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Clayhidon Parish Council, October 2011

Community Trust scheme to build more houses 

Clayhidon plans to join with Hemyock in forming a Community Land Trust. There is only a short window to apply for funding towards this. In essence the Community Land Trust would form a partnership with a Housing Association to build houses that would be available to the local community in perpetuity, with a proportion available to Clayhidon residents. 
The trust would be allowed to purchase land on an ‘exceptional site’ (agricultural land bordering the village which would not usually be available for development) at a price above agricultural value but considerably below that usually paid for building developments. It has been estimated that 24 houses would be needed and these would be built to the latest eco-friendly standards.

AFFORDABLE HOME: Negotiations regarding the Affordable Home in Clayhidon are progressing with the Housing Association, which is willing to go ahead. However the Developer is still delaying.

SMEATHARPE WASTE PLAN: Another planning matter discussed was an application to put 5000 tonnes of non-toxic waste above ground at Smeatharpe Stadium to form a bank. Concern was raised that this would require a large increase in lorry movements and that if any toxic substances were accidentally included they would run off into the River Culm. There is known to be rapid drainage from Smeatharpe directly to the river. 
The Parish council had not received notification of this application, possibly there had been confusion because it is on the parish boundary, but will make an objection to the County Council as the deadline for comments had already passed. 

MOBILE HOME: Also mentioned was the mobile home at Ten Oaks. The Parish council are unable to comment on this until they receive notification from the planning department that a retrospective application has been received.

DANGER AT CROSSROADS: Concerns were raised about the overhanging bushes at Jacks House Cross. These are obscuring visibility and are making this section of road very hazardous. The Parish Council agreed to speak to the landowner about cutting these back.

BRIDLEPATH PROBLEM: Concern was also raised about the bridlepath between the Heazle road and Simonsburrow. Unfortunately the gates are not easy to open from a horse and the new path isn’t wide enough to enable riders to safely turn their horses to shut the gates behind them. This problem will be discussed with the county footpath officer.

JUBILEE CELEBRATION PLANNED: Plans were started for a Parish Golden Jubilee Celebration in Clayhidon on June 4th next year. Possibly a family dance and hog roast. If anyone would like to be part of the working party for this please contact Maurice Bendle on 680665. It has also been suggested that we light a beacon on Ridgewood Hill.

NEXT MEETING: The next meeting of the Parish Council will be on Monday 12th December