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October 9, 2017

Clayhidon Parish Council Meeting

 held in the Parish Hall at 7.30pm on Monday 9th October 2017



1.                  Present 

Mr R Kallaway (Chair), Mr M Bendle, Mr J Blackmore, Mr R Drew, Mrs S Hay, Mr G Langford, Mrs Alison Weekes, Mr F Rosamond (District Councillor), Mrs D Evans (Parish Clerk) and 1 member of the public.

Apologies:  Councillor R Radford (County Councillor)


2.                  Declarations of Interest

None declared.


3.                  Minutes from previous meetings

PROPOSAL:  The council minutes of the meeting of 29th August are approved.     

PROPOSED:  Mr Blackmore 

SECONDED:  Mr Bendle

DECISION: passed (all in favour)





4.                  Public Participation

Nothing to report     


5.                   Planning

Applications considered for:-

5.1             17/01453/FULL.  Kingsmead Centre, Clayhidon.  Erection of a dwelling (100sqm) including camp site reception facilities (58sqm).

A discussion ensued about the ownership of the existing dwelling on the site and the sustainability of the business. 

PROPOSAL:  the council supports the application if the planning officer is able to validate the ownership of the existing dwelling and if the business is proven to be financially sustainable.         



   DECISION: passed (4 for, 2 against).

Permission granted noted for:-

5.2              17/01280/HOUSE.  1 Oakleigh, Battle Street, Clayhidon.  Erection of replacement single storey side extension.


6.                   Matters Arising

6.1             ‘Unsuitable for HGVs’ signs – Mr Drew will erect signs.

6.2       Defibrillators – thanks to Gareth Weekes for designing and printing the defibrillator leaflets.  These will be delivered to all parishioners in the next week.


7.                  District Council Report

Councillor Frank Rosamond reported:-

Following advice from a planning barrister, MDDC has asked the Planning Inspector to postpone the Local Plan review.  It is hoped that the adjournment will provide the opportunity for the council to commission an independent report to review the Sustainability Appraisal of the proposed plan.  The Greater Exeter Strategic Plan is due for consultation in 2018.  The budget planning for 2018/2019 will mean saving a further £3/4m.   


8.                 County Council Report

Nothing to report.


9.                 Finance

Income & Expenditure








D Evans

Clerks wages and expenses (Jul-Sep)




Community a/c


Business Manager






PROPOSAL:  that the income is agreed and the above cheques/payments are paid/agreed.  PROPOSED:    Mr Blackmore 


DECISION: passed.  (all in favour). 


10.             Clerk Report

10.1    Gray’s Quarry – the clerk reported that she had contacted the scouts reference the expiry of the existing licence (June 2017) and advising of the decision to rest the land for a period of one year.  The scouts responded that they were surprised at the wear of the land as they only use the land on average twice a month, with a slight bias towards the summer months.  They have been told by a neighbouring landowner that many dog walkers use the land on a daily basis and that this may be the reason for its condition.  The scouts value this facility and asked that the council re-visit its decision.

PROPOSAL:  the council to offer the scouts a 1-year licence until October 2018.  Mrs Hay will take pictures of the site to show its current condition and the council will review it in August 2018.

PROPOSED:  Mr Langford

SECONDED:  Mr Blackmore

DECISION: passed.  (all in favour). 

10.2     Peter Heal, Chair of MDDC, will attend the council meeting in December.












11.             Highways

 Clerk to report blocked drain by Bellett’s Farm.  C Houghton to make good the hard-core at Wiltown Green (up to 2 days work).  He is to refer to Mr Kallaway if advice needed.  It was confirmed that C Houghton will be required to continue his work in the parish as per last year. 


12.             Footpaths

Nothing to report.


13.             Blackdown Hills Parish Network

Mrs Weekes will ask the group to consider the replacement and maintenance of existing sign-posts as Highways no longer has the budget.  In the meantime, Mrs Weekes will try to locate the broken fingerpost at top of Ford Street.   If located, clerk will apply to the Highways Community Enhancement Fund for funds to repair it.



14.             Wiltown Turbary

One of the contractors is injured and work to clear the laurel has been delayed.  The contracting firm hopes to start work shortly.


15.             Clayhidon Charity & Mary Parsons Gift Trust

There is a meeting arranged for 16th October at 7pm.     


16.             Correspondence

16.1     Hemyock Tennis Club – has submitted an application to the TAP fund and ask for the council’s support.

PROPOSAL:  the council supports the tennis club’s application

PROPOSED:  Mr Langford

SECONDED:  Mr Bendle

DECISION: passed.  (all in favour). 


17.         Items raised by Chairman

 Nothing to report.


18.             Items raised by Councillors

Mr Bendle queried whether prior notification had been given of the Green Earth Awakening Festival which took place 20th - 24th September.


19.             Date of next meeting Monday 13th November (if needed) or full council meeting Monday 11th  December 2017 at 7.30pm        



Meeting closed at 9.10pm