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September 2007, Clayhidon Parish Council

Clayhidon Parish Council


A Meeting of the above council was held, Monday 17th September 2007 in the Church Room, Clayhidon at 7.30pm.


The following Business was brought before the council:-


1.           Confirmation of Minutes of Preceding Meeting.

2.           Matters arising from the minutes

3.           Payment of Accounts

4.           Correspondence

5.           General business



          Mr G Langford, Chairman; Mr MJ Hudson; Mr RJ Pike; Mr AFJ Redwood; Miss J Ward; Mr ME Bendle; Mr FJ Rosamond, Dist. Councillor; also present Mr & Mrs A Hill; Mr & Mrs T Andrews; Mr & Mrs P Meredith; Mr & Mrs G Williams; Mr & Mrs D Weeks; Mrs H Glendall; Mr R Jeffery; Mr S Roberts; Miss C Smart; Mr & Mrs Wright; Mr N Carter; Mr G Dewick; Mr J Whitton; Ms D Livingstone; Mrs P Reynolds and Mr M Osmond, clerk.



     An apology was given for Mr RM Kallaway & Mr R Radford, County Councillor as they were unable to attend the meeting.



     On opening the Meeting the Chairman welcomed all those present after which the Minutes of Meeting 9th July were taken as read, confirmed and signed (copies having been previously circulated).


Matters Arising

     The Chairman moved that as ‘Matters Arising’ would be covered in more detail they would be dealt with later in the meeting.



     It was proposed by Mr Pike seconded by Mr Redwood and agreed the following payments be made:-


Miss J Ward

Travel Expenses

£     39.28

Audit Commission

Fee + VAT

£   141.00

Mrs C Williams

Internal Audit

£     45.00

Mr G Langford

Expenses & Travel

£   151.08



     Audit Commission had completed their audit of Parish Council accounts for year ending March 2007 and no matters had been raised.  Notice posted.  East & Mid Devon - " Community Safety Partnership", contact list details for crime and antisocial behaviour.  Police Authority Liaison meetings details.  Mid Devon Chairman's receptions 2007, clerk had attended Civic Service at Crediton followed by refreshments in Boniface Centre.  Names sought for other receptions to follow of those who made a contribution to local community.  Names to Mr Langford to forward to Mid Devon.  NHS Devon Partnership - invitation to respond to proposed plans and to become Trust Member.  DAPC notice of Annual General Meeting.  Taunton Deane copy of Taunton Town Centre action plan.  DCC Notice of Bus Information Strategy 2006 – 2011.  DCC Notice of adopted County Waste Plan now published for comment. DCC letter from Bob Wigley, highways.  All requests for work to be done by Parish Lengthsman must be sent to Sowton office to contractor to comply with Health & Safety rules.  Also noted Lengthsman in Parish 1st  to 11th October then not till the 18th of March 2008.  DCC Village Green & Devontalk. Local Council Review, Devon Playing Field - annual report.  Other correspondence received noted.


Planning, Matters Arising

Mr Napper

     Chairman gave short report of meeting attended at Tiverton, conditional approval half height block walls.  Wooden doors outward opening.  Enforcement action would then follow for removal of mobile home, fibreglass shed.  The issue of the hedgerow removal waited on a response from Mr J. Guscott.


Hidon Fields/Pound Site

     Background details given.  Area around pound and sycamore tree protected.  A new planning application required to change boundary.  Public house used pound at times in the past and Parish Council had requested them to remove items to keep tidy.  Possible lease to Half Moon for a peppercorn rent was discussed.  This would prevent items being dumped.  Discussion by members, led to a general agreement that the Chairman contact the Half Moon for comments and prepare an agreement.


Smeathy Lane

     A touring caravan had been on site all summer in the “horticultural” field and in the adjoining field a portacabin was now on site.


Broad Street

     A field shelter now erected on site, these matters logged with enforcement.


Smeatharpe Stadium

     Motor racing certificate application withdrawn after officer report stated 17 times per year limit and not 24 events is requested.  Enforcement would start if 17 events per year were exceeded


Higher Hill Farm

     Building changes ongoing as agreed clearing old unwanted barns etc.


Hidon Fields Stables

     Highways had agreed with Parish Council response on the application for commercial use of part of stables and therefore limiting the use.


Dr & Mrs Cogswell

     Permission for 6 kW domestic wind turbine.


Bolham Farm

     Application Mrs M. Williams for siting a temporary mobile home refused due to being sited outside residential curtilage and no evidence to agricultural need.



     Permission to Mr S. Hutchings for erection of garage.


Gladhayes Farm

     Refusal of permission for conversion of barns to live/work accommodation.  Chairman thought that Mr J. Bendle may appeal to this decision.


Battens Farm

     Listed Building Consent to Mr and Mrs D. Turner for internal alterations for annex.


Gray’s Farmhouse

     Permission to Mr Mrs J. Bimson for new roof and installation of dormer windows.


Barleymeade Stables

     Chairman opened meeting to parishioners present and gave outline of the application by Miss C. Smart for a change of use of land to equine arena and new access and track to serve stable block.  This was followed, for the benefit of parishioners, by an explanation of the planning limits on which the Parish Council can make a response.  Mr T. Andrews stated that many were not happy with the proposals and gave an invitation to come to Millview on the 23rd September with Miss Smart to discuss plans as she did not wish to upset her neighbours.  Mr A. Hill raised the issues of traffic use of road, possible flooding from new access and loss of hedge bank species.  He also noted the large amount of stone required to make arena level.  Mr D. Weeks spoke of site changes from the current green field and wondered if there could be other changes in future.  Noted Miss Smart had enlarged small gate to field gate size which was against an existing planning condition.  Mrs A. Hill noted the original application had required tree planting and there had been none.  She asked who policed planning conditions.  The winter use was questioned by Mr G. Williams, as well as the number of parking places now required.  Mrs P Meredith stated it was a water meadow -- like she had and it was changing the character of the area as the arena was in the middle of it.  It was also noted a water main went through the site.  Mr P Meredith spoke of the A.O.N.B. and that this should protect against isolated development.  The meeting was closed to parishioners and the Chairman reminded the council of the original application details in June 2001.  The Parish Council had supported the stable application provided it moved to the corner.  This was agreed.  Reference made to planning conditions for planting of trees and the height of hedgerows to south and west.  Parish council had not objected to other ménages in parish.  Mr Pike not in favour of original application and was not in favour of this as not doing any good to the field.  He also raised the matter of new access with culvert crossing road into field.  Miss Ward thought that the Parish Council should note the views on points raised following the general discussion, but not object in principle.  Tree planting would take time to have effect and there was the large concrete splay which would be conspicuous from across the valley.  Chairman agreed to make a response.  The Chairman reminded Parishioners that they should make responses to planning department to make their personal views known.


Tribe of Doris

     There were limited complaints of event.  Noted staying over 14 days on-site.


Mays Farm - Music

     Chairman spoke about noise complaints from music at event, from parishioners and from other parishes neaby.  This was a legal event as under 500 attending.  No notice required to be given to parish of its taking place.  Vice-chairman gave more details of length of noise and of distance away.  Mid Devon contacted and details of the conditions on these events received.  These could last for 96 hours with one event a month.  Noted the Licensing Policy was up for review.  Vice-chairman trying to obtain from Mid Devon District Council in clear terms what created a nuisance in regard to these types of events as Mrs Parish of Mid Devon dismissed current complaints.  Mr G. Dewick drew attention to parking on the other side of the Heazle Road in field for the Buddhafield event which was a cause for concern.



     Chairman reported two new bridges erected, one at Lilycombe and one at Burcombe.  Mrs Meredith asked for a step to be added.


Wiltown Green

     The sign had been  removed after four days being erected.  A new one had been purchased to replace it.



     General discussion on roads.  Chairman had contacted DCC as road verges in need of doing to direct surface water to drains.  Repairs noted for reporting to DCC.  Noted the DCC is trying to obtain more money from central government.


Dist. Councillor

     Mr Rosamond stated the new chief executive taking office later in week.  This was a good thing for Council.  District Council had voted for executive style of administration.  Training courses required for Councillors and was in hand.  Council looking at ways to raise funds, possibly selling off land owned.  Code of Conduct for "planning site visits" meant that the procedure was now under review.  Thanks were given for the report.


General Business

     Miss Ward drew attention to fly tipping on the road to Middleton.  It was noted that this was a country road, and not on private land, so was a DCC issue.  Potholes in the road near Gladhayes  were noted.  Chairman to include on the list for reporting.

     As there was no other business it was agreed the date of next meeting as 12 November 2007 at the Church Room.  The chairman then thanked all those present for the attending and closed the meeting.