correspondence had been received in regard from planning for Mr Napper.  Clerk had spoken to Mr G Crocker and advised at present not passed to legal department for any further action.  Mr R. Willing would contact clerk to advise.


Smeathy Lane

     No correspondence received to letter sent to land access use query.


Kart Track, Dunkeswell

     Noted decision made by East Devon District Council for refusal.  Not known if appeal or revised scheme would be made.



     Stadium application used for racing, no decision had been made.


Mr Legge Ridgewood

     Refusal of permission for barn use as a holiday let.  A new application had been made for conversion of the same barn into a craft workshop.  This had been supported by the Parish Council and permission granted.




     Application by Mr and Mrs Smith and Mr and Mrs C. D. Percy for outline of a dwelling at Firs, Rosemary Lane.  This had been supported by Parish Council as between meetings and now permission granted.


Callers Farm

     Confirmation of permission for agricultural workers dwelling.  The section 106 now completed.


Mr and Mrs Richards, Bar Park

     Application received between meetings for extension and re-roofing.  This had been supported and permission granted.


Mr and Mrs Bendle

     Application for conversion redundant agricultural building into 1 live/work unit.  This had been supported by the Parish Council and permission granted.


Audit Fee

     This had been received for £120 plus VAT as noted and payment been sent.


Payment of Accounts

     Letter from Tiverton and Dist. Community District Community Transport Association for any funds to help maintain the "Ring and Ride" coach service.  Proposed Mr Langford and seconded by Mr Pike and agreed grant of £25.00


Hall Grant

     Mr Hudson gave some details of hall finances.  Proposed by Mr Langford and seconded by Mr Pike and carried grant of £1750.00.  Three councillors declared interest and did not vote.


“Pump” Grant

     Miss Ward spoke on the magazine finances and declared interest after which Mr Langford proposed and Mr Redwood seconded and agreed grant of £50.00



     Miss Ward gave a short report on a planning course she had attended. The key phrase being “Sustainable Village” and what this meant in practice. Arising from this was a general discussion on “Local Plan” of villages & parishes, once made in need of regular reviews. Arising from the previous meeting correspondence on the creation of “Local Plans” Mr Langford had prepared an outline on who would be involved, such as all local groups & parish clubs, reasons in favour on making a plan and the difficulty on getting general agreement on issues raised. Agreed to put this in the “Pump” magazine for parishioners response.


Upper Culm Twinning Ass’n.

     A letter of thanks was noted from the association to the Parish Council offering "Official status" to them.

     D.A.P.C. Monthly news letter.  Village Green.  Community Council of Devon annual review 2005-2006.  Annual Report Royal Devon and Exeter NHS Trust.  Local Council Review.  Statement of Community Involvement and           Proposals for change in Taunton town centre from Taunton Deane Council. Defra - Rural Services review on affordable housing in rural England, policing and choosing a school.  Mid Devon, the minutes of Standards Committee meetings and notice of introduction of New Code of Conduct in May 2007. DCC invitation to official opening at Broadpath of in-vessel composting facility was noted.  Mid Devon-Chairman's receptions at Culmstock Village Hall, Mr Kallaway had attended and gave a short report on the evening.  Devon Playing Fields-newsletter.



     Listed building application Mr and Mrs D Turner, Battens Farm, internal/external alterations and glazed screens.  This was received between the meetings and response made of no objections, but noted timber type for external screen not stated, therefore request European Oak to be used.  Other sundry correspondence received noted.


General Business

     The recent accidents at top of Ford Street was discussed.  Noted vision of Road from Clayhidon at times not good, grass on the verges, hedge leaves and also looking right from the Ford Street bend in road blocked vision till further out in road.  Agreed letter of concern to Somerset County Council. 


Masts, Middleton Barton Farm

     The treatment of any application to be made by Mr F. Pike was discussed.  Noted not made at present.  Proposed by Miss Ward and seconded by Mr Hudson a parish meeting he held for gathering views and with persons present who could speak on actual impact.  This was agreed.  The Parish Council decision to be made at separate meeting.  Mr Langford gave a short report on a new organisation of parishes in the Blackdowns.  Dunkeswell Parish Council clerk to be the secretary.



     The Footpaths Warden DCC had made a visit to inspect paths and reported the work to be done in particular areas. Mr Langford stated the funds for this were in hand and this would be done.



     Mr Pike gave a short report as representative for the parish. There was a good working committee in place and refurbishment was going well. This would be a good facility for the area when completed at Hemyock.


Parish Quiz

     Agreed he team would be entered from Parish Council in the coming event.



     The Chairman would arrange meeting with Mr W. Pike and any other officer from Highways department (not sure who was available due to changes made) to visit roads of parish.  Data at present Wednesday 22nd any councillors welcome.



     It was raised and discussed of the procedure in practice on the allocation of funds made by officers and the Minute recording of the meetings.


Willtown land

     Noted the big bales stored at Willtown corner now gone and this was a good time to erect a fence alongside the road to stop any dumping in the area.  This was agreed by all.  The chairman would put this in hand and notice would be given to Mr P. Govier of the Parish Council intention.



Phone line damage

     Mr Pike raised the matter of, following a load of straw bales been delivered along the road from the Merry Harriers to Willtown, the phone line had been torn down and then off for 16 days before repairs done.  Noted Mrs Fouracre in need of 24 hour line as on Piper line system.  Mr S. Hutchings also disabled.  Agreed to letter of concern about the long delay on this be sent to BT


Cllr. D Pugsley

     The Chairman welcomed Cllr Pugsley as chairman of Mid Devon District Council who stated he was pleased to attend.  He noted the different roles of Leader and Chairman of District Council as had served in both.  He had three topics to present.  A)  Civic receptions, thanked the Council for nominations received.  These receptions were to thank those who do so much voluntary work to improve life in the parishes and general area.  Noted some had stated should be stopped to save on costs, but as not a big cost item, not a major saving, so being held.  Noted other Districts had seen these events and were now planning similar. B)  Planning to hold a Footpath walk in the area starting at Hemyock then into and around Clayhidon to conclude with a cream tea on Sunday 10th December.  Time of start to be 12.30 at Parish Hall.  Anyone welcome to come and join in.  Details of proposed route shown on maps given to those present.  C)  Some parishes had History Groups and he wished to draw attention to two other record offices at Exeter as well as the Devon Record Office where visits could be made and the resources these bodies had for use.  He was planning a limited number of persons visit event to these, which could then be followed by parish visit.  More details to follow.  The chairman then thanked Cllr Pugsley.


Dist Councillor

     Mr Rosamond was welcomed by Chairman who spoke on the Government White Paper - Mergers/Unitary Authorities changes, all details not known at present, empowering at lower level.  Possible structure changes for Mid Devon District Council.  Success in recycle target at present 50%.  Major finance problems, all costs being reviewed.  The income hit by drop in parking revenue of £58,000 to £98,000 due to free parking at Tesco's store and rise in bus pass costs.  Leisure facilities to be put into Trust status, saving on VAT.  Good response on the Council "litter pickup" event.  Discussions on "Cabinet" or "Committee" status for running the district.  Members raised point on increase in the fly tipping, noted this was across district.  Awaited further supply of black bin lids for distribution and different days collection at present for part of parish for bins.  Thanks given for his report.

     As there was no other business it was agreed next meeting on 8th January at Parish Hall after which the Chairman thanked those present for their attendance and closed the meeting.