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October 2015

Clayhidon Parish Council Meeting

held in the Parish Hall at 7.30pm on 12th October 2015



Clayhidon Parish Council Meeting

held in the Parish Hall at 7.30pm on 12th October 2015



1.               Present 

Mr R Kallaway (Chair), Mrs A Weekes, Mr G Langford, Mrs S Hay, Mr M Bendle, Mr R Drew, Mr F Rosamond (District Councillor), Mrs D Evans (Parish Clerk), and 2 members of the public.

Apologies Mr A Hill and Mr R Radford (County Councillor).


2.               Declarations of Interest

Agenda item 11.2 - Mr M Bendle declared a personal interest as he is a member of the parochial church council.    


3.               Minutes from Previous Meetings

3.1    PROPOSAL:  The Council minutes of the meeting of 10th August are approved. 

PROPOSED:  Mr G Langford 

SECONDED:  Mr M Bendle

DECISION: passed (all in favour)

3.2      PROPOSAL:  The Council minutes of the meeting of 24th August are approved. 

PROPOSED:  Mr G Langford 

SECONDED:  Mrs A Weekes

DECISION: passed (all in favour)

3.3    PROPOSAL:  The Council minutes of the meeting of 14th September are approved. 

PROPOSED:  Mrs A Weekes

SECONDED:  Mr M Bendle

DECISION: passed (all in favour)


4.               Parish Hall Update

Gareth Weekes, Chairman of the Parish Hall Committee, reported to the council on the progress of to upgrade the Parish Hall.  Plans have been drawn up by a local, retired draughtsman and include new lavatories, a green room and a village archive/storage.  Following circulation amongst the parish hall committee, the plans are back with the draughtsman for amendment.  The committee intends to submit plans to MDDC for outline planning approval and to seek funding opportunities.  If anyone is aware of any grant funding which may be available, please let Gareth know. 


The clerk confirmed she had received an email from a parishioner raising concerns over some cars parking inconsiderately at certain events, making the road alongside the hall impassable.  Clerk to refer to parish hall committee for consideration. 










5.               District Council Report

Councillor Rosamond reported:-

MDDC has received a further payment from Icelandic Heritage Bank of £38,000, having now seen a return of 98% of the original investment of over £1m. There is still hope that the remainder may be yet be recovered. At present the budget remains on target.

The Police and Crime Commissioner will be at the next Scrutiny meeting on 2nd November to respond to questions. Councillor Rosamond would welcome details of any concerns that Members have that he can put directly to the PCC.  Mrs A Weekes to email Councillor Rosamond details of her feedback ref Farmwatch voicemails. MDDC has joined up with all Councils in the SW LEP (Local Enterprise Partnership) area to put forward a bid to Government for enhanced devolution from Government. The Chancellor this week has indicated that Government grants to local authorities will be a thing of the past, giving local authorities more self-control, with grants  replaced by setting and keeping local business rates. However, it is unclear how business rates funding from Mid Devon businesses will be allocated in a two tier set up, i.e. between DCC and MDDC.  The Council is developing a Digital Inclusion Strategy to ensure that citizens who do not have access to computers at home or work are not disadvantaged when communicating with the Council. In association with Cosmic, who are funded by DCC, a “Digital Villages Toolkit” has been developed to provide parishes with a tool to help them scope what needs to be done. Four meetings will be held for parishes to aid understanding and MDDC will set up a £10,000 funding pot annually for 2016 and for 2017 for parishes to help in sustaining digital services for their local community.  The Town and Parish Charter is due for a review to respond to the changing scenario since 2012 and it is hoped that Parishes will take a full part in the consultation. Perhaps this could be an agenda item for the next Parish Council meeting?









6.               County Council Report

Councillor Radford sent the following report:-

Revenue Budget is forecasting an overspend of £7 million. This has been brought about with 708 children looked after against a budget for 573.  The County has sold 98 sites/land with capital receipts of £29.4 million, this year it is expecting to raise £10.5 million with the disposal of 30 properties and next year the plan is to dispose of 28 properties with receipts in the order of £11.8 million.  Devon County is disadvantaged on funding when you look at the Urban/Rural funding situation - the rural areas receive £153 less per person than the Urban areas and pay on average £79 more in Council Tax.  Under the school heading Devon receives about £300m less than the average and spends £22 million on transport. When it comes to Public Health, DCC receives £29 per head against an average of £51 and Plymouth receives £43 and Chelsea/Kensington £138!


7.                Planning

Approval noted for the following applications:-

7.1              14/00865/FULL/NMA -  Blowiscombe Barn, Clayhidon.  Conversion of a redundant agricultural barn into a dwelling with garage (Revised scheme) - Non-Material Amendment to substitute UPVC wood effect windows instead of timber windows.

7.2              15/01246/FULL - Gladhayes Farm, Clayhidon.  Conversion of barn to dwelling (Revised scheme).    

Withdrawal of the following applications noted:-  

7.3        15/01206/FULL - Ten Oaks Farm, Clayhidon.  Erection of dwelling and garage to replace existing caravan.  Clerk to ask for an update from the Enforcement Officer.

7.4        15/01380/FULL - Barne Farm, Clayhidon.  Change of use of land to allow the siting of 3 holiday lodges.











8.               Finance








VAT reclaim



DCC grant for signpost



Cyclists’ camping money for field



















R Kallaway

Expenses ref retirement/hospitality



D Evans

Clerk’s wages & expenses (May-Aug)



M Osmond

Petty cash reimbursement



S Hay

Village strimmer parts


PROPOSAL:  that the above payments are made.

PROPOSED:   Mr G Langford


DECISION: passed.  All agreed.       


9.                 Clayhidon Charities

PROPOSAL:  Mr R Kallaway, Mrs S Hay, Mr G Langford and Mrs D Evans are appointed as trustees of the Clayhidon Charities Trust.  Mr R Kallaway, Mrs S Hay and Mrs D Evans are appointed as trustees for the Mary Parsons Trust.                      

PROPOSED:   Mr G Langford

SECONDED:  Mr M Bendle

DECISION: passed.  All agreed. 

Clerk to obtain necessary paperwork.








10.              The Pound

The landlady of the Half Moon has agreed the terms of the licence with the parish council.  The licence will be for one year at an annual rent of £50.00, payable in advance.  The parish council will allow the tenant to excavate some of the topsoil from the Pound to enable easier access and storage.  The excavations must be no more than 1m deep and there must be a perimeter space of 1m to protect the wall and fencing.  Clerk to arrange for the lease to be signed and the rent to be collected.  







11.              Clerk Update

11.1      Hemyock Parish Council has arranged a further meeting to discuss the TAP fund monies of £1500 and the road warden/lengthsman scheme.  The meeting is on Thursday 22nd October at 7.30pm.  Clerk to forward details.

11.2      Precept – the clerk reminded councillors that it is time to prepare the budget for next year.  Clerk asked for clarification on several matters.  Clerk agreed to prepare some provisional figures for discussion and agreement. 







12.              Highways

Clerk is attending a Highways conference on 14th October and will report back.



13.             Footpaths

The DCC footpaths officer has finished with the minute books.  Mrs S Hay updated the group on the P3 projects for this year.       

PROPOSAL:  Footpath 14, Springfield Farm, a boardwalk footpath is to be constructed in the wet/boggy woodland. 


SECONDED:  Mr G Langford

DECISION: passed.  All agreed. 


Devon Wildlife Trust to be asked to extend the footpath so as to come along the bottom of Jennings and onto the bridleway.                     


Wiltown Green – a site visit is needed to discuss the fencing, gate and general improvements to the green.  The council will meet on Monday 9th November at 1.30pm if no planning applications are received. 


Wiltown Caravan – clerk to write to Mrs Board requesting she repairs the damage to the ditch.   


















14.             Future Meetings

It was agreed that bi-monthly meetings would continue to be held on the second Monday at 7.30pm – making the next full meeting of the council on Monday 14th December at 7.30pm.  The planning meetings, if required, will be held on the second Monday of the alternate months at 1.30pm.  (Subject to approval by Mr A Hill).  Clerk to confirm.






15.             Correspondence

15.1           Email from DCC ref Snow Warden Scheme noted.  Clerk will ask for volunteers in the   Pump. 

15.2           Letter of thanks received from retired councillor Alan Redwood noted.

15.3      Letter from the Local Government Boundary Commission reference further consultation for North Devon noted. 



16.             Items raised by Chairman

Nothing to report.


17.             Items raised by Councillors

17.1      Clerk was asked to write to Mr Gerasimidis reminding him of the works necessary to the sewage treatment plant/soakaway.

17.2      Mr G Langford asked that Hemyock Parish Council be thanked for its support for the planning application for a mast at Newton Farm, Hemyock. 





18.             Date of next meeting  The next full council meeting is Monday 14th December at 7.30pm.  Provisional date for planning meeting 1.30pm on Monday 9th November 2015, if needed.