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November 2009, Clayhidon Parish Council

Clayhidon Parish Council


A Meeting of the above council was held, Monday 2nd November 2009 in the Church Room, Clayhidon at 7.30pm.


The following Business was brought before the council:-


1.           Confirmation of Minutes of Preceding Meeting.

2.           Matters arising from the minutes

3.           Payment of Accounts – Grants to Hall, Ring & Ride & “Pump”

4.           Correspondence

5.           General business



          Mr G Langford, Chairman; Mr ME Hudson; Mr RJ Pike; Mr AFJ Redwood; Mr RM Kallaway; Mr ME Bendle; District Councillor Mr FJ Rosamond, Chairman District Council, County Councillor Mr R Radford, Deputy Leader of District Council; Mr T Matthews, Area Engineer East Highways;

Parishioners Mr R Jeffery; Mr & Mrs M Coate and Mr MC Osmond, clerk



            An apology was given for Miss J Ward as unable to attend.

            On opening the meeting the Chairman gave a welcome to all those present.



            Minutes of meeting 14th September were taken as read (copies having been circulated previously) were confirmed and signed.


Matters arising

Hidonfields Homes

            The chairman received e-mail from District Council noting that the four homes completed on site could not be sold until a contract with Mastoe Housing Ass’n. signed.  Noted now there were problems for a person on low income to obtain the required mortgage level to purchase the affordable home but another option for the housing Association was the renting out of this for a given period then revert to mortgage purchase.  Noted, prices of other houses falling, to sell.


Blackdown Parishes

            The chairman gave details of a recent meeting held in Clayhidon of representatives from parishes in the Blackdown Hills.  The twelve attending wished this grouping to go forward and a research worker now sought to prepare the required draft plan.  Plymouth and Exeter Universities have persons who could undertake this work, but it was noted that a local person was being looked for as first option. Agreed to place an advert in the “Pump” magazine. Discussion on the outlook role for this body & what it could be in the future.


District Councillor

            Mr Rosamond stated that Jan Shadbolt of District Council was leaving to become solicitor to the DCC.  Because of a legal fault the decision published by the Court on the Local Government Review, appeal made, it now had to be heard again, so this to be awaited.  The letters received on planning applications published on website in the past were now to be published only five days prior to the decision as the District Council became responsible for any content in the letters, but this was not applicable to the delegated decisions on planning.  Looking at regeneration needs of the District and to foster this in the future but not sure of all the financial implications of this policy. Proposal to have free car parking on Fridays and Sundays in weeks to Christmas to encourage more shopping and local business.  On climate change the District Council had signed up to Nottingham Declaration, key points of this read to those present.  Thanks given for report.


County Councillor

            Mr Radford stated the need to save money and the published care homes cut back which would save £5 million.  In this there would be a loss of 130 managers’ jobs.  Policy on day centres, no cutbacks planned at present, was wishing to encourage more home care as funds available.  No extra funds from the government.  DCC departments to make 5% cuts.  There would be re-cycling changes in the New Year.  Finances in 2010 would be very tight.  Mr Radford was thanked for his report.


Area Engineer East

            Chairman welcomed Mr Matthews to the meeting.  Following a recent site meeting in the parish he now had details arising from the concerns raised.  Clayhidon low population but many roads and a check on monies spent had been made.  Population of the 11 persons per kilometre.  Reported 273 defects last year – average was 3, Clayhidon had seven.  Money spent last year was £85 per person Clayhidon with £10 per person area east district.  Cost £35,000 per kilometre in Clayhidon, average was £900 for district.  Known the parish roads in poor condition.  Could only do reactive work as limited funds.  Proposed to surface dress road past half Moon Inn.  Only 10% of minor roads could be surface dressed in the area east.  Noted problems with the road, Wiltown to Hidewood Ford to the Hall.  General discussion on this length of road and state of culvert bridge as stated in past in budget to be done.  Ditching budget had been cut back.  Problem in Clayhidon of ground under roads holding water, many springs around.  The contractor had seven days to fill potholes on safety, but due to build up of potholes to repair, a temporary fill was done and then would return to do a permanent repair, this was at no extra cost to highways department.  Strategies plan to be published shortly for next four years.  The portfolio holder aware of parish problems and he was keen to get more funds from source for road maintenance, funded by 40% from Council Tax and 60% from Government.  The problems of surface water on road at Hidonfields was raised and the remarks made the time of application to build homes that this would be done.  More details given by Mr Carter and Mr Cooper.  More curbing to be placed at Smith's Farm during the current year.  Mr Matthews to confirm when work to commence and the gully work also needed.  Hedge cutting by contractor raised for corners/splays noting large tractors used but poor finish as tractor filled road cutting was restricted.  Contract set up for 5 – 10 years.  Roads in parish needed a smaller tractor on the job.  Noted bridge at Gladhayes damaged by lorry but details taken and his insurance sued for bridge to be rebuilt after wall of bridge removed from river.  As bridge of Belletts was not in year's budget the DCC accepted risk if not repaired, as quite deep if collapsed., if the condition got worse the road would be closed.  As there was no other question Mr Matthews was thanked by the Chairman for attending.



            Clerk stated that at November meeting these grants made and after general discussion it was proposed by Mr Bendle seconded by Mr Pike and agreed:-  Clayhidon Parish Hall £1900.00, Tiverton Transport Association "Ring & Ride" £35, Hemyock PCC "Pump" £60.00.



            Clerk had prepared a draft statement of Accounts and copies given to members noting balance end of the year.  After a general discussion on income and expenses, agreed to raise by 5% the Precept to £5,100.00, this was proposed by Mr Redwood seconded by Mr Hudson and agreed by all.


Footpath A/C

            Noted an invoice to be received shortly for work done on footpath bottom of Callers Lane approximately £500.  Members agreed for payment.



            Mid Devon "Parish Matters – Sep & Oct", Submission stage – Infrastructure Development Plan.  Culm Valley Service Council – funded through D.C.C. "Learning Power" issue 10.  Local Council Review.  Consultation on South Western Ambulance Service.  East and Mid Devon "Safety Partnership" notice of Violence and Abuse week 23-11-2009


Planning Notices

            Notice of training course evening 3-11-09 at Tiverton.  Notice for retention of timber shed at Lilycombe in wood now withdrawn.  Permission to Mr R. Kallaway Crosses Farm, erection of extension to cattle shed and erection of agricultural storage barn both at Harts Farm.  Permission to Dr Cogswell, Graddage, erection of conservatory.  Permission to Mr and Mrs P. Morgan, Oaklands, Wiltown, extensions and alterations to access.  Chairman had received online survey be done, questions noted by member but not thought relevant to Clayhidon.


General Business

            Planning Application Notices arising from Special Meeting when parishioners stated of short reply time, point was raised if there was a set time for District Council to erect signs at the sites prior to decision being made. This was not confirmed as details not known by Chairman.


Wiltown Caravan

            No decision made, as awaiting another case legal decision.


Next Meeting

            As there was no other business it was agreed the date of the next meeting as Monday 11th January 2010 in the Church Room, the Chairman then thanked those present for attending and closed the meeting.