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September 2008, Clayhidon Parish Council

Clayhidon Parish Council


A Meeting of the above council was held, Monday 1st September 2008 in the Parish Hall, Clayhidon at 7.30pm.


The following Business was brought before the council:-


1.           Confirmation of Minutes of Preceding Meeting.

2.           Matters arising from the minutes

3.           Payment of Accounts

4.           Correspondence

5.           General business



          Mr G Langford, Chairman; Mr MJ Hudson; Miss J Ward; Mr RJ Pike; (Apology, Mr ME Bendle) Mr RM Kallaway; Mr AFJ Redwood; Parishioners Mrs C Williams; Mr S Roberts; Mr R Jeffery; Sir Nigel Essenhigh; Mr N Carter; Mr G Dewick; Mr W Hunt; Mr M Moberley; Mr & Mrs J Caswell; County Councillor Mr R Radford; and Mr MC Osmond, clerk



     An apology was given for Mr ME Bendle & Dist Councillor Mr FJ Rosamond.

     On opening the meeting the Chairman gave a welcome to all those present.



     Minutes of the meeting 14th July 2008 were taken as read, confirmed and signed after amending Mr W. Smith as parish council representative, (copies having been previously circulated).


Matters Arising

Caravan Wiltown

     The Chairman reported that the file was still at MDDC legal department for consideration.


Tribe of Doris

     It was noted that the tribe of Doris had made an appeal against some conditions of Licence.  This had gone to be a court hearing with the Parish Council being asked to be a witness for Mid Devon Council.  Also noted that the Clerk had been requested for a copy of the Annual Parish Meeting minutes by Tribe of Doris and this had been done.  At the hearing Tribe of Doris and Mid Devon District Council came to agreement on amending conditions.  Copy of this received by Parish Council.  Mr Hudson had attended the hearing and thanks given for report.


Boundary Commission

            Chairman gave more background details.  Proposed for Clayhidon to be a part of Cullompton Board area.  It was thought that Clayhidon and parishioners were not that closely related to Cullompton and did not look to Cullompton for services.  It was noted that Hemyock had similar views.  A meeting had been held of neighbouring Parish Council Chairman with a view to establishing a Blackdown Hills Board.  Mr Langford had taken notes in order to make a response.  More details to be given to the Parish Council after agreement on that response to Boundary Committee.  This was followed by a general discussion with more details from Mr R. Radford, who reported that Uffculme were also not happy to be tied to Cullompton.  Mr B. Greenslade DCC with Mr P. Norrey Chief Executive were to visit Uffculme.



            It was noted that the repair staff were working in the Bolham area and roads in other parts of Parish were marked out for patching.  Point raised on some of the marking done was being removed by traffic as it had been left for a long period of time.  Potholes were being cut out deeper to make a better bond to the road surface.  It was noted that limited cash was available for repairs and the Parish Council had to press long and hard to get repairs done.


Smeatharpe Stadium

            Chairman read a letter received from Mr G. Crocker, planning department. This gave the total number of days allowed for events, and that the year start and finish had been set at 1st January to the 31st December.  This was discussed by members with also the events held elsewhere over weekend.  A query was raised that part of site had a Noise Abatement Notice placed on it by East Devon District Council.  Noted Parish Council could not confirm this as no correspondence received.  Chairman would contact Mid Devon for any details.



            It was proposed by Miss J. Ward seconded by Mr AFJ Redwood and agreed the following payments be made after Clerk reported that the expected invoice from Audit Commission had not been received as the Audit Return had needed a change.  This had been done, there would be no charge for this but could have been £20.


Shaw & Sons

Minute Book

£    114.95 (plus £20.12 V.A.T.)

MJ Hudson

Frame Twinning Charter

£      47.16 (plus £5.24 V.A.T.)



            Boundary Commission -- DCC your questions answered.  Blackdown Hills A.O.N.B. Management Strategy 2009-2014 and events Autumn/Winter 2008, DAPC notice of AGM, Chairman to attend with a view to place Motion for discussion on proposals of Boundary Commission.  Mid Devon notice of "State of District Debate".  Copy of Mid Devon "Talk".  Land Registry details of scheme for "Registration of Title".  Other sundry correspondence noted.



            Permission to Mr and Mrs Glendall, Shepherds Halt for erection of detached barn for agricultural/horse use.  Planning application by Mrs J. Hope, Gold Coast, Australia for demolition of Moor View bungalow and garage for erection of four bedroom house.  Parish response gave agreement for upgrade of accommodation, but better if only as a single storey as it would be more sympathetic to area than the proposed higher roof visibility profile.


Tribe of Doris and Mays Farm Events

            The Chairman opened the meeting to parishioners present and Mr Hudson, as Vice chairman, for this item of loud music and drums over Bank Holiday weekend.  The assurances from TOD of limited noise volume, were kept.  Mr Dewick thought that they had stayed within limits.  Noted no event in 2009.  The problem was that there was no established threshold to measure against when making a complaint on the repetitive drumming duration.  The "Mays" event was held under a Temporary Event Notice with under 500 persons attending.  This can be applied for 10 days before the event with any objections only from police.  Complaints being of the loudness of music during day and night.  Mid Devon were aware of past complaints when licence granted.  It was also noted of the limited resources of police to deal with complaints.  The direction of the wind was a factor when heard miles away.  Sir Nigel Essenhigh reported the loud noise at 2 -- 3 a.m. in morning was heard at Cordwents and his problem in getting complaint lodged with police and Mid Devon Council.  Noted no restrictions placed on the “Mays” event organised by the owners Mr Broomfield.  Mrs M. Parish being pursued for a response on the Bank Holiday event on the actions they are taking in response.  Sir Nigel Essenhigh drew attention to what options available to get public nuisance complaints made and considered by Mid Devon.  Possible option to send e-mails to Mrs Parish if not a letter.  Policy of Mid Devon towards the interpretation of policies of the AONB were discussed.  The Chairman thanked the parishioners attending and for the discussion and input from those living near the event and further correspondence with Mid Devon would be taken.


State of Roads

            Members noted items to be listed by the Chairman to make further representations to highways department.


Next Meeting

            As there was no other business it was agreed the date of the next meeting to be 10th November  at the Parish Hall.  The Chairman then thanked all those present for attending and closed the meeting.