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Clayhidon Parish Council, December 2012

Report of Clayhidon Parish Council
Meeting on 3 December 2012

Upper Culm Community Land Trust. (UCCLT)
The Chairman reported that a planning application has been submitted to Mid Devon District Council (MDDC) for 12 affordable homes on a site along the Culmstock Road. This was due to be heard by the Planning Committee in December but has been delayed until the New Year.

The UCCLT has asked for expressions of interest from members of Hemyock and Clayhidon who would be eligible for these homes and are pleased to report that there has been considerable interest shown, so far, by potential tenants.

Clayhidon Affordable Home.
The valuation of this house, which was promised last February, has still not been done and the house remains empty, whilst MDDC and the Developer are no closer to agreeing a way forward. MDDC’s indecisive handling of this situation was discussed and Councillor Frank Rosamond was asked to pass on the Parish Council’s disquiet to the Planning Committee.

There was considerable discussion on the state of the Parish Roads following the recent floods. In some places the road surface has been washed away and many culverts and drains were overwhelmed by the quantity of water and debris. Councillor Ray Radford agreed to arrange for a meeting in the Parish with the Road’s Foreman to look at the problems. However, in this time of austerity, the County Council does not have the resources to clear ditches and drains as regularly as in the past and the Parish Council feel that parishioners should be prepared to help by clearing drains and culverts near their property to enable the water to run away more easily.

Our Footpath Warden has agreed, with the landowner, a programme of work to improve footpath 15 that runs through Bellett’s Farm. This will be funded jointly by the Parish P3 footpath fund and Devon County Rights of Way. It is hoped to be able to do this work as soon as the ground dries sufficiently next year.

Clayhidon Woods.
Wellington Scouts have been given the go ahead to use Gray’s Quarry for some of their outdoor activities on a trial basis for the next year.

The Parish has a large enough area of woodland to be eligible to apply to the Forestry Commission for a Woodland Plan. It was agreed to organise this as it may open opportunities to apply for grants to do further restoration work in the future. The first stage of work is planned to take place in Hidon Wood over this winter.

The recent heavy rain has washed away a largesection of the track in Willtown Wood preventing the neighbouring landowner, who has right of access, from driving to his land. Following discussion it was agreed that the Parish Council have no obligation to repair the track however if you do have spare quantities of large stone that would be suitable for helping with this repair please let us know.

The next Parish Council meeting will be on Monday 11th February in the Parish Hall. These are open meetings. If you would like to know more of what is happening in the parish please join us.

Sue Hay