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September 2004

Clayhidon Parish Council


A Meeting of the above council was held, Monday 13th September 2004 at the Parish Hall, Clayhidon at 7.30pm.


The following Business was brought before the council:-


1.           Confirmation of Minutes of Preceding Meeting.

2.           Matters arising from the minutes

3.           Payment of Accounts

4.           Correspondence

5.           General business



     Mr ME Bendle, Chairman; Mr MJ Hudson; Mr RJ Pike; Mr AFJ Redwood; Mr G Langford; Mr R Kallaway; Mr EJ Berry, County Councillor. Parishioners:- Sir Nigel Essenhigh; Mr N Carter; Mr Larpent; Mr ME Bendle; Mr & Mrs Lee; Mr J Guscott, Head of Planning, District Council; Mr J Roxburgh, Falcon Rural Housing; Mrs B Willmer & Mr M Osmond, clerk.



     An apology was given for Miss J Ward, unable to attend.

     On opening the meeting the Chairman welcomed those present to the meeting, and thanked Mr Guscott for coming.



     The Minutes of meeting 12th July were taken as read (copies having been previously circulated) confirmed and signed.


Matters Arising

      Details of person in caravan at Wiltown phoned to Enforcement dept. and noted for inspection when in the area.


Scrutiny Panel

     Mr Langford gave a short report on business "Corporate Plan" preparations review.



     Noted certificate received as passed and this had been published as required.  No matters had been raised by the auditor.  Account to be received shortly.

     Miss J Ward had been elected on to Blackdown Hills Rural Partnership to serve.


Lengths man’s visit

     Noted Mr G Sellick had been in Parish, members pleased with work done.


Risk Policy Finance

     Now viewed by Vice Chairman and Clerk, now to be viewed by Chairman for presentation and adoption shortly.


Web site

     Mr Langford stated this would shortly be under our control to update as needed.


Chatterclose Decision

     The decision had been received and Mr Guscott explained, the Agricultural Tie had not been lifted, but as lived in past ten years not in compliance, this now cannot be enforced.  Noted, now for sale.  A general discussion was raised on this point and section 106 which tied the lands to the dwelling on applications now.


Jack's House

     Noted permission granted to the planning application for extension.


Verge/Hedge Trimming

     As Mr Kallaway had met Mr W. Pike, highways, he drew his attention to the poor quality of the work.  He was told two cutters involved, one cut just verges, one cut just hedges, hence not clean and tidy but area covered in the time.



     Mr Guscott thanked the Chairman for his welcome and gave brief review of his visit, noting Council concern for Local Housing for younger couple to remain in Parish.  This was a site within the building plan and he noted the concerns expressed in regard to water drainage, design and number proposed.  Now an application for single dwelling in place of 5 in the style of a pair of semis’.  This the department had advised to refuse quoting policy extracts.  This development no asset to the village.  Could a new scheme for the lower end of the market designed to remain small dwellings with part affordable be acceptable, but it would still be high-density compared to other dwellings in the Parish but not in the wider area of the Blackdown's.  Sir Nigel Essenhigh confirmed the reasons of concern for the first application 1. Five houses of that size not appropriate. 2.  Technical matters infrastructure such as the drainage. 3. Design out of character with other local dwellings and not clear as any being lower end affordable.  The present application although presented as a single dwelling could be made into two.  Mr Guscott in reply stated he had to treat the application as a single dwelling and moved to explain the viability aspect in high-density, made a contribution to low-cost housing to be built.  There was a need to prove the need for low-cost homes before a Housing Trust could become involved.  Details on this were given by Mr Roxburgh on a simple questionaire being sent out and the results received and then the involvement of a housing Trust.  Mr Guscott asked if the Parish Council and the Parish and accept a higher density development?  Mr Carter raised that as a result of a higher density development there was the problem of water drainage to overcome as the area for water to soak into ground was reduced.  This was noted as a matter for thought in the infrastructure planning details solutions.  Members then expressed their own view on the site development.  Mr Guscott noted their views and stated if a suitable site found elsewhere could be used for affordable homes he would consult with the applicant knowing the Parish Council views of the general feeling of members were in agreement for affordable housing in the right circumstances.  The Chairman thanked Mr Guscott for attending.  Members agreed that housing needs survey in the Parish be done, Mr Roxburgh to prepare.


Mr & Mrs Lee, Higher Hill

     Mr & Mrs Lee had brought plans for the new dwelling prior to making application with the planning department and the differences with the previous were noted.  More details supplied by Mr Lee of the land farmed as part of 300 acre holding.  Mr Kallaway noting the changes made was in agreement with this and willing to support as Mr and Mrs Lee stated these were the plans and no more changes would be made.



F. Pike, Environment Study

     The Chairman read the summary of the comments.  General discussion on the comments and how could be interpreted.  The Chairman agreed to contact Mr Pike with the observations A) open-minded at this stage. B) details were of a technical nature for a lay person. C) still reservations until the final application made.



     Proposed by Mr Langford seconded by Mr Pike and agreed the following payments:-


Miss J Ward

Members’ expenses

£     86.11

Audit Commission


Audit fee                £120.00

        plus                £  21.00vat


£   141.00


     Churchyard grant detail request received from MID DEVON      £ 400.00 agreed at previous meeting.

     Appeal for funds to support 5x3 (daily sport) not supported.



     D.C.C. monthly newsletters, Structure Plan to 2016 – Notice to adopt this.  Village green. D.A.P.C. notice of various training courses available for Councillors, A.G.M. agenda. Cullompton Town Council copy of Culm Valley Guide.  Mid Devon Licensing Act 2003 consultation notice in preparation of policy.  Notice of division of responsibilities between District and County Councils.  Copy of "Mid Devon Talk" a new magazine on district council services.  Deputy Prime Minister's office consultation paper Code of Conduct Local Government Employees / Review of Political Restrictions.



     Notice received and reply sent Mr P. Blackmore, Palmers Farm, erection of building to house cattle.  No objections raised as with other farm buildings. Mr P Palmer, Culm View, Ridgewood Hill, erection of single storey extension, no objections, appearance would be enhanced if chimney had brick quoins with stone or render infill.


J Berry County Councillor

     Household waste for landfill gone down.  Scheme for three different coloured bags to households for waste being planned.  Waste costs at present £22 million, in ten years it will be £44 million.  Concerns over regional unelected body, powers they have to influence decisions and who it is accountable to.  The decision on A303 was noted and now preparation of a report to Government for final decision.  The Scrutiny panel of D.C.C. had looked into Fostering Service, further staff required for ethnic and certain other groups.  Pressure on budget more cash increase on Council Tax.


Mr F Rosamond District Councillor

     A short report was given on Mid Devon issues.  Noted Tribe of Doris held and some complaints over noise and other matters, these would be considered by the Licence Committee.  A housing survey was being done in the district on both Council and private homes to maintain them in good standard.  Then what type of grants was needed could be made.  Noted there were deprived areas in district.  Thanks were given to Mr Berry and Mr Rosamond for their reports.



     Details of outstanding matters for attention of Mr W. Pike were raised.


Meeting date

     It was agreed date of next meeting as 8th November at Parish Hall, the date to be given to Mr Michael Lee, Chairman Mid Devon District Council for possible visit, after which the meeting was closed.