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September 2005, minutes of Clayhidon Parish Council

Clayhidon Parish Council


A Meeting of the above council was held, Monday 12th September 2005 at the Church Room, Clayhidon at 7.30pm.


The following Business was brought before the council:-


1.           Confirmation of Minutes of Preceding Meeting.

2.           Matters arising from the Minutes

3.           Payment of Accounts-

4.           Correspondence

5.           General Business



     Mr ME Bendle, Chairman; Mr MJ Hudson; Miss J Ward; Mr G Langford; Mr RJ Pike; Mr RM Kallaway; parishioners; Mr & Mrs Lee; Mr & Mrs Mobbs; Dist. Councillor Mr FJ Rosamond; P. Constable Jim Purkiss and Mr MC Osmond, clerk.



     An apology was given for Mr AFJ Redwood and Mr R Radford, unable to attend.

     A welcome was given to those present by the Chairman at the start of the meeting.



     The Minutes of Meeting of 11 Jul and 26 July were taken as read (copies having been previously circulated) confirmed and signed.


Matters arising

     Mr Langford gave a short report of items outstanding on the footpaths to be done.  Members agreed on details given by him.


Bar Profit

     Chairman noted past decision made and Mr Hudson stated a Lottery Grant of £4,999 had been awarded to the Hall Committee.  This would boost the funds.



     The clerk as agreed, had copied all papers and this had been sent to D.A.P.C. to send to legal department in London. D.A.P.C. had confirmed this preparation document for to cross land by Mr A Board could be done.


Mr Napper

     No correspondence had been received on the appeal now made.


Neighbourhood Watch

     Miss J. Ward gave the latest details, noted now a change in staff as Alison Evans had left.  New forum being set up and there was to be a Meeting shortly and she would be attending.



     It was noted that planning permission had been granted in fall to those applications of Mr A. Larpent, Hidonfields House and Dr Cogswell, Graddage Farm.

VE/VJ event Dunkeswell

     Clerk had contacted Clerk and Chairman of Dunkeswell Parish Council and it had been confirmed event was cancelled.  The Chief Constable and the system stated "No" and no options open so unable to take any action.


County Councillor

     Mr Rosamond pleased to have early slot in business and gave a short report to members.  Waste management was a big issue at present and broad details given.  There was a major publicity event to cover District.  Request for a bottle bank at Half Moon was made and this would be checked out by him.  20,000 bins in district to empty. Housing stock was still not decided as Council had debated this again, £300-400,000 was being spent to publish what was proposed on the possible transfer of stock to society if the tenants agreed as could vote against. Parks and ground maintenance contract now to be in-house.  Complaints of speeding through Symonsborough had been made, more details on this given by PC Purkiss.  Possible calming if D.C.C. agree, more monitoring to be done.  Thanks for details.


PC J. Purkiss

     Chairman welcomed the new beat manager to Meeting.  He was responsible for Hemyock and Clayhidon.  In the service for six years and now lives at Greenham.  During last three months it was the rural thefts as problem.  Recent crime statistics were noted with ten crimes reported to police.  These had included building not locked, need to keep all outbuildings secure and to be aware of people just touring around to watch people's movements.  Noted that Somerset not collecting rural thefts figures a different priority.  Devon and his was to reduce rural theft as at times those who did it were known to police.  Limited staff on night cover for the district.  Liaison with Somerset police at times had problems, but working on this as Somerset crimes were viewed if had strategic importance to receive reserves and resources.  Still problems with the new mast communication system with blackspots for reception.  This was followed with questions from members after which he was thanked by the Chairman for attending.


Payments Audit

     The Clerk stated the Audit had been completed and no matters had been raised by him.  As requested details of Audit findings had been published.  The invoice for this would be received before next meeting with short payment deadline, past year £120.00 as set fee.  It was proposed by Mr Hudson seconded by Mr Kallaway and agreed by all this could be paid as received.


Garlands Bower Rent Increase

     Mr Hudson drew attention to received notice of increase proposed for the field, as this was related to the Retail Price Index in agreement.  After general discussion it was confirmed this was correct and the Chairman signed on behalf of Clayhidon Parish Council proposed by Mr Hudson and seconded by Mr Kallaway and agreed by members.  Copy to be made for file.


Bridge Repairs Battle Street

     General discussion on the total rebuilding of this bridge, £20,000 plus being spent and now take weight of 40 tonne lorries.  It was thought to be all in excess of need, but a good job done on the walls with local stone by the council builders.  Bridges department had been prompt to arrive when the fault found in road surface reported.



     The Chairman read a letter from Mr Peter Gregory drawing attention to the roads in his area in need of attention; these details to be passed with the others collected by him, road Middleton Barton, road sinking at Burrow Farm, water arising from spring of Frenchnut Tree to Mr W. Pike highways dept.  Ditch to be dug inside hedge at Carlingwark had not been forgotten.

          D.C.C. Waste Local Plan - consultation on proposals.  D.C.C. Rights of Way.  Improvement Plan 2005 further amendments for Dartmoor and Exmoor parks.  D.A.P.C. Notice and Agenda of Annual General Meeting.  Citizens advice bureau - training programme in Welfare Benefits.  Local Council Review.  Blackdown Hills Rural Partnership "Business Plan" 2005-2006.  Mid Devon Minutes of recent Standards Committee.



     Planning department unauthorised building change for boats - Greentrees - agenda for enforcement action. Notice of appeal made by Mr & Mrs Drew dwelling at Callers Farm, Chairman stated a letter as sent on application had been sent as response from Parish Council members agreed as read to Meeting.  Mr T Darke Yewhayes application for roof pitch change to permission given on conservatory, no objections to change as walls etc built.


General Business

     Mr Hudson gave a short report on work undertaken on Turbary in particular the bracken crushing which had been started to kill it off.

     Mr Langford reported on "Buddhafield's" event, smelly loos, Mid Devon stated that this had not created the problem.  The starting and finishing times had been noted in particular the setting up devious music.  No major complaints.  "Tribe of Doris" The two hour quiet periods had lessened the impact in noise also the weather had been cool and wind direction away from dwellings.  In all the combination of these factors had reduced complaints from site.  The complaint was with Mrs M. Parish in lack of notice to Council with appeals that had been lodged prior to events being held.  Mr & Mrs Lee stated to Meeting no adverse comments had been received.  Thanks given to Mr Langford for the correspondence sent on behalf of Parish Council.

     Reply from Mr Crocker, enforcement, in regard to piggery conversion, no planning permission required if kept with main house only if it would become separate dwelling at "The Holms" Mr S. Roberts near Applehayes.

     Members agreed an invitation be sent to Mr E. Dennis, Leader District Council as he wished to attend a meeting.

     Agreed date of next meeting 14th November, after which the Chairman thanked members for attending and closed the meeting.