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Clayhidon Parish Council, August 2012

Report of Clayhidon Parish Council Meeting on Monday 13 August 2012. 

COMMUNITY LAND TRUST: The Chairman reported to the meeting on the progress of The Upper Culm Community Land Trust. At this time, 30 people had applied for shares. The deadline for applications was 30 August. 
There will be a shareholders meeting on 22 September when the shareholders will elect a board of directors for the coming year. 

AFFORDABLE HOME: There was then a discussion on the current position of the Clayhidon ‘Affordable Home’. Mid Devon Council have not made any progress to resolve this situation. 
There is still debate as to how the house should be valued. Councillor Rosamund agreed to talk to the planning department, on behalf of the Parish and to ensure that decisions weren’t taken without our knowledge. 

MDDC NEWS: Councillor Rosamund reported on MDDC news. The good news is that they have received money from their Icelandic Bank account. The bad news is that fees for planning applications are going to increase.

APPEAL FOR HELP ON HIDON WOOD: The council also considered a report by John Greenshields, funded by the AONB, on the condition of Hidon Wood. 
There are a number of old trees here but the holly has proliferated beneath these and is stifling all other growth making the wood unattractive to wildlife and very difficult to walk in. 
It was agreed to form a subcommittee to consider a step by step approach to managing this wood. If there is anyone in the parish with the skills to help us we would be very pleased to hear from them. 
This is a Parish asset which we would like to conserve for the future and make available for members of the Parish to enjoy. 

NEXT MEETING: The next meeting of the Parish Council will be on Monday 8th October at 7.30pm in the Parish Hall.

Sue Hay